About Kary

Hello! Well as you can see I am an Alex O’Loughlin fan! My name is Kary but I go by KaryMcGarrett. Love anything that has to do with Alex. Love Hawaii Five-O. My second love is of course Scott Caan “Danno”. Hawaii Five-0 is the first fandom I have ever joined and all I have to say is “Wow!” I am 5e85bb5b2bb785f10b1b81315ba4bab9also a fanfic writer for Hawaii Five-0, focused on Steve McGarrett, but I also have a one-shot for Danny Williams. I am not an expert writer and have never claimed to be. I just write for fun and to let the imagination wonder. My stories are published on fanfiction.net, but I will also be posting them on this blog under “FanFiction.” I will try to keep this site updated as much as possible. You can also follow me on twitter @KaryMcGarrett .

P.S. I am also a proud McPerv!


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