TCE Ch16

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 16

Steve and Danny got to the office just as Kono and Chin were making their way out.

“Enjoy the rest of your day,” he told them as he waved them goodbye.

“Thanks boss,” Kono replied.

“I’m just going to grab my stuff and get out of here,” Danny said walking towards his office. “You need anything else?”

“No, I’m good,” he said.

When Steve was about to go into his office, he noticed Mia was still in hers deep in concentration on something she was reading at her desk. She didn’t even seem to have noticed their arrival or the fact that she wasn’t alone. He decided to see what had her in deep concentration.

He knocked gently on the door as he opened it, hoping not to startle her.

“Hey what are you working on? I told Chin to tell everyone you could go home,” he said as he leaned on the door frame.

Mia didn’t even look up to see him as she replied, “I’m just studying your files on WoFat.”

“You know you can do that tomorrow,” he said.

“Yeah well I prefer to do it today. I don’t really have much to do anyways,” she said as she shrugged her shoulders still not looking at him.

“Mia?” he called to her, hoping to get her to look at him.

“Hmm?” she replied.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” he asked her as he walked into her office and sat on the corner of her desk, the one on the opposite side of where she was at.

Mia sighed, “I can’t stand your look of disappointment.”

Steve sighed as he stood up, went around her desk and turn hear chair to him. He hunched down and placed his hands on her waist for support.

“Mia, come on, look at me,” he gently told her.

She slowly lifted her head to look at him.

“Danny said something today that made me realize something. I’m upset over the way my mother and you acted, not telling me anything, but what bothered me the most was the fact that it was you. I thought that after what we had and after clearing up all the confusion, that you would trust me enough to confide in me and tell me my mother never left the island,” he told her all this in a soft voice.

“I understand where you’re coming from Steve. I would definitely be mad if this was my case and I do trust you. I wanted to tell you but your mom begged me, she trusted in me. That is the only reason she called me, because she trusted me. I just didn’t know what to do.”

Steve nodded, “I understand but next time please tell me something as important as this.”

“I will, I promise,” she told him looking him in the eyes and showing him she was being honest.

The stayed like that for a moment, lost in each other’s gaze, and before they knew it Steve moved closer and softly kissed her. Steve couldn’t deny his feelings for Mia anymore. They were stronger than him. When he felt Mia respond to his kiss and place her hands on his shoulders for support, Steve grabbed her from the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

For a moment they forgot about the world and without breaking the kiss, Steve slowly stood up, bringing Mia with him and lifting her up so she could sit on her desk. Steve slowly caressed Mia’s thighs, moving slowly up inch by inch until they were just below the hem of her blouse. Slowly he lifted her blouse just enough for him to put his hands under the blouse and caress her skin there, needing to feel the contact of her skin in some way. This act caused a moan to escape from Mia’s throat.

Mia thought it was only fair that she got to feel his skin too, so instead of just raising his shirt slightly, she momentarily broke the kiss, having her breathing heavily as she raised his shirt, took it off him and threw it on the floor. She began caressing his chest, drawing small circles and placing small scattered kisses going all the way up to his neck, his jaw, and back to his neck.

Steve groaned and huskily whispered against her ear, “You have no idea what you do to me and how much I want you right now.”

“Really?” she asked him in a small whisper completely lost in the moment, “then why don’t you show me.”

Steve let out a small curse as he sought out Mia’s mouth and kissed her with more urgency. He felt Mia trying to unbuckle his belt, clearly taking in her urgency as well, and when he was about to lift up her blouse…

“Oh my god!” yelled Danny as he quickly turned around covering his eyes.

Danny’s voice caused Mia and Steve to jump from their spot with Mia almost falling off the desk if Steve weren’t there to help her out.

“Shit,” muttered Steve as Mia accidentally hit him in his groin as she tried jumping off the desk after Danny startled them both.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” she asked worried about having possibly caused him permanent damage.

“God, can you two finish getting dressed so I can turn around?” Danny complained.

“What are you doing here Danny? I thought you had gone home,” asked Steve feeling annoyed and frustrated for being interrupted as he picked up his shirt from the floor and put it on. Checking that Mia was alright he said, “You can turn around now.”

“I did, I was actually already at my place when I remembered some important papers in my office,” he explained as he turned to look at the other two in the office. “Then I get here and see a light on and when I come to check it out I find two crazy monkeys going at it on top of that desk. Couldn’t you two wait to go somewhere more private? Gosh you two were acting like two horny teenagers,” Danny rambled on.

