TCE Ch18

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 18

Steve found Mia ten minutes later sitting Indian-style on the floor in the middle of her old room going through a box of what appeared to be photos.

“What you got there?” he asked her as he sat next to her on the floor.

“Some pictures I found from when I was younger. The majority is from high school,” she said as she handed some she had already seen to him.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of you as a baby,” he commented as he went through the pile she had given him.

“That’s because I don’t really have any. The few that I have were taken by my aunt. They should be around here somewhere,” she said waving around the room with one hand while not taking her eyes off the pictures.

“Have you seen her or spoken to her since she left?” he asked her as he turned to look at her.

“No,” she merely replied.

“Do you want to?”

“I don’t really care,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the help she gave us but sometimes I wished she would’ve taken me with her.”

“If that would’ve happened then we wouldn’t be sitting here today, we would’ve never met,” he told her as he studied her from the side, the pictures forgotten.

“Maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing then,” she joked as she tried to suppress the smile on her lips.

Steve poked her on the side.

“Oww, what was that for?” she asked as she let out the laugh she was trying to hold and finally looked at him.

“You know you couldn’t have lived you life without meeting me,” he joked as he smirked at her.

“Oh, really? Why because you’re some sort of God and a girl can’t have a normal life without meeting you first?” she mocked.

Steve nodded, “Yep, that’s about it.”

Mia laughed and playfully slapped him on the shoulder, “Oh get over your self McGarret.”

Steve just smiled at Mia and watched her as she resumed going through the pictures. He was enjoying the slight banter they had going on. It felt like the old days and he was happy to see her smile and laugh carelessly for once since she had arrived in Hawaii.

“Oh my god, look at this picture Steve. Savanna and Jake look like babies,” she laughed as she showed him the picture of Savanna and Jake after a football game during Savi’s and Mia’s freshmen year, “and this one with all four of us.”

“We look really young, we all do,” Steve commented as he moved closer to take a better look at the picture. “Who would have thought that Jake and Savanna would end up together, married, and with a daughter.”

“I know right? I told Savanna the same thing when she told me she had married Jake Hendricks. I remember when she crushed all through high school up until he graduated and left. I never really got Jake. What was his deal? I mean it was obvious he liked her but he never did ask her out,” she reminisced as she studied the picture of all four of them.

“Jake just wanted to play the field. I mean he did have genuine feelings for Savanna but he didn’t want to be tied down to just one person. He wanted to enjoy it while he could and I always told him he would end up losing her if he didn’t get it together but look at them now, he got the girl,” Steve told her and then turned his face to watch her closely.

“I know, he did and she got the guy. I’m happy for them, really happy. They definitely got their happy ending,” she said with a smile as she turned to look at him and noticed how close Steve had gotten. They were merely inches away from each other; she could practically feel his breath on her face.

“What about yours?” he whispered.

Mia turned away from him and shrugged her shoulders as she replied, “I don’t know, I guess we are not all destined to have one.”

“Everyone is destined to have some sort of happy ending, Mia, or to at least try to get one,” he softly told her as he put his fingers on her chin and slowly turned her to look at him, “even you.” Then he slowly leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

It was so small Mia barely felt it and as she was about to respond to his kiss but Steve pulled back.

“It’s getting late. Maybe we should continue throwing out stuff tomorrow,” he said as he pulled away.

“Steve,” Mia said trying to get him to look at her as she moved closer trying to fill the gap he created when he pulled away.

“Catherine is gone,” he blurted out without thinking about it.

Mia stopped her movements and in a confused tone asked him, “What?”

“Catherine and I are no longer together. I mean we were never officially together, per say, but you know, we had some sort of relationship and two weeks ago we parted ways,” Steve let out in a single breath.

“Is that what the flowers were for?”

“The flowers were to show you that you’re the one that I want Mia. I want you to give us a chance and try to see where it will go. I love you Mia, I never stopped loving you and I want you to give me a chance to prove it to you. If you want we can start all over, take it slow; get to know each other again. You know, do the whole ‘going out on dates’ thing again,” Steve said as he looked at Mia.

Mia burst out laughing. She knew it was rude and cruel to laugh after everything he just said but she was happy because she would finally have her chance with Steve.

“What’s so funny? I just poured out my heart to you and all you do is laugh?” Steve asked with an incredulous and confused look.

“I’m sorry,” Mia apologized as the laughter died down to give way to tears, “it’s just that after all these years of hating you for something you had no idea about and the way I treated you, you’re asking me for a chance.”

