TCE Ch12

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 12

“Were you able to get a hold of Mia?” Kono asked Chin as they left the suspect’s apartment.

“No. She’s not answering,” answered Chin.

“I thought you were with her earlier, she didn’t say where she was heading?”

“No, she got a text on her cell and said something came up so she left.”

“Who’s Mia?” asked Catherine.

“Five-O’s newest member. The governor added Special Agent Mia Summers to help the team build a case against WoFat because he’s also a person of interest to the FBI,” explained Chin.

“So, another babysitter?”

At Chin’s and Kono’s questioning looks, Catherine explained, “Steve told me about Agent Lori Weston and how she was put on the team to report back to the governor.”

The cousins laughed and Kono said, “Yeah, but don’t make the same mistake Danny did by calling her a ‘babysitter’. She made it very clear she’s here to work and not to babysit.”

“Interesting, can’t wait to meet her,” said Catherine.

Three hours later, the team was waiting for their co-workers on the dock after being found by the coast guard. Once Steve and Danny arrived, the case of the dead body that was found in the boat was handed over to Five-O.

“I am never going fishing again with McGarrett,” stated an obviously pissed Danny.

“Come on Danny it wasn’t my fault,” defended Steve.

“You’re the one that said the man in the boat needed help. You’re the one that offered to help him and look where it got us, stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead body,” ranted Danny. “Where’s Mia?” he asked after taking in everyone that was there and noticing she was the only one missing.

“We don’t know,” answered Chin. “I’ve called and left various messages but she hasn’t returned them.”

Just as Chin finished, they heard, “Sorry, I was just doing some stuff and forgot my phone in the car,” apologized Mia as she jogged towards the team.

Steve took in Mia’s appearance and apparently he wasn’t the only one that noticed because the next thing he heard was Danny asking what happened to her.

“What happened to you? Did your “stuff to do” involve a dumpster?” Danny asked as they all noticed her once yellow dress was full of dust and dirty spots, and her hair was thrown in a messy bun.

“You can say that,” she replied not really looking at anyone. “So what did I miss?”

“Steve and Danny were hijacked in the middle of the ocean and they ended up finding a dead body,” answered Catherine.

“I’m sorry, you are?”

“I’m sorry, where are my manners, I’m Catherine Rollins and you must be Mia Summers. Chin and Kono were telling me about you,” Catherine said as she extended her hand to Mia, which Mia shook politely.

“Right, Catherine. You were put in charge of Doris to keep men like WoFat away from her,” Mia said not ready to play nice with Steve’s girlfriend. “Tell me something, Catherine, where were you when WoFat got into the same room Doris was in?”

“Excuse me?” asked Catherine obviously confused by Mia’s attitude towards her. “I was doing my job, checking the perimeters, making sure he wasn’t around.”

“Well obviously if WoFat somehow managed to get into the same room as Doris, someone wasn’t doing their job right.”

“Mia I think that’s enough,” Steve said trying to calm the tension surrounding Mia and Catherine.

Mia turned to look at Steve and saw his serious expression like he meant business. She knew people were staring but frankly she didn’t care. She was dirty, tired, and to top it off, she had to run into Steve’s girlfriend in her current state.

“You know what Steve,”

“I said enough Mia,” he enforced. “Why don’t you and Danny head on to headquarters to get cleaned up and see what you can find on the victim.”

Mia was pissed at Steve for the way he just talked to her in front of everyone so without another word she turned and walked towards her car.

Steve didn’t know how to react to Catherine and Mia meeting. He didn’t think they would meet here, like this. He wanted to get them out of this uncomfortable situation so he sent Mia and Danny back to headquarters, while Chin, Kono, and he stayed to examine the boat. Catherine told him she would see him later.

Mia saw Catherine hug Steve goodbye. She noted that hug was a more than ‘just friends‘ hug and didn’t understand why he would refer to Catherine as a ‘friend‘ if it was obvious they were more than that, just like she suspected. Mia shook her head and was about to get in her car when she heard Danny calling her.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked.

