TCE Ch13

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 13

Two weeks passed after Mia and Steve’s ‘argument’ and they had barely spoken to each other. They only spoke when absolutely required at work and that was all they talked about. Nothing was mentioned anymore about her pregnancy and Mia could live with that. If she were true to herself, deep down inside Mia did want to know why John did what he did but at the same time she was afraid of what the answer might be. She also didn’t know how Steve planned on finding out either. Maybe she should have listened to him that day at her office two weeks ago, but she was tired, tired of constantly arguing about the same thing. So as she laid there in her bed on a Saturday morning, she contemplated on what to do. Maybe she should give Steve the opportunity to explain how he planned on getting the answers he needed that way they could both finally move on and let it rest. Having made her decision, Mia got up and went about getting ready for the day.

It was Saturday and hopefully they didn’t have another case. Savanna had invited her to a barbecue at her house to finally meet her daughter and she really wanted some free time to just enjoy it with friends.

As she was tying the strap from her sandal, her cell phone started ringing signaling an incoming call. She thought it was probably Savanna asking her to pick up something on the way but when she looked at the caller id she couldn’t help the big smile the crossed her face.

“Hey Peter Pan,” she said to her boss and friend, calling him by the nickname she had giving him knowing how much he hated it.

“What have I told you about calling me that,” he said trying to sound stern but not succeeding.

“You know deep down you love it,” she teased. “To what do I know the honor of your call?”

“You’ve been in Hawaii for almost a month now and I still haven’t heard from you,” he told her sounding very serious, but she knew he was just worried about her.

“What about all those emails I’ve sent you?”

“Those have all been updates on WoFat’s case and you know I’m not talking about that.”

“I know, I know and I’m sorry, I’ve just been very busy. If it’s not WoFat’s investigation, then it’s some other case the team gets,” she explained.

“I just want to see how you’re doing. How you and Hawaii are getting along,” he said.

“I used to live here remember?” she said.

“Yeah I know, but I also know the hell you went through while you lived there,” he reminded her.

“How could I forget, but honestly I’m okay,” she assured him making sure to leave the part where she was working with none other than Steve McGarrett out of the conversation.

“I’m glad you’re doing okay. Listen I’ve got to go, Lisa wants to go buy a few things she needs,” he said speaking of his wife. “She says ‘hello’.”

“Give her my greetings too.”

“Alright, you take care of yourself and if you need anything don’t hesitate to call,” he told her.

“Alright, bye Peter,” she said and then ended the call.

When Mia arrived at her friend’s house, Savanna was just bringing out the necessary stuff for her husband, Jake, to start the grill. Savanna lived in what people would call a “mansion” that she inherited when he parents passed away. Her family had always been on the wealthy side but they never lost their humbleness and always gave back to those in need. The house wasn’t necessarily on the beach. It was more up on a hill but the view that it offered was spectacular.

“Hey need any help?” Mia offered.

“No thank you, this is it for right now. We’ll bring the rest later when Jake has the steaks ready. You look great by the way,” Savi told her as she took in Mia’s outfit which consisted of short denim jeans, an off the shoulder orange-green-and yellow striped blouse, as well as some tanned strapped flat sandals.

“Look who’s talking. You’re a pretty hot looking mama,” Mia returned as she noticed how slim Savi looked after becoming a mom ten months ago.

“Thank you. Hey listen I forgot to tell you…” began Savanna, but before she could finish Mia asked,

“Who’s that?” as she heard laughter coming from inside.

“Yeah about that, I might have forgotten to mention…” and before she could finish two men Mia recognized right away emerged from inside.

“Yeah that’s what I was trying to tell you,” Savi whispered.

“Hey Mia,” greeted Jake. “I couldn’t believe it when Savi told me you were back in town,” he said really happy to see her as he hugged her tightly.

“Yeah I couldn’t believe I was back, either,” she replied not taking her eyes off of Steve.

“You remember Steve, right?” he joked, but no one laughed.

“How could I forget,” she answered him with a forced smile as she took in how good he looked in denim jeans, a blue t-shirt that made his eyes pop out, and sandals.

“Same here,” Steve said as he raised his beer taking his time to study Mia.

“Hey Mia let’s go inside so you can meet my daughter,” interrupted Savi hoping to break the tension.

“I swear I didn’t know until Steve was literally on my front porch,” Savanna defended herself as soon as they were in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said as she looked out the window. “He’s Jake’s friend and I should’ve expected it. Sooner or later we were bound to run into each other outside the office.”

“I’m really sorry,” she apologized.

“Really, it’s okay,” she assured Savi with a genuine smile. “Why don’t you take me to meet your little princess?”

“Hey man, sorry I didn’t tell you about Mia being here,” apologized Jake. “I just thought you might not want to come if I told you and I really wanted you here. We haven’t talked much lately.”

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m not the one with the problem and you’re allowed to invite whomever you want to your home,” replied Steve as he sipped on his beer and stared at the door Mia had just disappeared through.