“Hey,” he softly told her as he wiped away the tears falling from he eyes with his thumbs, “we can’t erase the past but we can try to move on from it.”

“All these years I whished that none of what happened were true and that we’d still be together and now I just don’t know what to say,” she said in between tears.

“I just hope you really want this as much as I do and that you say yes, yes to us,” he said as he held her face between his hands.

Mia nodded, “I love you so much Steve and I never stopped loving you either.”

Mia threw her arms around Steve and kissed give with so much force and passion causing Steve to lose his balance as they both fell down, him on his back and Mia on top of him, breaking the kiss. They burst out laughing at what just had happened.

“Gosh I’m sorry, I just knocked your breath out of you,” she said as she tried moving away to give him room but Steve held her in place as he put his arms around her waist.

“I’m fine and you’re not going anywhere,” he said as he moved one hand behind her head and gently pushed her head down to him as he have her another mind-blowing kiss.

Mia and Steve moaned in response to their kissing as they both were lost in the moment but Steve broke the moment to catch his breath and he gruffly told Mia, “I don’t think the cold hard floor is a good place to be doing this, maybe we should move this somewhere softer and more comfortable.”

Mia giggled in response causing Steve to raise both eyebrows. “You’re right, at thirty-five we should definitely be more worried about your back problems. Maybe you shouldn’t be doing such strenuous activities anymore,” she mocked.

“Hey you’re not that far behind and I can definitely still handle strenuous activities. The floor is just too hard to enjoy it,” he defended.

“Right,” she laughed and suddenly she was whisked off the floor and thrown on the bed letting out a big belly laugh.

“How’s that for a thirty-five year old man, that according to you, can’t handle much strenuous activities,” he told her as he stood on the side of the bed with his hands on his hips looking down at her with a smirk on his handsome face.

Mia calmed down her laughter as she replied to him, “That wasn’t so bad but I still think you have a lot to proof.”

“Really?” he asked in a seductive voice as he got on the bed and slowly crawled on top of her.

Mia wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips to bring him closer to her, wanting to feel him as close to her as possible, as she nodded in response and brought his face down to hers to fully kiss him on the mouth.

They were kissing each other, their hands roaming each other’s bodies, eliciting moans from one another, when Steve gently broke the kiss and hoarsely told her in between smaller kisses, “Mia?”

“Hmm?” she replied not able to form any coherent words after the mind-blowing make-out session they just shared as she played with the tips of his short hairs behind his head.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back this time,” he honestly told her as he pressed his lower body into her to give proof of that causing Mia to moan in response.

“Then don’t,” she whispered looking him in the eyes.

Steve didn’t have to be told twice. He quickly got off the bed to remove his shoes and his pants, watching Mia do the same. She was on her bra and panties when she got on her knees and slid to the edge of the bed to help Steve out of the shirt he was wearing under the button down blouse.

“I don’t remember you having these many tattoos,” she said as she slowly traced the tattoo on his right arm, “or any for that matter. I like them.”

“I’m glad you approve,” he said as he grabbed her hand to stop her from any more tracing and brought it to his lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly brought them both down on the mattress, with him on top of her. “You have an amazing body,” he softly said as he took his time to admire it for the first time in over twenty years and started placing small kisses all over her stomach slowly going up until he reached her neck.

“Steve, kiss me,” she gently ordered him.

“You’re wishing is my command,” he told her as he claimed her mouth with his in a slow, sensual kiss that would have her begging for more.

Mia could feel Steve’s hardness pressing into her, the only barrier being her white-laced panties and his black boxer briefs. She slowly brought her hand down in between them, wanting to feel him as she lifted the band of his boxer briefs and moved her hand in to gently stroke his hardness. She heard Steve moan and continued with what she was doing.

“God, you’re killing me Mia,” he whispered against her neck as he placed small kisses there and slowly brought down her bra strap to give him more access.

“Please Steve, make love to me. Make me yours,” she quietly begged him.

That night Steve made love to Mia in the same place he had made love to her for the first time when they were kids. Now he was making love to her once more, but this time it was the first time now that they were both grown up.