“Mind if I catch a ride back with you? As you can see I don’t have a car,” laughed Danny.

Mia responded with a laugh as she took in his appearance as she said, “Yeah, sure, just don’t get my car dirty.”

“Hey you’re the one that looks like she went through a dumpster,” defended Danny.

“Get in the car Daniel,” laughed Mia.

On the ride back to headquarters, Mia kept thinking about Doris and how she was hiding in her old home. Mia didn’t understand why Doris didn’t want Steve to know she’d never left. She didn’t want to hide it from Steve but at the same time she felt like she owed it to Doris. That’s why her clothes were dirty and her hair was a mess. She had helped Doris clean up a bit at least enough for her to be able to have a clean place to sleep in tonight. When Mia was going to go buy more cleaning supplies and some groceries for Doris she saw all the missed calls from Chin and Kono so she had to postpone those errands for later. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost missed Danny’s question.

“So how long did you and Steve date?” he casually asked, a bit too casually if you asked her.

“A little over a year,” she said as she just looked straight ahead towards the road.

“I’ve always asked myself, how was Steve as a kid. Was he the same Neanderthal animal he is today?” asked Danny with a smirk on his face.

“He’s not that bad Danny,” she replied with a laugh, “maybe just more serious, but deep inside I think he’s still a big softy.”

“Not that bad?! You’re kidding right? You call getting your partner shot on the first day of work not that bad? How about getting us stranded in the middle of the ocean, eh? Not bad enough for you?”

“You’re such a drama queen Danny,” she said in a joking tone.

“I am not a drama queen. I’m just stating the facts,” he defended. “And why are you defending him after he supposedly was a jerk to you.” Danny immediately regretted his words the moment he spoke them as he saw her flinch.

“So he told you,” she stated more so than asked.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t necessary,” he apologized and to himself he mumbled, “god me and my big mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it Danny,” she said, “I just don’t make it a habit of putting my personal business out there, specially something as private as that and I wasn’t defending him, I was just sharing with you what I’ve noticed so far.”

Danny just nodded in acknowledgment and after a pause Mia answered his earlier question.

“He wasn’t as serious and stiff as he is now, maybe that has something to do with the Navy and everything he’s been through, I don’t know. When we dated he was more open with people and he definitely smiled more. He was really great to others and of course, an awesome quarterback,” she smiled as she remembered Steve as a kid. “Definitely a mama’s boy. His mothers supposed ‘death‘ hurt him the most I would say. I mean, Mary was just a baby so she really didn’t know what was going on.”

Danny studied Mia as she talked about Steve and realized she really did care for him and maybe she still did. “What about your family?”

Mia just gave a small smile and shook her head, “The man you would call my father walked out on my mother when I was just a baby and after that my mother turned to the bottle to help her forget about him.”

“What about you? How did she care for you if she was on the bottle all the time?”

“My aunt, her sister, would help out a lot but when I was around five she got tired of my mom always being drunk and eventually left. I had to learn to take care of myself after my aunt left. Eat whatever I could find, get my self ready for school.”

Danny was in disbelief at what he was hearing, “What kind of mother does that to their kid? Leave them to fend for themselves.”

“Mine did,” she stated dryly. “Eventually she was able to stay sober long enough to go work at some twenty-four hour diner, but it wasn’t enough. So as soon as I was of age to start working I found a job at some clothing shop. It wasn’t a lot but it helped. Fortunately, I had Steve and my best friend Savanna. They gave me some sort of normalcy I never had and of course Doris. She was great, the mother I always wished I had,” she finished as they arrived at headquarters. “Some family, right?”

As Mia got a bag from the trunk where she had clothes she’d purchased today, Danny said, “I’m still amazed at how great you turned out. Look at you, all established with a good career on your shoulders.”

“Yeah, well I owe that to a really great man that I met years ago,” she said as they walked inside.

“Who? A friend? Boyfriend? Wait, are you married?” he asked full of curiosity.