“Did she ever tell you why she hates you so much?”

“Yeah, she did. It’s a long story,” he replied as he took a seat on a chair in the table close to the grill.

“Want to talk about it?” Jake asked him.

“Not really but either way you’re probably going to hear it from Savi now that Mia told me everything,” Steve said as he got ready to tell the story once again and hopefully for the last time.

“Look at you, you cute little princess,” Mia cooed as she held ten month old Kelly. “You definitely got both your parents’ good looks.”

“So he really denied knowing anything?” asked Savi as she still tried to take in everything Mia had told her about her talk with Steve.

“Yep,” she said as she placed baby Kelly on the blanket Mia had placed in front of her on the floor.

“Do you believe him?”

Mia sighed, “I’m not sure, I think I do.”

“You think?” she asked with a raised eyebrow as she observed her friend playing with Kelly, “Honey, you either do or you don’t.”

“It’s just that he seemed really honest and I’m tired of fighting with him over the same thing over and over. I think I’ll just give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he plans on getting answers.”

Savanna thought about and then said, “You’re right, maybe that’s what you need and that way you’ll get some sort of closure.”

Mia nodded taking in what Savanna just said.

“So is he still a good kisser?” Savanna asked wiggling her eyebrows.

“He’s an amazing kisser, gosh just thinking about it turns me on,” Mia said looking anywhere but at her friend.

Savanna noticed her friend was blushing profusely so she decided to tease her a bit about it, “Damn girl, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you express yourself that way, especially about a kiss. He must be a god at kissing then to have you reacting that way. I can’t imagine how he’s in bed now that he’s all grown up and with those muscles, probably way better than when you two were teens.”

Mia got an extra blanket she saw and threw at Savanna, “Gosh Savi, stop, you’re making me blush even more. I can’t believe I just said that either and I wouldn’t know how he’s in bed now. You’ll have to ask him or one of his many sex partners throughout the years.”

Savanna and Mia laughed causing the baby to laugh too as she noticed both ladies in the room found something funny.

When their laughter died down, Savanna grew serious and asked Mia, “Do you still have feelings for him?”

“I don’t know,” she answered as honestly as she could. “Sometimes I still feel like I hate him and other times I wish he would just hold me and kiss me and never let me go, but I know none of that’s possible.”

“Why not?” Savi asked her not seeing any problem.

“Because Steve obviously doesn’t feel the same way and he has a girlfriend.”

“I thought you said he told you she was a friend,” Savi reminded her.

“Yeah he did but it’s obvious that they’re more than ‘friends’.”

“Maybe you should ask him,” suggested her friend as if it were the most obvious and easiest thing in the world.

“What?! Yeah I’m going to go up to him and ask him ‘by the way, is Catherine your girlfriend, because if she’s not, then maybe we could try to pick up where we left off.'” Mia finished looking at her friend like she was crazy.

Savi shrugged her shoulders, “I’m just saying but you guys don’t have to pick up where you left off. You can always start fresh. Anyways, come on let’s go check if the food is ready, I’m starving.”

“Alright, but I’ll take Kelly,” Mia said as she picked her up, placed her on her hip and walked after Savi.

“She’s all yours for the day,” Savi replied.

“Wow, man, I had no idea,” Jake said after Steve updated him on the whole Mia/Steve situation. “After you left, she avoided me for the rest of the time I was there, until I graduated. Then I just left Hawaii and never heard from her until recently when Savi ran into her at her restaurant but then again when I saw her around school I never noticed anything different or any signs of her being pregnant. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention. You know how I was back then, just doing my thing.”

“Yeah well that’s the whole story,” he said as he sipped from his beer.

“Now I get why Savanna hated your guts too. She knew and obviously took her friend’s side. Those two have always been inseparable since I can remember,” Jake concluded taking a sip from his beer.

“Yeah, now I get it too.”

“Babe, are the steaks ready?” they heard Savi ask as she and Mia exited the house and made their way towards them.

Jake bolted from his chair as he suddenly remembered about the steaks and sheepishly told her, “Sorry babe, I forgot to put them in the grill.”

“Jake we’re starving! What were you guys doing this whole time out here?”

“Talking,” answered Steve.

“You were probably talking about football. That’s all men talk about. Typical,” Savi answered rolling her eyes.

“I promise the first one ready is for you,” Jake answered as he grabbed his wife from the waist, pulled her in and kissed her.

“Eww, cover your eyes Kelly, you’re still too young to see this,” Mia joked as she playfully covered the baby’s eyes. “Get a room you two.”

Everyone laughed.

“You’re just jealous because you know you’re not getting any tonight,” Savi said.

“Hey you don’t know that. What about if I meet someone on the way home and take him up on his offer?” Mia joked as she wiggled her eyebrows but as she said that she heard someone choke on their drink. Steve.