Mia woke up the next morning with a smile on her face. She couldn’t believe that Steve and she were finally together again after all these years and last night was proof of how much they still loved each other. Mia couldn’t help but smile at the memory of last night as Steve gently made love to her for the first time in years and then they had sped things up as neither of them could get enough of each other. They ended up falling asleep very late in the night, or you could say very early in the morning, depending on how you looked at it. She turned to look at him lying down, asleep next to her with a look of contentment on his beautiful face. Mia didn’t want to wake him up, so she slowly got out of bed grabbed the first piece of clothing she could find, which ended up being Steve’s button up shirt, and made her way towards the bathroom down the hall.

When Mia got back to the room, she noticed Steve was still asleep, so she slowly got into the bed trying not to make too much movement, not wanting to wake him up. He looked so peaceful in his sleep and he seemed very relaxed for once. As soon as she was making her self comfortable under the blankets, Steve pulled her to him.

“Where did you go? I missed you,” he sleepily whispered smiling at her without opening his eyes.

“I thought you were asleep,” she told him as she caressed his cheek, letting his morning stubble graze her hands.

Steve moved closer to Mia, opened his eyes and told her, “I was but someone couldn’t keep still.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you up. I love watching you sleep; you looked so peaceful and relaxed while sleeping.”

“That’s because I have you with me now,” he mumbled as he placed a good morning kiss on her lips. “Why are you wearing too much clothes,” he asked her as he pulled at the shirt she was wearing.

“It’s just your shirt. It was the first thing I grabbed when I went to use the bathroom,” she explained to him as he moved his hands to her thighs and gently massaged them making his way up under the shirt she was wearing.

“As much as I love to see you in my clothes, I prefer to see you without it or anything else for that matter,” he told her with a smile on his lips as he kissed her once more sliding his tongue against her lips asking for entrance.

They were getting lost in each other when a grumbling noise interrupted them causing Mia to burst out laughing. “I think someone is hungry,” she said as she tried to get away from Steve.

“Yeah me too, but not necessarily for food,” he said as he kissed her neck and tried to get her attention back on what they were doing.

“I’m really hungry Steve,” she pouted, “and I’m going to need my energy to finish what we just started.”

“Are you sure you can’t wait?” he asked as he brought his face up to look at her face.

Mia shook her head in response with a small pout, causing Steve to laugh and groan in response.

“Alright, alright, let’s see what we can find downstairs,” he said as he pulled the blankets away and stood up to look for his clothes. He found his boxer briefs and was putting them on when he turned around to find Mia staring at him. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing just admiring the view,” she said with a small blush and a smile on her face causing Steve to laugh.

“You can stare all you want, after we have something to eat. Weren’t you the one complaining about being hungry? I would’ve been happy to stay in bed all day,” he reminded her giving her a pointed look.

“Fine,” she grumbled as she got out of bed and picked up her clothes off the floor to get dressed.

They were downstairs going through the cabinets looking from something to eat. The fridge was empty too except for the left over from last night. Mia gave up looking for food as she hopped on the counter next to the fridge.

Steve slammed the door of the fridge closed. “What did my mother eat when she was staying here if there’s nothing to eat in this house?” he asked in disbelief at not finding anything to eat.

“She just had the necessary things,” Mia said as she played with her hair swinging her legs.

Steve came to stand in between her legs and Mia happily wrapped them around him as he placed his hands on her thighs. “How about we go out for breakfast?” he offered.

“I’m all dirty and I don’t have extra clothes,” Mia complained.

“I like you dirty,” he said as he smiled and placed a kiss on her neck. “How about I go to my place, which is just like two blocks away, get a quick shower, and then I follow you to your apartment. I still don’t understand why you’re living in that apartment when you have this house.”

“I don’t want to live here, too many memories,” she said with her head down.

“I have some very good ones of my own,” he said with a smirk.

“Yeah well I think those are the only good ones we both have in common when it comes to this house,” she said not looking at him.

“Why? Did something happen here?” he asked getting concerned at her when she wouldn’t look at him.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Mia said as she gently pushed Steve out of the way and jumped off the counter walking towards the stairs. “I’m going to grab my things to lock up and then we’ll leave.”

“Mia,” he said as he caught up with her by the stairs. Once he saw he had her attention, he quietly said, “Are you alright?”

Mia nodded, “Yeah, don’t worry about it; I just don’t want to ruin the mood. I’m enjoying this time together.”

“Alright, if you’re sure,” he told her but inside he knew something wasn’t right but he was willing to let it go for now. “I’ll wait for you here.”

Five minutes later, Steve was pacing by the entrance and there was still no sign of Mia. “Mia come on, I’m getting really hungry too.”

