TCE Ch15

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 15

A few days after the small get together Steve knew he had to talk to Catherine. She deserved to know who Mia really was and how Steve knew her, so after he left the office he called her and invited her over to his house.

“So what’s the big mystery?” Cat asked while they cleaned up the dinner dishes, which they had actually gotten around to this time.

“I need to talk to you about Mia Summers,” he said looking her in the eyes.

“This sounds serious.”

“That’s because it is. Come on let’s go to the lanai to talk,” he told her as they finished putting the last of the dishes in the dishwasher.

“What’s up Sailor, looks like you have a lot on your mind,” Cat told him as she put her hand on his leg just above his knee and gave it a squeeze.

Steve put his hand on top of Cat’s and said, “I’ve known Mia since high school. We dated for a little over a year before my father sent Mary and me to the mainland.”

Cat nodded as she took in what Steve was telling her, “I kind of got the impression you two knew each other from before and I don’t think she likes me.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “I hadn’t seen her in years until recently when the governor told us she would be working with the team on WoFat’s case and I don’t think she dislikes you. I don’t know she probably was just worried about Doris. They were really close during the time we dated.”

“I see. Why were you two arguing the other day in her office?”

Steve sighed, leaned forward resting his arms on his legs and his face between his hands.

“After leaving my mom at the airport, her friend called me saying Mia was in no condition to drive her self home and no one else could drive her. You know how dangerous it can be for someone to take a cab in a drunken state, especially a woman. So I went to pick her up and took her to her apartment. We started arguing and she told me why she hated me so much all these years,” he explained deliberately leaving out the part where she almost slept with her.

Cat rubbed his back as a sign of encouragement for him to go on.

“The day after my father sent us away Mia came looking for me because I wasn’t at school that day. She came to tell me,” Steve paused, took a deep breath and said, “She came to tell me she was pregnant with my child.”

Cat’s hand froze.

“You’re- you’re a dad?” she stammered.

Steve stood up and with his back to her and hands in his pockets he said in a solemn tone, “She lost it.”

Catherine stood up, wrapped her hands around his waist from behind and genuinely told him, “I’m sorry.”

He turned around in her embrace and returned it as he put his arms around her shoulders. “I know and I wish I could have been there for her. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her to go through all that alone,” he whispered.

Catherine was the first to break the embrace as she asked him, “That still doesn’t explain why she hates you. I mean I totally understand she would be upset after losing the baby but she can’t blame you for it.”

Steve shook his head and said, “No she doesn’t blame me for that. Mia thinks I wanted nothing to do with her or the baby.”

“What?” she asked confused.

“Apparently my father was supposed to call me and tell me but he never did, so he made up some story about me wanting nothing to do with her or the baby.”

“Why would he do that?” she asked still confused.

“We don’t know that’s what we are trying to find out and the only person who can give us those answers might be Joe White.”

Cat nodded in understanding, “And what happens when you guys find out the truth?”

“What do you mean?” Steve asked in a confused tone.

“I mean, are you and Mia going to try and work things out?” she hesitatingly asked.

Without looking her in the eyes and staring into the darkness of the beach he said, “What Mia and I had is in the past. We’re two very different people now and getting answers might just help both of us get some sort of closure.”

“Do you still love her?” she asked afraid of what his answer might be.


Before he could finish his answer, Steve’s cell phone rang. Looking at the caller id he saw that it was Danny. “Hey Danny, what’s up?” he asked.

As he listened to Danny, he saw Catherine pick up their glasses of water that they had brought outside with them and take them inside.

“Thanks but I think I’ll pass, Cat’s here. Whatever Danny, I’ll see you at work tomorrow,” he finished and ended the call.

Steve went inside and found Cat sitting in the living room staring at the wall.

“Hey, are you alright?” he asked her softly as he sat next to her.

“Yeah, just processing everything you just told me,” she told him giving him a small smile.

He nodded and grabbed her hand, “Want to call it a night?”

Cat nodded and without letting her hand go, they stood up and Steve led her up the stairs and into his room. He gave her one of his shirts so she could sleep in and for the first time they went to bed and just slept the whole night.

The morning after Steve woke up to some sound he heard coming from downstairs. He slowly got up trying not to wake Catherine but she woke up either way.

“What’s going on?” she asked half awake as she sat up and saw Steve grab his gun.

“I heard some noise coming from downstairs. Stay here while I check it out,” he ordered her, but Cat didn’t feel like taking orders and she got out of bed too.

“Where are you going?” Steve asked her when he saw her grab the bat by the door.

“I’m going to check it out with you,” she said.

“No, you’re not coming with me,” he whispered loud enough only her to hear.

“Fine, then I’m going on my own,” she said with a raised chin and left the room.

“Cat, wait,” he said as he went after her and once they met up on the landing he got in front of her and lead the way downstairs towards the noise.

They realized the noise was coming from the kitchen and when they got there, they were shocked to find Steve’s mother preparing breakfast.

“Mom? What are you doing here?” he asked surprised.

