TCE Ch17

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 17

The following day Mia was feeling much better, just a small but tolerable headache but she took some Tylenol just in case. She was about to get out of bed when Savi came into her room with a tray full of food.

“I brought you something to eat,” she said placing the tray on the night stand. “You’re too skinny and we need to get some real food in you.”

“You didn’t have to do all this Savi. I was just about to get up and go find something to eat,” Mia said.

“Nonsense, what were you going to get? An apple, because you don’t have much around here. Gosh how do you feed yourself?” Savi asked Mia handing her a plate of banana pancakes, Mia’s favorite, freshly made.

Mia took a bite and moaned in pleasure at how good they tasted. “I don’t have time to cook. God Savi these are so good, thank you, but how did you get all the ingredients if I don’t have any thing to make all this?” Mia asked her friend taking in the oatmeal and yogurt on the tray, along with the orange juice.

“Well the yogurt and orange juice were in your fridge and Jake dropped off the list I sent him earlier this morning,” Savi said, sitting on the edge of the bed watching Mia as she ate.

“You’re not going to eat?”

“I ate earlier while sleeping beauty slept peacefully in here,” Savi said with a smile. “How are you feeling? That’s a nasty bruise you have on your cheek.”

“I’m feeling much better, honestly. See, my appetite is much better than last night,” she said as she took another bite of her pancakes. “By the way, where’s Chin?”

“Oh he left very early after Steve called him. Apparently they caught the other two and Ben was after you only to get back at you for what you did to him back in the day,” Savi explained.

“Wow, who would have thought,” Mia said

“Tell me about it,” Savi said with a shake of her head.

Mia was starting on her oatmeal when she heard the doorbell.

“I’ll get it, you finish eating,” Savi said as she stood up and went to answer the door.

While Mia was eating the small bowl of oatmeal she tried listening to the voices coming from the living room but it was useless. She was about to get up to go find out who was there when Savi came in with Doris McGarrett right behind her.

“Mimi, how are you feeling? I was so worried when Steve told me what happened,” Doris said as she placed a motherly kiss on her forehead and sat down next to her.

“It looks much worse than it actually is Doris. Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Mia answered with a smile. “I’m really glad you’re here.”

“I’m just glad it wasn’t anything major,” Doris said.

“Me too,” Mia said. “So how are you adapting to your ‘new’ life?”

“Great, just getting out there, trying to get used to it again.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Mia said.

“Hey listen, I’m going to go ahead and go home to check on Kelly. I’ll be back later to bring you something to eat,” Savi said. “It was great seeing you again Mrs. McGarrett.”

“Take care Savi,” Doris said.

“See you later Savi. Thanks for everything,” Mia said.

“How about you?” Doris asked turning back to Mia and taking Mia’s hand into her own. “How are you and my son getting along?”

Mia sighed as she ran her free hand through her hair. “Steve is just being Steve,” Mia said with a shrug.

“What does that mean?”

“Just that he’s being a bit difficult to understand. I don’t know,” Mia said not being able to put into words what was happening between her and Steve. “I haven’t been to Hawaii in years and seeing him again brought back so many emotions and feelings that I thought had long been gone.”

“You still love him, am I right?” Doris asked searching Mia’s face.

“He has Catherine,” Mia said avoiding Doris’ searching gaze.

“Mia,” Doris said trying to get Mia to look her in the eyes. “Mia, sweetheart, come on look at me.”

“Look it doesn’t matter what I feel for Steve. He already has someone who cares for him and makes him happy,” Mia said looking at Doris.

“Are you sure about that? I’ve seen the way he looks at you and trust met, I may not have been around for a great part of Steve’s life, but the way he looks at you is the same way he used to look at you the first time he brought you home to meet his parents, with so much love in his eyes. I knew back then that what you two had was something very special and I seriously thought you two would end up married and with tons of kids by now,” Doris said breaking into a laugh causing Mia to laugh too.