Mia suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs carrying what appeared to be the box of pictures from last night. “Alright, alright, I’m coming,” she said as she walked down the stairs.

“What are you doing with those?” he asked looking at her with curiosity.

“I’m taking them back to my apartment so I can finish looking at them. Someone got me distracted last night and I didn’t finish,” she told him as she finally stood in front of him and stood on her toes to give him a peck on the lips. “Let’s go.”

Steve took the box from her and carried it to the trunk of her Audi as she locked up the house.

“So I was thinking,” she began, “I should go straight to my place to shower and change and then you can pick me up once you’re done.”

“Sounds good, I’ll see you in a bit,” he told her and leaned down to kiss her goodbye.

Steve waited until Mia got in her car and drove away, then he made his way to his truck and took off smiling the whole way.

Mia got to her apartment to find it empty. Peter and Lisa were no where to be found. She saw a note from them on the kitchen counter saying that they had gone out to do some sight seeing and would probably be gone the whole day. Mia thought it was perfect, this way she would get the whole day to herself and Steve. Hopefully it wasn’t interrupted by some selfish criminal who decided to ruin their day and call them in to work.

Mia showered and dressed in a coral long halter summer dress with a V in the front that showed just enough cleavage. She applied some light brown eye shadow and mascara and a bit of blush to give her cheeks some color. She was about to towel dry her hair when she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Mia let the towel drop to floor and went to answer the door.

After checking who it was, she opened the door to find Steve at her door dress in jeans, a black t-shirt, and black sandals, with a single red rose in his right hand as he leaned against the door frame.

“Hey beautiful,” he said as he handed her the rose.

“Hey yourself,” she said taking the rose, smelling it and giving him a big dimpled-smile. “Are you just going to stand there?”

“Just admiring the view,” he said with a smile as he straightened up and walked into her apartment. Grabbing her from the waist with one hand properly kissing her, he said against her lips, “I missed you.”

“Me too,” she said as she returned the kiss, “but I’m not even finished getting ready. Give me ten minutes. Make yourself comfortable.”

Mia went back to her room, picked up the towel and brushed her hair. She decided to do a side braid and let a few strands escape on both sides of her head. She grabbed her white wedges and walked to the living room to find Steve looking at some files she had left on the side table.

“They’re just some files I was studying and comparing them to the ones you gave me on WoFat,” she said as she sat on the chair on the other side of him and put on her shoes. Once she was ready she stood up, walked towards Steve and took the files from him. “Come on, no work today,” she said as she grabbed his hand to make him stand up.

“Wow did you grow in the last hour or so?” he asked teasing her, knowing she had put on three inch wedges.

Mia was only five feet four inches tall and the shoes she was wearing made her grow at least three extra inches, making her almost as tall as Steve but not quite since he was still a few inches taller than her. She stuck out her tongue at him and told him to get moving. “I’m starving Steve, feed me and then you can mock me all you want.”

Steve and Mia spent the rest of the day hanging around, walking hand in hand along the streets of Honolulu like any other normal couple. They talked, updating the other of each others lives in the last twenty years. They were sitting down outside a small ice cream parlor when Steve gave her an idea regarding her house.

“So, Danny has had terrible luck finding a decent place for him and Grace to rent. Even though he just gets her on weekends every two weeks, I think it’d be great for him to finally have a nice decent place to have Grace sleep in. I was thinking on my way to your apartment that maybe instead of selling your house you should consider renting it out,” he shared with her his idea.

“To Danny,” she stated.

“To Danny,” he agreed with a nod of his head.

“Doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” she said as she thought about the idea over in her head.

“Think about it, the mortgage is fully paid, you can rent it to him at a reasonable price, one you both can agree on and one he can obviously afford.”

Mia leaned into the table to grab his hand and give it a squeeze. “I knew you were still a big softy on the inside and the way you worry about where your friend lives is proof of that,” she gently teased.

“I am not a big softy. I just found the idea logical. You don’t want the house, it’s fully paid, and Danny needs a nice and affordable place to stay in. It makes sense,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders as if it were no big deal. “You don’t have to agree to anything now, just an idea to think about.”

“I’ll do it,” she readily agreed. “We can talk to Danny and see what he thinks. He doesn’t even need any furniture. The house is fully equipped, maybe just a washer and dryer.”

Steve gave her a big goofy smile. “I knew you were still the kind and caring girl I once fell in love with.”

She returned his smile and decided to change the subject. “So have you talked to your mom?”