“Alright girls, that’s too much info I didn’t need. You alright there Steve?” asked Jake as he saw Steve coughing.

“Yeah,” he squeezed out.

“Okay, we’ll be by the pool,” Savi informed them. “Call us when the food is ready.”

Steve studied Mia from afar with the baby in her arms. She would’ve definitely made a great mom, he thought, she’s a natural.

“You still got it bad for her man,” observed Jake as he placed the stakes on the grill.

“What are you talking about?” Steve asked feigning ignorance.

“Come on, for a Navy Seal you’re a bad liar,” Jake said. “I see the way you look at her when you think no one is watching.”

“You’re imagining things and either way I’m her least favorite person,” Steve responded.

“But you guys already cleared the air, didn’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter plus I’m already seeing someone.”

“You’re still seeing that Navy chick?” asked Jake not remembering her name.

“Catherine, Jake, her name is Catherine Rollins,” Steve reminded him.

“Right, Catherine, so you two already made it official?”

“Made what official?” asked Steve confused.

“You’re relationship Steve. Did you ask her to be your girlfriend?”

“No, why? Was I supposed to? I thought it was implied that we had something official, you know after all these years.”

Jake rolled his eyes, “Sometimes you make me wonder Steve how you got all the hot girls in school when you don’t even know how to ask them to be your girlfriend.”

“Hey that’s not true, I asked Mia,” Steve defended.

“Yeah and she was probably the only one because the rest practically threw themselves at you. Besides, that doesn’t count, it was high school,” Jake said as he waved his beer around.

“Of course it counted. What we had was serious, even if people thought otherwise,” he said giving Jake a pointed look.

“I’m just saying man,” Jake said.

“Did you bring your bathing suit?” Savanna asked Mia as they sat on a lounging chair.

“Of course, I have it under my clothes,” Mia responded as she played with Kelly’s chubby feet.

“Then what are we waiting for, lets jump in,” Savi said as she pointed to the pool with her head.

“What about your daughter?”

“Oh right, let me go change her into her bathing suit. I’ll be right back,” Savi said as she took Kelly in her arms and walked away.

Steve saw Savanna make her way inside and noticed Mia was by her self taking in the spectacular view the Hendricks’ backyard offered. They didn’t live right at the beach’s edge, but they still had an amazing view of it. Steve excused himself and made his way towards Mia leaving Jake laughing after him.

“Mind if I join you?” he said. Noticing her startled reaction, he apologized, “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No problem,” she said as she motioned for him to take a seat on the lounge chair right next to her.

They were both sitting sideways on the chair, knees almost touching.

“Listen I want to apologize,” she began, “I know I overreacted when you came to talk to me. It just bothered me finding out that Danny knew what happened but I have no right because it obviously involves you too and you have every right to need to talk to someone about it. I get it now, I really do, and I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry if it bothered you but I really needed to talk to someone about it and I trust Danny. I needed to get someone else’s perspective,” Steve explained.

Mia nodded, “I understand and I wanted to talk about what you want to do. I’ve decided to give you a chance and let you find the answers you need. I don’t know how you’ll do it but maybe it’s what we both need, if not then to at least get some sort of closure on the issue.”

“The only man I can think of that may have some answers would be Joe White,” Steve said. “My father trusted him, he was like family.”

“You’re commanding officer?” she asked to which Steve nodded.

“Yeah, he mentioned your name sounded very familiar that maybe he had heard it from me but when I thought about it I realized that can’t be it because I never mentioned you to anyone,” at Mia’s raised eyebrow he quickly explained, “it’ wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I did it to protect you. If someone was after my family then I didn’t want them to know you were involved with us because it would make you an easy target.”

“Alright and now that you mention it, he did say the same thing to me,” Mia said as she recalled the day at the hospital.

“I just need to find him. I have no idea where he could be. He just disappeared after he took me to Shelbourne,” Steve said.

“Will you let know once you find him?” asked Mia.

“Of course,” he promised.

Mia nodded, “In the meantime, can we promise each other to leave this in the past for now and try to be nicer to each other?”

“I promise.”

Mia nodded and right then, Savanna was back with Kelly in her arms, both in their bathing suits.

“Come on Mia, let’s jump in,” Savi told her.

Mia stood up and walked to the edge of the pool and began taking off her clothes. She took off her blouse first and walked back to the chair to put it down. Then she took of her sandals and finally her shorts, revealing a very small black bikini. She walked towards the deep end of the pool and jumped right in, feeling Steve’s gaze the whole time.

Steve took his time admiring Mia’s body as she slowly undressed revealing a very small black bikini, which he thought really suited her tanned skin. When she started walking away, Steve didn’t even bother hiding the fact he was totally checking her out. That woman has some sort of power over me even after all these years, he thought to him self as he felt his manhood reacting to Mia’s lack of clothing. Steve groaned to him self, downed the beer he had brought with him and went back to where Jake was at finishing the steaks.


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