TCE Ch14

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 14

Twenty minutes later, Jake called out to the girls to come eat.

As Steve saw Mia dry her self off and wrap a towel around her waist, he heard Jake say,

“Hey you’re welcome to use the shower inside, it has cold water,” he said as he laughed at Steve’s obvious discomfort, to which Steve good-naturedly flipped him off earning himself more laughter from Jake.

“What’s so funny,” Mia asked as they took a seat on the table across Steve.

“Nothing, Jake just being Jake,” Steve quickly said before Jake could say anything else.

“If you say so,” she said as she filled her plate with food.

“Hey Mia, you’re great with Kelly,” he said. “I’m pretty sure you’ll be a great mom one day.”

“Thanks Jake,” she said, not feeling the pain in her chest as bad as she usually felt it whenever someone mentioned her being a mom. Maybe coming to Hawaii is helping after all, she thought.

“So what have you been up to all these years? The last time I saw you, you were still walking the halls of our old high school,” continued Jake.

“Work pretty much,” she said.

“You don’t have a boyfriend waiting back in New York?”

“No, why, you plan on introducing me to one of your friends?” she kidded.

Jake pretended to be thinking about it and then said, “Well we have my friend right here, Steve.” That earned him a kick under the table from his wife who didn’t find it funny. “Oww, what was that for?”

Mia just laughed and pointed out, “I think his girlfriend would have something to say about that Jake.”

Steve was just studying Mia the whole time; he didn’t even bother commenting on Jake’s comment or Mia’s response. He was trying to figure her out. Did her response mean that if Catherine wasn’t in the picture she would consider Jake’s offer?

Snapping out of his thoughts he asked Mia, “How is it that a woman as beautiful as you hasn’t been snatched by someone. I mean I would imagine all the guys lined up at your door step.”

Mia blushed. “I guess I just haven’t found the right guy,” she replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

“That’s what everyone says,” Jake answered with a roll of his eyes.

To get the attention away from her friend, Savanna asked Steve, “Why haven’t you gotten married Steve? From what I understand, you’ve been seeing the same girl for several years now. What’s wrong with her that you can’t take the next step?”

“I don’t think neither of us is ready for that and she’s constantly being deployed,” Steve said.

“I think you’re just afraid of commitment and you’re just using her deployment as an excuse,” Savi stated, “you can get deployed at any time as well so you understand what it’s like.”

“Maybe that’s the problem, he knows one of them can be deployed at any time and he doesn’t want to be with someone he’ll never get to see if they both end up deployed at the same time,” Jake said in an attempt to defend his friend.

“Then he wouldn’t be with her right now and for this long,” Savi pointed out.

Noticing Steve and Mia’s discomfort on the issue, Jake decided to change the subject. “So have you heard from your mom?” he asked looking at Mia.

“No and maybe it’s better that way,” she said as she played with her fork.

“Why’s that?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know I just don’t see how I would want to see someone who was never there.”

Steve understood what Mia meant and decided to leave it at that.

The remainder of the day was spent talking, swimming in the pool, and just hanging out. They hadn’t done that in years and were all glad for the time they got to spend together. When it was already dark, Mia and Steve decided to call it a night.

“I had a really great time. We haven’t done that in years,” Steve said as he leaned against Mia’s car, right next to the driver’s side as she opened the door to her car.

“Me too, it felt like our own mini high school reunion,” she said.

Steve nodded, “Did you go to yours?”

“No I haven’t been in Hawaii for years, did you?”

“Nope, I just came back about two years ago, after my father was murdered,” he said as he put his hands in his pockets and stared straight ahead.

“Would you have come back if he hadn’t been murdered?” she asked him.

“Probably not. We didn’t have the best of relationships after he moved Mary and me to the mainland.”

“Speaking of Mary, does she know about your mom yet?”

“No and now that you remind me, I found out she never left the island,” Steve informed her.

Mia snapped her head up at Steve’s words, “What do you mean?”

Steve shrugged as he turned to look at her and said, “Somehow she managed to convince the pilot to turn the plane around and decided to stay on the island. I just don’t know where on the island she is.”

“How do you know she never left?” she asked, wanting to know if maybe Doris had already contacted him to let him know she never left.

“I asked Cat for her help,” he said.

“Catherine? But she doesn’t have access to that kind of information,” Mia said confused.

“I know. She hacked into this Agent’s account that she met at a bar. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this,” he said after he noticed her reaction.

“She hacked into a Federal Agent’s account?” she asked in disbelief.

“I know it wasn’t right…” he began but was interrupted by Mia.

“It wasn’t right, yeah, but it was also illegal!” she exclaimed. “You could have asked me, I have access to that information. You know all the Agent’s accounts are frequently monitored, she could end up in jail for what she did.”

“I know Mia, but if you remember, we weren’t in exact speaking terms,” he reminded her.

“I would’ve done it, I mean, it was about finding your mom,” she whispered as she played with her keys and looked to the ground.

“I didn’t think you would, but if Cat ends up in any sort of trouble because of this then I’ll just take all the blame for it,” he said as he looked up at the night sky.

“You really do love her, don’t you?” she asked as she looked him in the eyes.

“Why do you say that?” Steve asked her confused.

“Well it’s obvious if you’re willing to sacrifice so much, like your liberty, for her,” she told him.

“I’m the one that asked her to do it,” he said with a shrug.

“But no one forced her,” Mia pointed out.

Steve just shook his head as he stood up straight. “There’s only one woman I’ve ever loved,” he said and then turned to look her in the eyes. “Goodnight Mia, drive safe,” he said and turned to walk towards his car.

Mia didn’t know how to react to what Steve had just said. Did that mean he still loved her? She watched him drive away into the darkness and once she saw his tail lights disappear, she got into her car and drove back to her apartment completely confused by what Steve had just said and the more she thought about it the more ideas she came up with. He probably wasn’t even talking about me, she thought, what about if he met someone else and that’s who he’s talking about, but what was up with the look he gave her when he said those words. Mia groaned to her self and tried not to think about it too much as she drove to her place.


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