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Interested in learning where our favorite men have starred in? Check out these wonderful collages Lizzie put together.


Alex O'loughlin


Scott Caan

Picture Credit: @LizzieM2001


If you could bring back ONE tv show Alex has starred in, which one would you bring back?

pol1The results are in and it seems like the majority wanted “Moonlight” back and I don’t blame them. It was a great show that was cut too short in my opinion.

What is your favorite McGarrett uniform?

uniformThe results are in and it seems like thee majority preferred McGarrett in Dress Blues. Interesting, but my favorite is still that cop uniform he used to escape from prison, followed closely by the Orange jumpsuit. With the White uniform picture that was recently released I wonder if the results would change?


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It’s Throwback Thursday! Here’s a look back at some of Alex O’loughlin’s works from the past.