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McPerv World finally has its own blog site. Click on the picture to take you there. I will also move the “McPervs Birthday List” to that page. To my new followers who have not seen or heard of the birthday list, if you want to add your birthday to the list, click here.

No worries, this will still be MY blog, where I post whatever I want. McPerv World is an Alex O’loughlin fansite so anything relating to other cast members (*cough*Scott Caan) and even AOL will be found here (i.e. non AOL calendars; non AOL news, etc.), along with links to my stories or pinterest albums. ALL old posts will stay here.

Thank you!




I just melted! Thanks to @eganinoue for sharing!

Just want those who are on the birthday list to double check if your name is on it. There was some kind of issue and not all names were saved. I tried recovering as many as I remembered or saw in comments. If your name is not there, let me know!

Those that want to join, you are more than welcome to do so.

Thank you,


Here’s the link:

It’s topless Tuesday! What this man does to us!


McPerv4Life! ♥

What a beautiful family! ♥ #H50

H50BAMF Tumblr

Thanks to Kelli Bullock Photography who posted this on her photography Facebook page back in May.

What a gorgeous family.


credit to @zguimari for the find 🙂

Posted only because it’s a posed shot which is on the public Facebook page of a Professional Photographer (since May) with their logo. IMO that’s why Lion isn’t in the the photographer could post this pic. Lets not forget Saxon has been seen on H50 and other pics from Egan.  Photos of Spike are everywhere.

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Quick Note

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love McGarrett & Danno each on their own but I have love for ALL ships,whether it’s McDanno,McRoll,McKono,Dan/Rachel,Kono/Adam,Chin/Malia,etc… & if that’s reason enough for you to unfollow me then be my guest. I’m a lover & support #H50 as it is even if I don’t like/agree with everything that happens on the show.

With that being said….Keep on McPerving!

Kary McGarrett