“Yeah well so much happened in between all these years,” Mia said.

“Want to talk about it?” Doris asked Mia.

“Not really. I just want to forget about it and move on.”

“I understand but if you ever want to talk you can always come to me,” Doris said and received a hug in return from Mia.

Today was Mia’s day off and she planned to make the most of it. She wanted a day of relaxation with no one to bother her, no cases to interrupt her day, and no Steve. It had been two weeks since she walked out of the office leaving Steve behind. She didn’t regret it because she knew she was doing the right thing even if it pained her but Steve needed to know what he wanted and be completely sure about it. She didn’t want him to be with her just because he felt like he owed her something for leaving her when they were younger. Mia loved him, of that she had no doubt, but she wasn’t so sure about Steve’s feelings towards her. So today she was going to make it a plan to just enjoy it and relax.

As she was walking out of a small shop of flowers she’d bought to decorate her apartment, Mia bumped into someone. Looking up she realized it was none other than Catherin Rollins. “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was walking,” she apologized.

“No problem, it happens to everyone,” Catherine said with a small smile.

For a minute Mia and Catherine just stared at each other not know what to say to each other until Mia snapped out of it and excused herself as she began walking away.

“Hey, Mia?” Catherine called after her.

Mia hesitated as she stopped and turned to face Catherine. “Yeah?” she replied.

“Do you mind if we sit down for some coffee and chat?” she said motioning towards the coffee shop across the street. “I just think that we got off to a bad start and maybe we should talk about it.”

Mia didn’t want to talk to Catherine or anyone involved with Steve. This was supposed to be her day, for her self and she had to run into Catherine of all people but she still found her self nodding yes at Catherine’s invitation and following her across the street into the coffee shop.

They sat down in a small table for two close to a window. Mia placed her flowers on the table as she ordered a French Vanilla Cappuccino and Catherine ordered a Latte. “So what do you want to talk about?” Mia asked not knowing how else to start a conversation with her.

“I just want to get to know you a little better. I already know the rest of the team and well I don’t know anything about you other than you came from New York and the history between you and Steve,” Catherine said as she thanked the waitress for their drinks.

“Well that’s pretty much it. I don’t know how much Steve told you but there’s not much to my story other than I was born and raised here in Hawaii. As you already know, Steve and I dated back in high school and then we both went our separate ways. I’ve worked for the FBI in New York since I can last remember,” Mia said and then drank from her cappuccino. “What about you?”

“Well I’m in the Navy, Naval Intelligence. That’s where I met Steve. We’ve been going out for quite a while now,” Catherine said looking straight into Mia’s eyes.

Mia chuckled to herself as she shook her head in realization. This is what it’s really about, she thought, Steve. She wasn’t here to be friendly; she wanted to talk about Steve. “You know what Catherine, why don’t we cut the crap and just say what you’re really here for, what you want to talk about. It’s about Steve, right?”

Catherine moved her drink to her left as she crossed her hands on top of the table. “You’re right, I want to talk about Steve and you,” Catherine said with a nod.

“I just want to get a few things clear with you Catherine. If there’s one thing I’ve always admired about someone is their directness and I would appreciate it if next time you want something you save us all this ‘playing nice’ act and get straight to the point,” Mia said mimicking Catherine’s actions as she too crossed her hands on the table. “Second, I don’t talk about my personal life with people I don’t know so if there’s something you want to know about Steve and me and what we had I suggest you ask him.”

“I want to know what you’re trying to accomplish by coming back and playing the martyr with your sorry story about what happened years ago. You can’t just show up and expect Steve to fall at your feet and continue something that ended a long time ago. Steve is with me now and you have to respect that,” Catherine said very determined.

“I am not trying to accomplish anything but solve the case I was brought here to work on and I’m sorry your self –esteem is so low that you don’t feel very certain of you’re relationship with Steve if you’re coming here to tell me to stay away from him, defending something everyone is very aware of. The last thing I came to Hawaii for was to be with Steve,” Mia said with enough force as she stood up and took out some bills from her pocket to pay for her coffee. Picking up her flowers she said, “If Steve and you are having problems, don’t come blaming me. Maybe that should clue you in on something. Goodbye Catherine.”

