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It’s still Friday and how about one more shout out to some wonderful Hawaii Five-0, Alex O’loughlin, and Scott Caan fan sites I have come across from the moment I joined the H50 fandom. Just click on the picture to take you to their profiles.


The latest on H50 and it’s actors.


A place to find the latest on Alex O’loughlin.


A journal dedicated to Alex O’loughlin’s career.


The name says it all. Follow to receive the latest on a BAMF show.


A deeper look into Alex’s career.


Fan of Scott? Or Alex? This is your place to read the latest on BOTH actors.


So much fun and good reads!


If you could bring back ONE tv show Alex has starred in, which one would you bring back?

pol1The results are in and it seems like the majority wanted “Moonlight” back and I don’t blame them. It was a great show that was cut too short in my opinion.

What is your favorite McGarrett uniform?

uniformThe results are in and it seems like thee majority preferred McGarrett in Dress Blues. Interesting, but my favorite is still that cop uniform he used to escape from prison, followed closely by the Orange jumpsuit. With the White uniform picture that was recently released I wonder if the results would change?


Happy Birthday to one my favorite actors ever! I hope he has a wonderful day with his family and wish him so much more love, health, and success!!




A look back at a pissed McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, episode 10 “Palekaiko”. Who would mess with McGarrett and piss him off?


In honor of topless Tuesday, the picture of the day is Mr. McSexy himself, topless. We’ve got the McGuns, McTats…. hell, the whole man!

Cheers to THAT!



One of our favorite days of the week, Topless Tuesday! With a man like McGarrett, a topless McGarrett, of course it is.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



Picture of the day is the many faces, or some of the many, of Alex O’loughlin. We all know in a span of 60 seconds or less the McPervs are “blessed” with so many different facial expressions from Alex O’loughlin (McGarrett), many of which work in favor of our fellow McPervs.

Enjoy! And as the saying goes: “McPerv4Life!”