“No I haven’t seen her much. I barely catch a glimpse of her before going to work and last night I was busy.”

“Really, doing what?” she coyly asked.

“You mean ‘doing who’,” he replied with a smug look earning him a kick on the shin under the table.

“Oww,” he complained as he massaged his shin.

“Pig,” she told him.

“Hey you asked,” he defended.

“Whatever,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. She stood up and grabbed his hand for him to do the same as she said, “Come on. Let’s go.”

Steve pulled her hand to bring her towards him making her sit on his lap, “Wait there’s something else I have to ask you.”

“What is it?” she asked as she massaged the outline of his ear lobe.

“Peter Donovan, how do you know him?” he asked as he looked at her for some reaction.

Mia stopped what she was doing and looked away, somewhere over Steve’s head. “I met him about a week before I lost the baby at the clothing shop I used to work in. He brought his daughter, about a year younger than me, to shop. We just talked, he said he was on vacation with his family and asked what places were good to eat, stuff like that. Then a day or two later, I don’t remember, I ran into him at the beach, we just talked. I don’t really remember about what but I do remember that something made it so easy to talk to him.” She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know I felt like I was talking to someone really close to me. The next time I saw him was when I was in the hospital. I don’t know how he found out but he did and he offered to cover all the costs which I of course didn’t accept. I mean he was nice and everything but he was still a stranger and Savi’s parents were already paying for everything. They never judged me, never turned their back on me, they were so kind and caring, just like real parents. Yeah they lectured me and all that stuff my own mother didn’t even do but at they end of the day they offered me all their support. Peter, then, just left me his card to contact him if I ever needed anything.”

Steve was thinking about everything Mia just told him. “Don’t you find it a bit weird that this man comes out of nowhere and offers his help without anything in return?” he asked her as he drew small circles on her lower back.

“That’s exactly what Savanna said but all I have to say about him are great things and his wife treats me like one of her own.”

Steve wasn’t convinced. Something was off and he would find out what it was.

On Monday after a quiet day at work Mia and Steve found themselves in Steve’s living room enjoying the movie “Child’s Play” while they waited for the trick-or-treaters to come asking for candy. Mia and Steve were sitting very close trying to enjoy the movie when Kamekona came out dressed as Super Seal thanks to Steve.

“Steve man thank you for the hook up again. How do I look,” they heard Kamekona ask.

“You look like you’re ready to report to Seal Team 6 pal,” Steve said taking in Kamekona’s outfit.

“For real?” he asked.

“For real,” Steve answered nodding.

“I was thinking, you know how you said no weapons, but if you let me borrow some of those smokey things I would really look legit,” he said.

Steve turned to look at Mia with a questioning look and she said shrugging her shoulders, “What could possibly go wrong?”

“You know, no, we discussed that earlier. No heavy ordinances, that was the deal but you look great,” Steve said.

Kamekona went to get the DVD box and asked Steve if he’d heard of Blue Ray to which Steve said that yes he had and that he’d rented that movie with Jenny Thelma in the ninth grade for Halloween and it had been a tradition ever since.

“You’re good to go now I think,” Steve asked him clearly dismissing him but Kamekona had other plans as he sat in between Mia and Steve. “Hey, isn’t there a party you’ve got to go to?”

“Pretty soon,” Kamekona replied looking at the tv.

“”Hey, hey,” Steve said to Kamekona motioning towards the door to which he finally got the hint and stood up to leave.

“You two have a wonderful evening,” Kamekona said grabbing a handful of candy on his way out.

When Kamekona left, Mia turned to Steve and asked him in an amused tone, “So, Jenny Thelma?”

“Yeah?” Steve asked his attention back on the movie as he placed an arm around Mia’s shoulders and got comfortable.

“Who’s Jenny?” Mia asked full of curiosity.

Steve shrugged as he answered, “Some girl I dated freshmen year.”

“So this movie,” Mia said pointing to the movie, “is your way of hooking up with a girl?”

“What?” Steve asked turning to look at Mia with a confused look. “No of course not, I just happen to like the movie.”

Mia laughed at Steve and said, “Sure babe, just know that you don’t have to use those tricks on me.”

“I do not use this movie to hook up with girls,” Steve defended himself but before he could continue his phone rang. “McGarret,” he said into his phone, “I’m on my way. No don’t bother; she’s right here with me.”

“Was that work?” Mia asked to which Steve nodded and soon they were on their way to the crime scene.


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