Alex’s Cell Phone Series

A few days ago, during a conversation with Alyssa (@AOLsplace),we started sharing pictures and suddenly it became just pictures of Alex and Steve with a cell phone or with a hand gesture that resembled him with a phone. We realized whether it’s on camera or off camera, he is almost always scene with a cell phone in hand. So I just couldn’t let go of the whole cell phone scenario and I came up with a few picture quotes. Remember they are all in good fun and nothing that resembles or speaks for Alex. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do …More to come as the ideas flow through my head!

Whether it’s a hiking trip or sightseeing, Steve always has to make sure his cell phone has or will have good reception for all those calls he has to make.


When he loses his phone, the first person he sees with a cell phone is the first person he has to blame.


Danny has to make sure Steve understands he has no idea where his cell phone is.

nophin e

Steve will even go to extreme measures to find such a valued treasure, because he just can’t function without his cell phone!


The longer he steps away from his cell phone, the more missed calls he has.


Promises, promises …


“We’re in a war zone Steve!”


Such tragic events …


Alex takes every opportunity he gets to collect as many numbers as he can in between scenes. Has he collected yours yet?


And here’s what happens when Steve hears about a new cell phone model …



Then we have Steve trying to convince Danny about the new cell phone models because he just has to get it…


BUT as they say, don’t believe everything you hear …


And then there’s what every McPerv LOVES to see, AOL McSexting!


More to come …

  1. Love it!!!! Thanks so much!!

  2. jackie11377 says:

    I love this! Great job!

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