Mia was mortified, she didn’t think it was possible to get redder from embarrassment but she felt like her ears were literally burning up.

“What you couldn’t knock?” Steve asked as he placed his hands on his hips. “And what papers were so important that you couldn’t wait ’til tomorrow to get them?”

“The door was open Steven and how would I know I would be interrupting something. I needed to get some papers from my lawyer regarding Grace’s custody,” he said. With a smile he turned to look at Mia and decided to tease her a bit, “Hey Mia you alright there? You look like you could use some fresh air or should I say some ice cold water.”

Mia groaned in embarrassment as she went to stand behind Steve and leaned her head on his back.

“Leave her alone Danny,” he said as he crossed his arms in front of him.

Danny raised his hands in a surrender kind of mode, “I’m just saying man, but I’ll go ahead and get out of your hairs and leave you two to your business,” he said motioning to whatever it is they were doing. “Just make sure you keep it in this room, we don’t want a mess around the whole office,” he finished with a laugh.

“Go away Danny, now!” Mia muttered behind Steve.

“What was that Mia? You’re going to have to come out of there so I can hear you,” he continued in amusement at Mia’s embarrassment.

“Out, now!” Steve ordered as he pointed to the door for Danny to leave.

“Alright, Alright, I’m leaving,” Danny said as he left.

Steve closed the door after Danny and turned to face Mia who had sat down on her chair and buried her head between the desk and her arms.

“A little too late to close the door don’t you think?” she asked in a muffled voice as she had taken notice of Steve closing the door.

Steve let out a laugh as he took in everything that had just occurred.

“What’s so funny McGarrett?” she asked him as she raised her head and shot me daggers with her eyes.

He lifted his hands in mock defense as he said, “Nothing. Well actually if you think about it, the whole situation was funny. Even if we did close the door, take a look at the office, we’re surrounded by glass windows.”

As Mia looked around and took in what Steve had said, he realized he was right and it was kind of funny. She laughed at whole situation and told Steve, “You’re right but it was still really embarrassing.”

Steve went around her desk and pulled her up as he embraced her. “You were the one that was all over me. Somehow my shirt even ended up on the floor. Someone was very eager to get in my pants,” he teased.

Mia slapped him on the chest as she stepped back. “You’re the one that started don’t even deny it,” she reminded him as she pointed a finger at him.

Steve grabbed her finger and pulled her back to him. “How about I finish what I started then,” he whispered seductively against her ear.

“No way, not happening, especially after what just happened,” she told him pulling away once more.

“Then how about we continue this somewhere else,” he said as he walked closer to her, causing Mia to take a step back for every step he moved forward.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Steve,” she told him trying to step away from him until she bumped against a book shelf that was next to her desk and Steve had her trapped there as he placed both arms against the wall blocking her exit.

“Why not?” he quietly asked her as he licked his lips and looked from her mouth to her eyes, back and forth.

“Because we can’t, what happened earlier, we just got caught in the moment,” she said breathing erratically.

“You can’t deny you want this as much as I do Mia. We both want it,” Steve told her and was interrupted from further trying to convince her by his cell phone.

Steve groaned at the second interruption and was about to ignore the call when Mia told him he should get it, that it might be important.

Without taking his eyes away from her he answered, “McGarrett.”

After listening to who was on the other side Steve said, “Cat?”

That was enough for Mia to push Steve away and get away from where he had her trapped. Steve let her go, noticing Mia’s sudden discomfort.

While Steve was on the phone with Catherine, Mia took the time to quickly pick up the files on her desk and put them in her bag so she could study them at home. She knew what Steve and she were doing was a bad idea and that call was just proof of how wrong it was. He had Catherine.

When Steve turned around to face Mia after ending his call from Catherine, there was no sign of Mia. He heard her footsteps out in the hall and jogged to catch up to her as she was about to open the glass doors.

“Mia, wait, please,” he said as he put his hand on the door to prevent her from opening it.

“I knew this was a bad idea,” she told Steve without looking at him.

“Look at me please,” he begged her.

Mia raised her head to look at him and he saw the unshed tears that were there.

“We can’t keep doing this Steve,” she said, “You have Catherine. She’s your present and she doesn’t deserve this, what we’re doing. We are just letting ourselves get caught in something that happened so many years ago. We both have to accept that what we had is gone and move on.”

“What about what we’re feeling Mia, this strong attraction that we can both feel. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too because I know you would be lying,” he told her.