Mia walked out of the coffee shop furious. What was supposed to be a nice relaxing day took a very wrong turn. Who did this woman think she was?

The weekend was here and Steve hoped it was a quiet one where they had no cases to worry about but he new the chances of that happening were slim to none. It had been a long busy week at work where Mia only talked to him when necessary. He tried getting her alone to talk but she was having none of that. Steve was beginning to regret letting her go that day at the office two weeks ago. Steve couldn’t believe Mia had been in Hawaii for almost two months already. He was about to sit down with a beer in hand to watch a rerun of a football game when there was a knock on his door.

“Hey sailor,” Catherine said as soon as he opened the door.

“Cat,” he said surprised to see her there, “come in.”

“You haven’t been returning any of my calls. I don’t know why I have a feeling you’ve been avoiding me,” she said as she looked at him.

“It’s just been really busy at the office lately,” he said as a form of explanation for not returning her calls.

In reality, Steve was avoiding Catherine, especially after what almost happened with Mia.

“You want something to drink?” he asked her.

“Sure, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” she said as she sat down on the sofa.

A minute later Steve was back with Cat’s beer. He joined her on the couch and they both stayed quiet as they pretended to watch the game on TV. They could both feel something was different in the atmosphere.

“So have you had any lead on where Joe could possibly be?” Cat asked in an attempt to break the silence.

“No, not yet,” he replied taking a swig from his beer.

“What does Mia have to say about it?”

“We agreed to not discuss the issue anymore until I find Joe.”

Cat nodded and silence filled the air once again.

“I’m getting deployed,” Cat suddenly told him.

That got Steve’s attention as he quickly turned to look at her.

“What, when?” he asked.

“I got the notice this morning and I leave tomorrow,” she said as she looked at him.

“For how long?” he asked knowing how hard it was on someone to get deployed.

“I don’t know. That’s part of the reason why I’m here,” she said as she leaned closer to Steve.

“What’s the other part?” he asked as he took in how close Cat was.

“You,” she whispered as she moved in to kiss him. When she felt Steve respond to the kiss, Cat straddled him and deepened the kiss.

Steve placed his hands on Cat’s hips as he responded to her kiss. It was a normal reaction after all these years but for the first time he wasn’t into it. Cat wasn’t the one he wanted to have been kissing him. Cat wasn’t the one he wanted to have straddling him and Cat wasn’t the one he wanted to try to take off his shirt, as she was right now. He realized who he really wanted to be doing all those things to him was Mia. Steve wanted Mia, not Catherine or anyone else, only Mia.

“Hey are you alright,” Cat whispered in husky voice, “you zoned out.”

“Cat, listen, I’m sorry,” he said as he gently pushed her off of him and stood up turning the TV off in the process, “I just can’t right now.”

“It’s Mia, isn’t it?” she asked in a small whisper.


She shook her head to keep him from going on and told him, “I get it, you still love her. I realized that ever since she came back something changed between us.”

“I’m sorry Cat,” he apologized not bothering to deny what she had just said.

“I just want you to be honest with me Steve, please.”

Steve took a deep breath and said, “I just, when I saw her again for the first time in years something moved inside me. All these years I thought I’d never see her again, but then I realized that deep inside I wanted to see her again. I wanted to be with her because what we had was something different. I know people always say ‘you were kids, how can you know something like that?’ but I do know. I know I never stopped loving her. I just buried my feelings deep inside hoping one day they would disappear and I would be able to start over with someone else, but after seeing her again made me realize that I was just lying to my self.”

When Steve saw the tear that escaped from Cat’s eye he groaned to himself and hugged her.

“I’m really sorry Cat. I never meant to hurt you. I just want to be honest with you and stop making you waste your time.”