Mia just laughed and shook her head, “None of those Danny, more of an angel that came into my life in a moment when I really needed him in my life.”

He nodded totally understanding what she meant. Changing the topic he asked, pointing towards the bag she carried, “What’s in there?”

“Clothes and shoes. I did some shopping today. Can’t stay like this while I work,” she said pointing to her current state and when they arrived at the glass doors she excused herself while she went to the locker room to change.

Around nine at night the team had finally closed their case and were thinking about going out to grab something to eat and drink. Mia remembered she still had some things to do so she told them if she finished early she would join them but to go on ahead without her. Everyone asked her what she had to do, to which she simply replied, “I have to run some errands.” Of course everyone thought it was weird taking in the time it was, a bit late to ‘run errands’.

She went to her office to grab her things and while she was gathering them she heard her door open and close. Turning around she saw Steve standing in front of the door.

“Hey,” he said, “can we talk?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said as she went and sat on her desk chair and Steve sat on the chair across from her on the other side of her desk.

“I want to talk about last night,” he said.

Mia leaned her head against her chair and told Steve as she looked at the ceiling, “I don’t want to talk about it Steve. I think everything was pretty much said last night.”

“Not everything and you know it Mia,” he tried reasoning with her. “You still haven’t told me how you lost the baby and I’ll respect that for now. Sooner or later I’ll want to know how it happened. We still need to figure out why my dad did what he did. I want to know, he must have had a good reason for that. Don’t you want to know?”

“He’s dead Steve!” she yelled as she bolted out of her chair, placed her hands on the desk as she leaned in and continued in a slightly raised voice, “We’ll never know why he did what he did and honestly I don’t think I want to know anymore. It’s not going to change the past and it definitely won’t bring my baby back.”

Steve got out of his chair and took the same position Mia was in and leaned in closer as he said in clenched teeth, “I know it won’t change anything but I need to know that my father wasn’t as cruel as he seemed for what he did. I need to know that he did it for a good enough reason.”

Mia took a step back and let out a sarcastic laugh, “So this is what it all boils down to, you needing answers. What’s wrong Steve, can’t accept the fact that the man we all thought of as an honest, admirable, hero turned out to be nothing but a cold hearted bastard?”

“Not everyone is like you Mia,” he sneered.

Mia was taken aback by Steve’s comment and the tears brimming in her eyes were proof of that. “Yeah, well I’ve got all you people to thank for that,” she said as she got her stuff and made her way out of her office.

Steve was hot on her heels. He wasn’t going to let her have the last word in once more and he was not done talking to her.

“Mia, we’re not done talking,” he yelled after her.

“Yeah well too bad Commander because I am.”

They both stopped on their tracks when they realized they had an audience. Danny, Chin, Kono, and Catherine were all standing there staring at them, obviously having noticed the heated discussion that had taken place moments ago in her office through the glass walls. Damn, stupid walls, he thought.

“Everything alright boss? Mia?” asked Kono.

“I don’t know Kono, why don’t we let the boss answer that one. Hey Steve, you want to fill your whole team in on more of my personal business since you seem to be really good at it?” she asked him sarcastically, having remembered that Danny already knew.

“Come one Mia that’s not fair,” he said.

“No, you want to know what’s not fair, Steve? The fact that now that you know everything, you want to keep bringing back memories that I never want to remember. You weren’t there Steve, you don’t know what it felt like and that doesn’t give you the right to go telling everyone,” turning to the team she said, “Goodnight guys, enjoy your dinner.”

And just like that she was gone, but before Steve could go after her Catherine was by his side, “What was that about?”

Steve covered his eyes with his hand and let out an exasperated breath. “I think I’m going to opt out of tonight’s dinner, guys,” he said to the team. Turning to Catherine, he said, “Listen Cat, we need to talk. There’s some stuff I think you should know, but not tonight. I promise to tell you everything; I just need some time to process everything.”

“Alright, I understand,” she said as she nodded her head. “Just give me a call when you’re ready.”
Steve nodded and then left the building, leaving the team and Catherine behind.


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