Time Changes Everything

Chapter 1

Mia Summers was a thirty-four year old FBI Special agent on her way to meet with the governor of Hawaii and the very dreaded return home.

“Ha, home,” thought Mia.

Hawaii was the last place on the earth Mia Summers ever wanted to return to. It wasn’t that she hated the island, in fact it was one of the most beautiful places she had ever set eyes on, but it was filled with so many memories, many of which she wished she could forever erase from her mind. The only reason Mia Summers was returning to Hawaii was because she owed her boss. The governor of Hawaii had called Peter Donovan, her boss and his friend, asking for one of his best agents. Her boss did not specify what kind of job she would be doing in Hawaii but she would soon find out since she was about an hour away from landing. Thanks to him she was where she is now, and for that Mia would be forever grateful. Now she had to break the promise she once made herself of never returning to the place that made her life a living hell.


Mia was running late to the game. If she didn’t get rid of the last customer as fast as she could she would most definitely miss the game which was set to start in fifteen minutes. She had never missed a game before and she would not start now. Not only because the star quarterback was back after an arm injury that put him on the bench for the last three weeks, but that star quarterback was also her boyfriend, Steve McGarrett.

Mia and Steve have been dating for over a year. They met the year she became a freshman and he a sophomore. They had biology together; a class he had not taken due to scheduling that conflicted with his other classes, mainly football practice. One day, they were made lab partners and after weeks spent together in and out of class, they’re “friendship” started changing and giving way to feelings neither could deny, hence the serious relationship they now had. Or as serious as a couple of teenagers, with no idea what future held for them, could get.

“Where is she, where is she. She has never missed a game before,” were the thoughts going through sixteen year old Steve McGarrett as he stood looking around the bleachers from his spot at the bench with his teammates.

“Calm down McGarrett, she’ll be here, probably running late. You did say she had to close the shop today. You know how customers get. Never can decide what to buy,” Jake, his teammate and best friend since they were five, reasoned with him.

“Yeah you’re right,” said Steve.

As Steve gave one more look towards the bleachers, they’re coach called for them since the game was about to start.

Mia practically ran the two blocks from the shop to the high school. Arriving ten minutes into the game, she spotted her best friend Savanna towards the center in the front row.

“You’re late,” reprimanded Savanna taking in the tired look of her best friend. Savanna hated how Mia had to sacrifice her teenage years to help her mother with the bills. If her mother wasn’t working the part-time job she could barely hold on to at the diner, then she was using the money they barely had to get drunk and forget about how Mia’s father had walked out on them when Mia was barely a year old. It was a miracle Mia had not turned out to be a troubled girl. Instead, she started working as soon as she was of age to work to help her mother bring food to the table. Fortunately the jerk she had as a father had left them the small house they lived in with the mortgage fully paid. All they had to worry about were bills and their necessities. At least he did something right. Luckily Mia had Steve and that at least gave her some normalcy in her already difficult life.

“I know,” Mia stated dryly, “couldn’t get the last customer to leave. If it wasn’t because I need the money, I wouldn’t even be working there.”

Savanna just looked at her with a look of sympathy which Mia decided to ignore since that was the last thing she needed at the moment. Instead she turned her attention on the game.

“So how are we doing?”Mia asked spotting Steve in the middle of the field.

“Not too bad except that the other team already scored twice in the first ten minutes,” replied Savi, as she was called by her friends, with a frown towards the field.

When Steve looked up towards the bleachers during a time-out the coach had called, he noticed Mia was sitting next to her friend and silently breathed a sigh of relief. He knew he wasn’t giving it his best because he was worried about Mia. Now he was able to relax and put his focus completely on the game.

When the game ended, Mia and Savanna waited for Steve outside the locker room. Mia thought Steve might want to go out and celebrate his return and the team’s victory of tonight’s game. She decided to wait and see what he had planned.

As they waited Mia asked Savi, “So when are you and Jake finally going to give things a chance? You guys obviously like each other I don’t understand why you guys don’t just make it official already.”

“It’s not that easy. Every time I try to get serious and talk about us he shuts down. It’s like he’s afraid of something,” answered Savi with a depressing look on her face.

“If you want I’ll have Steve talk to him and see what he can find out…”

“Talk to who?” interrupted Steve coming behind Mia startling her as he put an arm around her shoulders.

“Hey babe, we were just talking about Jake and how he and Savi haven’t made anything official,” Mia said turning slightly to her right and getting on her tippy toes to give her boyfriend a peck on the lips and putting her arms around his waist, “maybe you can talk to give. Find out what’s going and give him a push in the right direction. By the way where is he?” asked Mia turning to look behind Steve but not seeing him.

“He just left. Said something about having things to do,” stated Steve not looking directly at them as he spoke and looking extremely uncomfortable, “but yeah I’ll have a talk with him see what’s going on.”

“It doesn’t really matter Steve but thanks anyways,” a very disappointed Savanna answered. “Listen guys I’m going to call it a night and go home now. I’ll see you guys on Monday at school. Take care and behave,” stated Savi emphasizing on the last part giving them both a mischievous look.

Mia blushed and looked anywhere but at the other two.

“Don’t worry Savi, I’ll have her home before the clock ticks midnight,” joked Steve with a big smile on his handsome face.

After Savanna hugged her two friends goodbye, Mia turned to Steven and gave him a big hug and a full kiss on the lips.

“Hmm, what was that for?” asked Steve with a look of wonder on his face.

“That was to show you how sorry I am for not making it on time to your game and this,” explained Mia giving him another full kiss, this time a bit longer, “was to show you how much I missed you today,” she finished with a goofy smile on her face making her eyes light up.

“In that case, you can definitely be late more often if this is the reward I’m going to get,” Steve playfully told her as he pulled her closer to him, “but maybe we should call it a night. I can see how tired you look and you should get some rest.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me McGarrett?” she asked with a put on her face holding on to his strong arms. She had always felt safe in his arms and just loved being held by him. “And here I was waiting for you to show you the surprise I had planned to celebrate your big win and show you how much I love you. I guess you won’t find out what it is then,” smiled Mia while playing with the buttons of the shirt he had changed into after the game.

“A surprise huh,” stated Steve with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face looking down and into her beautiful hazel eyes.

“Yep,” she replied coyly as she turned in an attempt to disengage herself from Steve’s arms but he only held on to her tighter.

“Well if you’re positive you’re not THAT tired we can go see what my surprise is,” he told her in between kisses, “lead the way.”

Steve didn’t really want to tire her any more than she already was. He knew how tired she always was from working right after school until eight at night every night to help her mother around the house. But he did not want to spoil the good mood she seemed to be in and decided let her take the lead and see what she had planned for them.

*end of flashback*

Chapter 2


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