Cat nodded as she stepped away, “I know. I just hope she can appreciate you because you’re a great guy Steve. Behind that tough ‘I’m a Navy Seal’ persona, there’s an amazing guy that any woman would be lucky to have. Don’t worry about me, just be happy and maybe one day we can try to reestablish the friendship we had before all this.”

Steve nodded, “Thank you Cat, I hope you find someone who can value what and who you are and I will definitely take you up on that offer. Nothing will make me happier than to be able to have that friendship again. Call me when you’re back on the island.”

“I will and if you need anything, and I mean anything, while I’m away don’t hesitate to call me,” she told him to which Steve nodded. “Goodbye Steve,” she said as she hugged him and gave him one last small kiss on the lips.

Then she was gone.

Mia was doing some cleaning around her apartment when her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller id and saw that it was Peter.

“Hey Peter P…”

“Don’t you dare finish that,” he told her.

Mia laughed out loud as she told him, “Awe Peter I thought you were used to it by now,” she said with a pout.

“I’ll never get used to it because I don’t like it,” he reminded her.

“Alright, alright, so what’s up?” she asked.

“Not much just called to give you a heads up, we’re coming to Hawaii, Lisa and me,” Peter said.

“No way, really?” Mia asked getting excited to see them. She had really been missing them.

“Yeah, I’m glad you seem to like the idea,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Like it? I love it. I really miss you guys and it’ll be great to have some familiar faces besides Savanna and her husband Jake.”

“What about Steve?” he casually asked.

“Steve? Wait, how do you know about Steve?” she asked confused.

“I was talking to Denning the other day and he happened to mention a Steve McGarrett. I did some research and look at what I found out, turns out to be the same Steve McGarrett you dated,” he told her as if he weren’t bothered by the fact that she didn’t mention anything.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t mention anything. I just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it,” she said.

“Hey, you don’t owe me any explanations. I just want you to be careful, alright?”

“Okay,” she whispered.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow?”

“I was thinking about going to clean out the old house and finally put it up for sale,” she told him.

“Didn’t your father leave you that house?”

“Yeah at least that bastard did something right,” she said.

“Hey, you don’t know what his reasons were for leaving you guys. Don’t judge until you know,” he gently reprimanded.

“Doesn’t matter what his reasons were. All that matters is that he left me when I was still a baby and I don’t care about knowing his reasons,” she said. “But anyways, if you want I’ll postpone my plans and pick you guys up from the airport.”

“No, no, you go on ahead with your plans and we’ll just catch a cab.”

“How about I pick you up, drop you off here, since you’re staying with me right? And then go do what I had planned on doing,” she offered.

“Alright, thanks for letting us stay with you,” he said. “We should be landing around ten in the morning.”

“Alright I’ll see you tomorrow then,” she finished. “Have a safe flight.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow Mia,” he said and ended the call.

Mia was happy the only people she had close to a family were coming to visit her. With that last thought in her head, she went to her room to get ready for bed since tomorrow would be a long day.

Mia woke up around eight thirty in the morning and quickly showered. She put on a robe and was drying her hair with a towel when she heard the doorbell. She opened the door to see a delivery guy from a flower shop with a big and beautiful flower arrangement. She signed the received paper and was about to go look for her purse for a tip when the guy said it was already taken care of. Mia placed the flower arrangement which consisted of pink star gazing lilies, her favorite, and found the card.

“Who could they be from?” she whispered to herself as she opened the small note.

You once told me that nothing is impossible because even the word impossible had the words I’m-possible written in them. Today I want to tell you that what we have is possible. We may have gone our separate ways for a while there but I know that our love for each other never died and if you give me the chance to prove to you that what we had and have is the real deal and get to know the new us, I promise to make you the happiest woman on this Earth and never let you regret it.