“Maybe that’s just it Steve, a mutual physical attraction that we can’t act up on because of your relationship with Catherine. Ask yourself this Steve, is it worth it? Is it worth it to sacrifice all the years you’ve built up with Catherine for a moment of desire with someone you haven’t seen in years?”

“Is that what you think this is?” he asked her pointing to both of them.

“I don’t know what to think Steve,” she honestly told him. “One day we can’t stand each other, the next day we’re acting like old friends who never stopped seeing each other. All I know for sure is that you’re in a relationship with Catherine and you need to think about her.”

Steve stared into her eyes and he could see how much this was hurting her.

“What about you Mia? Is this what you want? For me to forget about everything and pretend like what we had never existed? I can see how much this is hurting you so please tell me what you want,” he softly told her.

“I,” she hesitated, sighed and then told him as she looked him in the eyes, “I want for you to be happy Steve, I want you to be with someone because you want to be with that person and not because you feel like you have to be with her, because you owe it to her. And until you’re sure of whom that person is then nothing can happen between us.”

“Mia, I…” he began but Mia place her fingers on his lips to keep him from saying anything else.

“Steve, please don’t,” she told him with a shake of her head. “Just let me go.”

Steve felt like he was losing Mia and he didn’t want to loose her, he loved her not because like she said ‘they were stuck in the past’ but because he never stopped loving her after all these years. He wanted her to be his past, his present, and his future, but Mia wouldn’t let him say it. He decided to give her some space; some time to think this through and then he would talk to her about how he felt. He opened the glass door and let her walk away he just hoped he was doing the right thing by giving her time.

The next day was very hectic. They had received a case where a bank robbery had gone wrong and now there were about thirty hostages inside.

“How is it that one, one, criminal is holding thirty hostages,” Danny complained. “Why doesn’t the SWAT team just go in there and take him down?”

“I don’t know Danny. We we’re told that he specifically asked for Five-O,” Steve told his partner as they were gearing up outside the bank.

“So the he knows you guys? Do you think this is something personal?” Mia asked the team in general.

“Either that or he’s some psycho getting a kick out this,” Kono said.

“Alright listen up,” Steve spoke up. “Danny and Kono, you guys will go through the front but do not go in until everyone is in position. Chin, you’re going to be our eyes. There’s a side door that leads to the camera room and once we’re clear and I give the go you will come in. I still don’t understand where the man in charge of that room was at when this robbery was going down, so he was either in this or he was taken down, be careful Chin, all of you,” Steve said looking at all three of his team members and receiving a nod in acknowledgment.

“What about me?” Mia asked.

“You’re coming with me,” he said as he started walking receiving knowing looks from the rest of the team.

“Great,” she muttered, “where are we going?”

“How good are you’re climbing skills?”

“Gee I don’t know. The last time I climbed a mountain I was fifteen and that was because you wanted to go rock climbing,” she mumbled.

“Here’s the plan: we’ll climb up the building, go in through the roof, and make our way down, making sure there’s no one else up there. If the guy is asking for us, this could be a set up so we have to be really careful,” he told her as they arrived at the back of the building and got ready to climb.

The building was only three stories high so the climb wasn’t that bad. Steve reached the top first and then helped Mia. They got their weapons ready and on the count of three Mia opened the door for Steve and followed him in.

“Alright guys we’re in,” Steve said through his earpiece.

“Alright, third floor is empty, no movement,” Chin informed.

They climbed the stairs down to the second floor and while Chin was giving them an update, Mia heard a noise above them on the floor they’d just left.

“Steve I’ll be back. I heard something,” she whispered.

“Mia, come back. Where are you going,” Steve whispered back but it fell on deaf ears, Mia had already gone back upstairs.

“Steve we’ve got to keep moving. Our guy is getting antsy,” Chin said.

Steve nodded to himself, trusting that Mia could do her job fine as he went down the final stairs that lead to the first floor.

“Alright guys, everyone in position, Danny, Kono, Chin, on the count of three. Ready,” he said and received a yes from everyone. “One, two, three!”

“Five-O, don’t move!” they all yelled at the same time as HPD followed Danny and Kono in from the front.

The criminal laughed. “Took you long enough. I was about to shoot this one here just to see if you would get here faster,” he said waving his gun around.

Steve took in the fact that he was unstable, making him more dangerous. “Put the gun down on the floor slowly and kick it away from you,” Steve ordered. “I’m not going to repeat my self.”

“You’re missing one. Where’s the pretty brunette with the cat-like eyes, nice tanned skinned, long brown hair. The one that doesn’t like you much,” he said waving his gun at Steve.

