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It’s going to be one hot summer!


Alex on the beach ….


Double the goods ….


This one was made especially for @Loladesigns but feel free to enjoy as well!


Red and hot!



It’s thigh holster Thursday! Hope everyone has been having or had a wonderful thursday!

I do not own this gif, just found it on Google but if you own it I’ll gladly give you credit. Just let me know 🙂

What a beautiful family! ♥ #H50

H50BAMF Tumblr

Thanks to Kelli Bullock Photography who posted this on her photography Facebook page back in May.

What a gorgeous family.


credit to @zguimari for the find 🙂

Posted only because it’s a posed shot which is on the public Facebook page of a Professional Photographer (since May) with their logo. IMO that’s why Lion isn’t in the the photographer could post this pic. Lets not forget Saxon has been seen on H50 and other pics from Egan.  Photos of Spike are everywhere.

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Here’s to hoping one of the sexiest fathers alive had a wonderful day with his children. ♥


And happy father’s day to all the fathers and mothers who have taken on the role of BOTH mother AND father.