Mia was at a loss of words as her eyes watered over what she had just read. Steve was asking her for another chance. He really wanted to try to work things out, but what about Catherine? She hadn’t mentioned to Steve about hers’ and Cat’s ‘little encounter’ and she didn’t plan on it either. The only one that knew about it was Savi because Mia felt like she had to tell someone about it or she would explode from how furious she’d been, so that day after their little encounter she’d gone straight to Savi to vent. Mia didn’t know what to do. She knew she loved Steve but she was afraid that he would leave again and break her heart once again. She wiped her eyes and looked at the clock. 9:10 am.

“Shit, I’m running late,” she said as she dashed to her room to get dressed. She decided to not think about the note for now until she was more clear-headed so she put it in the first drawer of her night stand.

Mia dressed up in short denim shorts, a white v-neck t-shirt and her pink Converse. Looking in the mirror she put her still wet hair in a messy bun, added some mascara and lip balm and was ready to go. She grabbed her purse and sunglasses on the way out the door and soon she was on her way to the airport.

It had been two weeks since Steve and Catherine’s ‘break-up‘ and a month since what happened between Mia and Steve in her office. He had made up his mind and decided to go after what he wanted and what he wanted was Mia Summers. Steve was growing impatient as the day wore on and he still hadn’t received a call or a text from Mia. He knew she had received the flowers, making sure they were her favorite, and he hoped he would get some sort of response from her. Maybe she just needed some more time to think things through but the more Steve thought about it the more impatient he grew. He had already cleaned his house from top to bottom to give him something to distract himself. When he looked at the clock for the hundredth time that day, he saw that it was 4:00 pm. Steve gave up trying to wait for a response from Mia. He figured he had already given her enough time the whole week and he didn’t want to waste any more time without her, so he grabbed his truck keys, locked up the house, and went in search of Mia.

Steve knocked on Mia’s door twenty minutes later and was surprised by who had opened the door, definitely not Mia. The man standing before him was a good looking man and if it weren’t for the few gray hairs he saw he would have thought he might have some competition to worry about. But then if he thought about it, since when was age or a few gray hairs an impediment to date someone much younger. The man looked to be maybe around twenty years older than Mia, give-or-take a few years. He was well kept for an old man.

“Can I help you?” the man asked.

After recovering from his momentary surprise, Steve cleared his throat, “Hi, I’m looking for Mia Summers.”

“And you are?” the man asked.

“Steve McGarrett,” he said as form of introduction while extending his hand to the man who hadn’t yet let him in.

“Ah the infamous Steve McGarrett,” the man said as Steve noticed the man looking Steve up and down while he ignored the hand Steve had extended to him.

“I beg your pardon?” Steve asked as he took back his hand after it being ignored.

“Come on in McGarrett,” the man finally said.

As Steve walked in the man finally introduced him self, “I’m Peter Donovan, by the way.”

At Steve’s confused look, Peter clarified, “Mia’s boss and friend.”

The name still didn’t sound familiar to Steve but either way he just nodded. “Is Mia around?” he asked as he looked for some sign of Mia around the apartment.

“No she’s not,” he answered in a clipped tone.

Okay this man definitely doesn’t like me, Steve thought. “Do you know where I can find her?”

“Now why would I tell you where she is?” he asked as he crossed his arms and stared Steve down.

“Listen sir, I don’t know who you are, I’ve never even heard about you. With all due respect, I don’t owe you any explanations, now are you going to tell me where Mia is or should I just leave and try finding her on my own?” Steve asked as he started losing his patience with the man standing in front of him acting all high and mighty. Who did he think he was?

“She’s at her old house,” he finally said after sizing him over once more.

“Thank you sir,” he said and got out of there as soon as possible before he really lost his patience with the man he didn’t even know, but apparently this Peter guy knew him.