The way that this guy described Mia made Steve sick. Mia’s eyes were hazel but would change color depending on her mood sometimes giving them a cat-eye look. He had obviously been watching Mia for a while. “Listen, put the gun down!”

“No you listen! I want the other cop here or this one dies!” he said as he grabbed a hostage from the hair and put his gun on her head breaking the scene into chaos as everyone began screaming in panic.

“Alright, alright, calm down,” he said and into his mike he whispered, “Mia, where are you?”

Mia walked up the stairs following the noise. She’d clearly heard it on the stairs and as she reached the third floor she heard the door leading to the roof close. She followed up the stairs and slowly opened the door to the roof checking her surroundings. Mia didn’t see anyone but she’d clearly heard someone come up here. As she faced down towards where all the cops and news stations were at Mia felt a cold chill run down her spine. Someone was behind her. She was about to turn around when he spoke.

“Not so fast,” he said pressing the gun into her head. “Turn around, slowly. One wrong move and I’ll blow your head off.”

Mia turned around slowly to face the man pressing a gun against her. He stepped back a few inches as he told her to put the gun down on the floor and kick it in his direction. Mia did as she was told but the man made one mistake. As he went to pick the gun from the floor he took his eyes off Mia for just a second but it was enough for Mia to make her move. She kicked the gun in his hand, landing a few feet way from them and pushed him back with all her force to keep him away from her gun. She then went on to punch him on the jaw. When Mia was about to land another one on his face, but the man recovered and slapped her hard across the face with the back of his hand making her lose her balance and landing close to her gun. She was about to grab the gun when he stepped on her hand with one heavy boot covered foot and kicked the gun away with the other one. Grabbing her from the hair he picked her up but Mia was trained for this. Using all her energy and force she twisted around into him, causing his arm to twist in and turned him around with his arm behind him, eliciting a moan of pain from him. She’d probably broken his arm but she didn’t care.

“You bitch!” he yelled in pain as he fell on his knees but Mia pushed him completely onto the floor.

“Shut the hell up and tell me who you are and what you’re doing here,” she hissed against his ear as she cuffed his hands behind him and wiped the blood from her lip wincing from the pain.

“I ain’t telling you nothing,” he spat.

Mia pressed against harder against his injured arm causing another yell of profanities. When she was about to ask him again she heard in her ear Steve asking where she was. “The roof, I’ve got one-” but she was cut off as someone attacked her from behind and knocked her out cold.

“Mia?!” Steve asked loudly pressing a finger against his ear causing everyone to look at him, specially his team, having heard Mia cut off abruptly. “Mia, answer me!” he yelled one more time. “You son of a bitch, who else is here with you?!” Steve demanded as he moved closer.

“Don’t move!” the criminal yelled.

“I’m done playing games with you,” he said through clenched teeth. He looked Danny in the eyes, a silent message for him to distract the man. Danny nodded at him.

“Hey man let her go. Look Mia is coming through the front door any second now,” Danny said causing the man to turn around and face him.

“Where is she?!” he yelled as he pointed his gun to the ceiling and firing two shots making the place erupt into more chaos as the team took this as their only chance and fired at him.

All the hostages got down on the floor and covered their heads, screaming in panic. The team ran to him and Steve kicked the gun away from him. “How many are there?” he asked as he grabbed the man from the collar. “What do you want from Mia?”

The man just laughed and said, “She’s mine,” and closed his eyes.

Kono checked his pulse and when Steve looked at her, she shook her head in a negative sign. “He’s dead boss,” she said.

Steve stood up. “Alright let HPD take care of him, the rest of you follow me. We’ve got to find Mia.”

The team reached the roof and split to search the place.

Danny spotted her on the floor lying unconscious. “Steve!” he yelled for his partner. “Over here.” Danny checked Mia’s pulse and breathed in relief after finding one. “Hey Mia can you hear me?” he asked shaking her slightly.

“Mia, Mia, answer me,” Steve said in an urgent tone when he’d reached the spot where Danny had found Mia.

Mia opened her eyes and moaned in pain as she covered her eyes with one arm trying to block out the light that was making her eyes hurt. She tried to sit up but everything moved around her.

“Slowly,” Steve said as he and Danny helped her sit up and lean against a wall.

Mia grabbed her head and felt something sticky on her hair. Looking at her fingers she saw it was blood.
“How are you feeling? What happened?” Steve asked her concern written all over his face.