“Hey. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” she said as she took in her son’s and Cat’s appearance. “I’m making breakfast. How do you guys like your eggs?”

“Yeah Cat, how do you like your eggs?” he asked Cat with sudden interest.

“I, um, no thank you. I actually have somewhere to be,” she nervously said. When she saw Steve’s questioning look she said, “I have to check into base.”

“Are you sure?” Doris asked her.

“Yeah, I’m sure, but thank you,” she said as she started backing away from the kitchen.

When Catherine left the kitchen, his mother took the food to the dining table and Steve followed her.

“What are you doing here mom? How did you convince the pilot to turn the plane around?” he asked her.

“I have my ways,” she simply said. Turning to face him, she said, “I’m tired of running and hiding Steve. I’ve done it for the last twenty years and I’m done with that. I want to stay in Hawaii and have a normal life for once.”

Before Steve could reply, Danny called him to inform him they had a case.

“I have to go,” he told her as he made his way upstairs to change and once he was ready he left the house with his mother there.

When he got to the crime scene, he noticed he was the last one there.

“What do we have?” he asked Kono.

“A horse racer was killed while practicing around the field,” Kono explained and before she could warn her boss about the state of the body he lifted the blanket up and they saw the body had no head.

When Steve and Mia arrived at headquarters, they saw Steve’s mom in his office.

“Chin, what is my mother doing here?” he asked.

“She didn’t believe me and figured out you sent me to keep an eye on her,” Chin explained.

“I don’t need a babysitter Steve,” Doris said as she joined them by the computer table.

“You need the extra security. We don’t know what WoFat has planned,” Steve told her with his hands on his hips.

“I am perfectly capable of taking care of my self,” she said, “now if you’re done, I’m out of here.” Turning to Mia she said, “Thank you for everything Mia.”

Mia’s eyes grew big, suddenly becoming very nervous. Avoiding Steve’s questioning and confused look, she said, “No problem.”

Watching Doris leave, Mia tried to excuse hers elf claiming she was going to check some things regarding the case. She didn’t get very far when she heard Steve call her.

“Not so fast Mia,” he said and when he saw her turn to look at him he growled out, “In my office, now.”

“I knew this was a bad idea,” she mumbled to herself as she stole a brief glance at Chin and all she got from him was a confused look mixed with sympathy because he knew that whatever Steve was going to say to her was not good if his tone was any indication.

Mia walked into his office and as soon as she was inside Steve shut the door.

“Explain, now,” he demanded.

Not able to look him in the eyes, she said, “I’m sorry Steve.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what? What did you do? What is my mother thanking you for?” he asked her as he stood in front of her with his arms crossed.

Mia began pacing in front of Steve’s desk as she rambled, “I swear I told her it was a bad idea. I made her promise she would tell you as soon as possible, I told her she only had a couple of days to do it and if not then I would tell you but then it became so busy around here and I forgot all about it and then she shows up here and…”

“Mia, stop,” he said as he stopped her pacing by grabbing her from the shoulders. “You’re not making any sense. I don’t know what…”

And just like that it suddenly hit Steve what she was talking about.

“You knew,” he whispered letting her go as if she suddenly was poison. “You knew and you didn’t say anything?” he asked incredulously.

“She begged me Steve. She begged me for my help. I tried to convince her that it was a bad idea. That she should tell you but she said she just needed a few days and I couldn’t say no to her. Where was she going to go?” Mia tried explaining.

“It doesn’t matter! You knew she never left! Why didn’t you tell me?” he demanded to know. “After all the grief you gave me over having Catherine hack into an Agent’s account, you already knew and you kept it to yourself.”

“If you would have told me that’s what you planned on doing I would have told you sooner,” she tried reasoning with him.

“That’s not the point Mia. The point is that you lied to me, you kept it from me knowing how important finding her was.”

“I’m so sorry Steve. I know it was wrong,” she apologized.

“Yeah well too little too late don’t you think?” he snarled. “Where did you hide her?”

Mia didn’t want to answer that because Steve was already furious with her.

“I know you’re furious and you have every right to be…” she began but was interrupted by Steve.

“Dammit Mia, answer me! Where did you hide her?!” he boomed.

“My house,” she whispered but it was loud enough that Steve heard her.

“Your house?” he asked confused.

Mia nodded, “The house I lived in before moving away. We never got rid of it.”

Steve let out a small laugh as he shook his head, “You’re right Mia, I am furious, but most of all, I’m disappointed.”

*At the same time, in the bullpen*

Chin was trying to block out Mia’s and Steve’s loud voices, well mainly Steve because it seemed he was the one doing all the yelling, by working on their current case when Danny and Kono walked in.

“Hey cuz, I thought you were supposed to keep an eye on Steve’s mom,” Kono said.

“It doesn’t matter! You knew she never left! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Woo, what was that?” Danny asked as they all turned to look in Steve’s office.

“They’ve been going at it for the last fifteen minutes,” Chin said as he resumed his work.

“What happened?” Kono asked.

“I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with Steve’s mom,” he explained.