Mia had been cleaning the house for the majority of the day. Downstairs wasn’t really that bad after having Doris stay here for a while. She had definitely helped out a lot. The part that needed the most cleaning was the upstairs. She cleaned the room that had belonged to her mother, the room where Doris had slept in, and the bathroom. All that was left was her room. She went in and saw that it was just the way she had left it, only full of dust. She dusted the whole room from top to bottom and removed the blankets and sheets on the bed and replaced them with clean ones she had bought on the stop she made to buy cleaning supplies. She was going to wash all the blankets and sheets she had removed from all the beds, pack them up in a box and donate them. She just wanted the house to look presentable when she finally put it on the market. Mia had just opened her walk-in closet door to take out some boxes and see what she could throw away when someone called her from downstairs.

Mia walked to the landing of the stairs and looked downstairs to find Steve standing at the entrance with a bag of what looked to be take-out on his hand.

“What are you doing here?” she asked surprised to see him there.

“I brought some lunch or dinner,” he said as he checked his watch and saw that it was after five.

“How did you know I was here?” she asked as she placed one hand on the rail and one on her hip.

“Yeah, about that, who’s Peter Donovan?” he asked as he looked up at her.

“My boss and friend, why?” she asked him getting curious.

“I don’t think he likes me much,” Steve said as he got tired of looking up at hair and decided to go to the kitchen to put the food down.

Mia had no other choice but to go downstairs and follow him into the kitchen. The house was an open floor concept. The kitchen opened up towards the family room and from upstairs you were able to look into both the kitchen and family room from one side and the living room and entrance from the other side.

“Steve what are you doing here and how did you meet Peter?” she asked him as she crossed her arms in front of her and waited for a reply from Steve.

“I already told you, I brought dinner,” he said motioning to the food he was taking out of the bag.

“What about if I already ate?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Have you?” he countered back.

“No,” she said giving in and walking towards the kitchen island to see what he had brought.

“Chinese. I know how much you like it,” he said as he handed her a plate so she could serve her self whatever she wanted.

“I met Peter at your apartment today when I went looking for you,” he told her as he was serving himself a plate. “Good looking man, but a bit too old for you, don’t you think?” he asked her as nonchalantly as he could but deep inside he wanted to know if he was more than her boss.

Mia grabbed a stool and handed him one. As she sat down and picked up her fork she playfully asked, “Are you jealous commander?”

“Do I have a reason to be jealous?” he asked back as he sat on the stool on the other side of the island right in front of her.

“No you don’t, first off because you are not my boyfriend and second because he’s just my boss and a really good friend, almost like a father,” she told him giving him a pointed look. “Plus, his wife should have been there too. They came to Hawaii to visit me.”

Steve studied Mia closely as he ate.

“What?” she asked, “You didn’t really think there was something between him and me did you?”

Steve shrugged his shoulders in a noncommittal way as he told her, “No of course not.”

“Liar,” she called him out on his lie as she began to laugh. “Gosh Steve he could be my father.”

“I don’t know Mia, a lot of women your age like to date much older men,” he informed her.

“Yeah well not me,” she said. “I like them much closer to my age, preferably a year or two older.”

Steve caught on to what Mia was saying, “Oh really, anyone in particular?”

Mia pretended to think about it and then shook her head as she said, “Nope, not really.”

“I guess I’m going to have to work on changing your mind on that, then,” he said decisively.

“Oh really, and how do you plan on accomplishing that?” she asked good-naturedly.

“I thought the flowers were a good starting point,” he said.

“I loved the flowers, thank you,” she genuinely told him.

“You’re welcome,” he replied with a smile when what he really wanted to say was that he loved her.“So do you have much left to do?”

Mia looked around the house as she told him, “Mainly getting rid of stuff. I already dusted the house from top to bottom. There’s just a bunch of junk I need to throw out.”

“Want some help?” he offered.

“Sure, I was just starting to clean out my closet when you got here. Thanks for dinner,” she said as she gave him a smile.

“How about you go on upstairs while I clean up here,” he said as he began throwing away the empty cartons and putting the leftovers in the fridge.

“Alright, see you in a bit,” she said as she walked back upstairs.


Chapter 16   Chapter 18


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