“I’m fine,” she said waving him off. “Stupid son of a bitch, I had him but there was someone else that came out of no where.”

Danny looked at Steve. “Mia, did you recognize any of them?” Danny asked her.

“No, I only saw one of them. I’m telling you the other one came out of nowhere and took me by surprise. I didn’t even see him,” she said looking in between Danny and Steve. “Why? Was I supposed to?”

“Let’s go get you checked out. You probably have a concussion,” said Steve as he grabbed placed one arm around her waist and another under her legs and carried her, the team following behind after having cleared the whole place.

“I’m fine Steve. Put me down, I can walk,” she complained.

“You were knocked out cold Mia and your head is bleeding, not to mention your lip. Now stop complaining,” he ordered.

When they arrived outside, Steve placed Mia on a stretcher to be checked. The paramedic said that Mia would need some tests to make sure the concussion wasn’t very serious. Steve ordered Chin to go with her and stay with her at all times. They still had two men on the loose and apparently they were after Mia.

When the ambulance pulled away, Danny asked, “Who do you think is doing this?”
“I don’t know, but that son of a bitch either knew Mia or he was a crazy stalker,” Steve said as he walked towards the Camaro. “I want everything on the dead man and try to find anything you can on the other two.”

“Already on it boss,” Kono said as she went back to examine the crime scene.

Steve and Danny drove back to headquarters to pull up any video footage they could.

“You okay man?” Danny asked Steve as they worked on the computer table.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered deep in concentration.

Danny studied his friend and knew Steve wasn’t okay. Someone tried killing Mia today and Danny knew how Steve got when someone he cared about was attacked.

Mia bitched and complained the whole way to the hospital claiming that she was fine and didn’t understand why they were making such a big deal, even if the pounding on her head was killing her.

“Mia let the doctors do their job,” Chin said after they had arrived and she was placed in a room. The doctors had performed some tests to make sure her concussion was nothing to worry about.

While they waited for the results, Mia remembered something Danny asked her. “Hey Chin, why did Danny ask if I recognize the guy I took down?”

Chin hesitated not sure if he should tell her but he knew she had every right to know, especially because her safety was at risk. “The man holding the hostages in the bank seemed to know you. He only asked for Five-O to bring you in. When he didn’t see you he demanded that you be present and described you in great detail. We’re not sure if he actually knows you or if he was just a stalker, but now we know he wasn’t acting alone and that the bank robbery was just a front to lure you in.”

“I don’t understand,” she stated confused. “I haven’t been in Hawaii for long, why would someone come after me?”

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out. Do you know of anyone who might want to hurt you?”

“Mia has always had a lot of enemies, look at her she’s gorgeous, and who wouldn’t hate her? Even in high school all the girls envied her natural beauty and it got worse after she started dating the star quarterback,” they heard someone state from the door.

Turning to see who the voice belonged to they saw Savanna standing there.

“Oh god, who called her?” Mia asked rolling her eyes, the act causing her pain.

“No one called me. I had to call Steve to demand he tell me where you were after seeing the news on TV,” she stated dryly but Mia could see the concern in her eyes. Turning to Chin she said, “Hi I’m Savanna Hendricks, or as some call me, Savi.”

“I’m Chin, nice to meet you,” Chin said with a smile as he shook Savi’s hand.

“Alright I got the results back,” the doctor said walking in. “There’s nothing to worry about, just a small concussion that should go away in the next twenty four hours. We still need to have your sleep monitored until then. Wake you up every two to three hours just to make sure, but all that can be done from your home. You’ll need to have someone with you.”

“No problem doctor. I’ll take care of her,” Savi said.

“Alright, I’ll give you something for the pain, not too strong so you can wake up when it’s time to check on you. If you keep feeling pain take Tylenol but if the pain gets too strong or you start experiencing nausea and vomiting make sure you come straight to the hospital,” the doctor said. “I’ll get someone to clean you up and give you something for the pain. Then you’re free to go. Remember to rest the next twenty four hours.”

Chin excused himself as he stepped outside the room to call Steve and inform him on what the results were.

As soon as Chin stepped out Savi went and hugged her friend hard, full of worry of what could have happened to her. “God I was so scared when I saw on the news what happened and how they took you in an ambulance,” Savi said with tears brimming in her eyes.

“Hey, hey,” Mia said softly as she hugged her friend back. “I’m fine. I promise. It’s not as bad as it looks just a few bruises and a minor concussion. You heard the doctor.”

Savi pulled back and wiped her eyes. “Well I had to see for myself. Who would do this to you?”