“What do you mean, why do you say that?” Danny asked turning his attention from Steve’s office to Chin.

“When Mia and Steve got here, Doris was here waiting for him. After convincing him that she was fine on her own she left but not without telling Mia ‘thank you for everything’. Steve caught that and hence the argument inside,” he said motioning towards Steve’s office with his head.

“Dammit Mia, answer me! Where did you hide her?!”

They all winced at Steve’s words and Danny said as they were all once again focused on the scene inside the office, “I would definitely not want to be in her place.”

After a few more minutes the door flew open and Steve came storming out, “Daniel, let’s go, now!” he ordered.

Not wanting to anger him anymore than he already was, Danny followed his partner’s footsteps.

“Steve, wait, Steve!” Mia yelled after Steve from the door of his office but it was of no use, Steve ignored her and left.

Danny just gave her a sympathetic look as he went after Steve.

“Damn it Steve, slow down! You’re going to get us killed!” Danny yelled as he held on for dear life while Steve sped down the streets of Honolulu.

“I honestly wish I were dead right now,” he growled out.

“Yeah well I don’t! In case you forgot, I have a daughter!” he yelled once more. “I understand you’re angry, but don’t take out on my car or me.”

After hearing Danny’s words, he slowed down realizing he was right. “You’re right Danny. I’m sorry, it’s just that first I find out my mother faked her own death, then my father kept something very important from me, and now I find out that Mia helped my mother hide. She knew my mother never left Hawaii and she never told me. Honestly, I’m getting tired of all these surprises.”

“She knew?” Danny asked in disbelief.

Steve nodded, “And you know where she helped her hide?”

Danny shook his head, “No, where?”

“Her house,” Steve laughed, “It was the perfect place. Who would ever think of finding her there? I certainly didn’t. But that’s not the worse part, the worse part is that while she was giving me a hard time for having Cat hack into an FBI account, she was looking me in the eyes and acting like she didn’t know anything.”

Danny suddenly understood what was wrong with his partner and friend. Sure he was mad for what Mia did, but most importantly, he was hurt. He was hurt because Mia kept something so important from him and it wasn’t that she kept the information of Doris’ whereabouts from him, it was more the fact that it was Mia the one who kept it from him. Danny laughed.

“You find something I just said funny, Danno?” he asked as he gave his friend a brief glance.

“You my friend,” Danny said. “I get it. You’re not that upset about the fact that your mother hid all these weeks in Mia’s house or that Mia helped her. What really has you all wired up is the fact that it was Mia that kept it from you.”

“What are you talking about,” he asked obviously confused.

“The fact the Mia didn’t confide in you bothers you more than you want to admit and that has only one explanation,” Danny said.

“Which is?” Steve asked in annoyance.

“You still care for her,” Danny stated matter of fact.

“Of course I care for her, she’s part of the team just like you and Kono and Chin,” Steve said as if it were obvious.

“Seriously man, sometimes you make me wonder how you ever managed to become a Navy SEAL,” Danny said as he shook his head back and forth at Steve’s lack of understanding. “What I meant was that you still have feelings for her.”

“That’s not true,” Steve was quick to reply.

“Sure it is buddy, but keep telling your self that. Maybe one day you’ll actually believe it,” Danny said as he unbuckled his seat belt when he noticed they had arrived to speak to the owners of the club where the murder had occurred.

Mia was in her office studying what they had gathered so far on the case of the boy who was killed while practicing on his horse for the race when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she said.

When she looked up she saw that it was Kono.

“Hey Kono, what can I do for you?” she asked her.

“I just wanted to see if you were alright,” Kono said referring to the scene from earlier.

Mia liked Kono. She was a great cop but overall she was a great person who really cared for others and Mia was glad to be able to count with someone like her.

“Yeah I’m okay. Steve has every right to be mad at me for keeping it a secret the fact that I knew his mother was on the island.”

Kono nodded in understanding. “Is that where you disappeared to the day of the boat incident?”

“Yeah, I was helping Doris get the house I used to live in a bit clean. No one had been in it since I left Hawaii,” she explained.

“I don’t really think Steve is that mad at you. I think you just hurt his feelings by not trusting him in telling him you knew where his mother was,” said Kono.

“Hey guys, Steve just called,” interrupted Chin as he walked into Mia’s office, “they got the son. He was the one that killed the boy and the mom.”

“Wow who would be so cold hearted and kill his own mother,” commented Kono as she shivered from just thinking about it.

“Yeah tell me about it,” responded Chin, “and he said that we can call it a day.”

Checking her watch, Mia noticed it was barely four in the afternoon, “It’s barely four.”

“Boss’ orders,” replied Chin with a smile.

“Alright, I’m out of here then,” Kono said happy to get out of work early. Turning to Mia, she asked, “Are you coming?”

“No you guys go on ahead, I’m going to do some work here,” she said waving them off.

“Are you sure?” Chin asked her.

“Yeah, I need to study the information you guys gave me on WoFat,” she said.

Chapter 14    Chapter 16


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