Steve McGarrett


*Time Changes Everything (Complete)

Summary: Mia did not want to return to Hawaii but she owed her boss this. She was only taking the job Governor Denning offered because she owed it to her boss at the FBI. Little did she know who she would be working with, a person from her past she wished she would never have to encounter again.

ATTENTION:Read Time Changes Everything before proceeding! It’s been almost a year, a year since that fateful day that turned Steve’s world upside down. Now Steve has to learn how to deal with being a single father and cope with the pain and emptiness Mia’s death left. Maybe it was true what they said, time heals all wounds…Steve/OC

*Keep Believing (Complete)

Summary: Steve was back on the island trying to find the murderer of his father. The only thing missing to make his stay more complete was his five year-old daughter. Now Steve has to find a way to convince his ex to make their visit more permanent while trying to keep both of them safe from whoever was targeting his family. Steve/OC



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