“Savi, it comes with the job. It happens all the time in this field of work,” Mia explained to Savi.

After that a nurse came in to clean Mia’s cuts and then she was free to go. Chin walked in after the nurse had left. “Alright, you ready to go?” he asked her.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Mia said getting off the bed.

“Would you mind giving us a ride to Mia’s apartment? I came with her in the ambulance,” Chin said to Savi.

“Of course, no problem. I’ll go on ahead and bring it to the front,” Savi said and then left.

“You don’t have to come with us Chin. We can drop you off at headquarters on our way and you can help them,” Mia told Chin as they walked out of the room.

“Sorry, boss’ orders, I have to keep an eye on you. We don’t know if the other two will come after you,” Chin said. “Plus I’ll get to hang with two beautiful ladies.”

Mia laughed. “Alright.”

Back in the office, Danny gathered that the dead man was Ben Smith. He had a criminal record and various restraining orders against young women who had claimed to be harassed and followed by this man.

“So does he ring any bells?” Danny asked Steve.

Steve shook his head. “None, I have no idea who he is or how he might know Mia.”

“Hey, this is interesting; the guy went to the same high school as you and Mia. Dropped out during his senior year after being sentenced to two years in prison for possession of drugs,” Danny explained. “Think Mia might recognize him?”

“Text the picture to Chin and tell him to ask her if she recognizes him.”

“Alright,” Danny said.

“Hey boss, I found the weapon one of our guys was using. It wasn’t the one Mia was struck with but the one her first attacker was using and check this, finger prints,” Kono said as she plugged in the USB Charlie had given her. “Charlie ran them through the system and came up with Sean Smith, our dead man’s brother.”

“Good job Kono,” Steve commented. “Now find him and bring him in.”

“Will do boss,” Kono said as she started searching for possible places he could be.

“Hey Steve, I’ve got Chin and Mia on the phone,” Danny said as he placed the call on speaker.

“Hey guys, Mia how are you feeling?” he asked even after being assured by Chin earlier that she was fine.

“I’m good,” she said distracted. “Steve this guy, it’s Ben, Ben Smith. We had Calculus together senior year. He was a weird dude back then and always gave Savi and me a weird vibe.”

“He had the hots for you honey,” Savi said. “Hi Steve, it’s Savi. This dude was a total creep. He would follow Mia around campus all the time. One time he finally had the guts to approach her and ask her out but Mia turned him down.”

“What ever Savi, after a few months he disappeared and no one heard from him again,” Mia said.

“That’s because he was doing time for drug possession,” Steve said. “Mia by any chance did you ever come across his brother, a Sean Smith?”

“No, never even heard of him. This Ben always kept to himself. I don’t think anyone knew much about him,” Mia said. “Why?”

“He’s one of the guys that attacked you on the rooftop,” Steve said. “We’re working on locating him in the meantime, Chin make sure you don’t take your eyes off Mia.”

“Okay,” Chin said.

“Hey I can take care of my self,” they heard Mia say.

“Now’s not the time to get into it Mia. Your safety is at risk here until we find this Sean and whoever else was with him.”

“If it helps, I broke his arm,” Mia said as she started feeling the effect of the painkiller.

Steve heard her voice took on a tired tone. “Alright, get some rest now. We’ll contact you guys if anything comes up.” Steve ended the call.

“She broke his arm?” Danny asked incredulously.

“Hey at least she fought back and didn’t go down for nothing,” Kono said with a proud smile causing Steve to let out a small laugh.

“Alright, let’s get this done,” Steve said.

The case took them until the early hours of the following morning but they caught the other two. It turned out that Ben Smith wanted Mia to pay for turning him down back in high school and making him look like an idiot in front of everyone. He’s been stalking her for a long time back in the day and when he got out of prison he’d found out that Mia had left the island and no one knew where she’d gone. Then he found out that she had come back to island and began a plan to bring her to him. His brother, Sean Smith had helped his younger brother with everything because he was tired of seeing him so depressed and moping around for the bitch who caused a ‘great humiliation’ to his little brother. The third guy was just a friend that served as backup and who had helped Sean get away when Mia had him down. Now they were both locked up and everyone could finally go home and rest.

Steve debated whether to go check on Mia or go home. He’d spoken to Chin a few minutes ago and let him know they’d closed the case and Chin had said Mia was fine. Steve decided to go straight home and give Mia the space he’d said he’d give her. He was just glad she was doing fine and nothing major happened to her.


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