Time Changes Everything

Chapter 2

Mia was jolted awake by the announcement that they were going to be landing soon.

“Flight 57 will be landing in approximately ten minutes. Please fasten your seat belts and remain seated at all times ’til we land,” announced the stewardess.

As she sat there waiting for the plane to land she thought about what she had been dreaming before being jolted awake by the announcement. Mia knew how that night after the football game had ended. They had gone back to her house after a couple of his teammates had invited them to the local pizza parlor. That night Mia had given Steve one of the most treasured gifts he had received, or so he had said, her virginity. She had planned the whole thing out knowing her mother was doing the night shift at the twenty-four hour diner she worked at and wasn’t set to return until around five in the morning. Mia did not regret sleeping with Steve because she had loved him like no one she had ever loved before and had thought Steve felt the same way. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. That same night had changed unknowingly to both of them their lives completely. But that was something Mia did not want to ever have to remember again. So instead she focused her gaze outside the window as the plane got ready to land.

Mia couldn’t shake away the weird feeling she had in the pit of her stomach as the plane landed on Honolulu International Airport. She kept blaming it on nerves or the fact that she had not been in Hawaii for a really long time. As she grabbed her bags from luggage claim, Mia noticed a man in a dark suit a few feet away from her holding out a sign with her name on it.

“At least the governor sent someone to pick me up and saved me from having to catch a cab,” she whispered to herself. “Hi. I’m Mia Summers,” she said pointing to the sign the man was holding.

“Governor Denning sent me to pick you up and take you to the apartment the agency set up for you. He wants to make your stay here as comfortable as possible ma’am,” the man replied.

“Call me Mia and thank you,” she answered.

They left the airport and rode the thirty minute drive to her apartment complex in complete silence. During the ride, Mia let her eyes take in the scenery they passed.

“Even more beautiful than I remembered,” she inwardly thought. Her thoughts were interrupted by her escort announcing they had arrived at her apartment complex. Mia looked through the window and was surprised at the sight before her eyes. This was definitely something she did not expect. The agency had gone all out on making sure she was as comfortable as possible during her stay in Hawaii by placing her in one of the top areas of Honolulu. As Mia made her way into the apartment, she loved what she saw. The place was modern yet it still felt homey and the view of the beach outside her balcony was breath taking. She turned and thanked the governor’s escort for everything and he left with a reminder of her meeting tomorrow morning with the governor as well as informing her that there was a vehicle for her in the garage.

Once she was alone Mia was in complete awe with the place. Her apartment back in New York was nothing compared to this one. Mia went to unpack her suitcases and get settled in.

The next morning Mia woke up earlier than planned due to the anxiety she was feeling. Today she would finally find out what the whole “hush, hush” of this assignment was for. She decided to do her normal yoga routine and showering right after. Mia decided to wear a black pencil skirt that went just above her knees and a dark red silk blouse with her black pumps. Feeling slightly better Mia let herself relax and made her towards the garage where she was told her vehicle would be stationed.

When Mia saw the vehicle she would be driving she gave a whistle in surprise. “Wow” was all she could muster. In front of her was a black Audi R8. Definitely did not compare to the black SUV she owned. She could really get used to this, but immediately reminded herself she would not be here for a long time, or so she thought.

Once she arrived at the governor’s office, his secretary immediately sent her in offering something to drink, which she kindly declined.

“Welcome to Hawaii, I’m Governor Denning” he motioned for her to take a seat as he greeted her with a firm handshake.

“Thank you, I’m Special Agent Mia Summers, but you already knew that,” she finished with a small laugh trying to break the ice.

“Of course,” he replied with a smile, “I’m pretty sure you want to know why I requested you flew in from New York so it’s best we get down to business right away since this is an important matter.”

“Alright, let’s hear it,” she answered with a nod indicating she was ready and he could begin.

“Our problem has one name, WoFat,” he paused looking at her for any kind of reaction. After she showed some sign of recognition he continued, “I know you have been working on a case against him for years now and now that my task force has captured him we need to build a really strong case against him to make sure that criminal never walks the streets of my island again. That’s where you come in. With your experience, I want you to work with my task force. I’ve read your file and your boss has spoken very highly of you. He trusts you and if he does then that means I can trust you too. I’m confident that together my team and you will be able to build a strong case,” Governor Denning informed her giving her a serious look.

As Mia sat there listening to the governor she couldn’t help but think about the fact that with this assignment she would be staying in Hawaii longer than she thought if the years she had already spent working on a case against him were any indication.

“Is there a problem Miss Summers?” he asked when he noticed the frown on her face.

“Sorry. No. I just thought my stay in Hawaii would be shorter, but with this assignment I think I’m going to start thinking about this place as a home.”

“Will that be a problem? If I remember correctly you’re originally from Hawaii. If there’s a problem with where you’re staying at maybe we can come up with a solution,” he offered.

“No problem, Sir. Everything is fine. It’s just that I haven’t been in Hawaii since I was eighteen but I’m sure there won’t be a problem,” she answered with a polite smile,” and the place I got is great. I’m as interested in keeping that man behind bars as you are and now that I know what I’ll be doing I’m glad I was picked for this assignment. The FBI has invested so much time on this criminal and now that your team has him we should not waste any time. So when do I get to meet this task force you talked about?”

He returned the smile and answered her by telling her they should be arriving anytime now. As he finished answering her, his secretary entered the office informing them the task force had arrived and were waiting in the conference room as he had requested.

“Well they’re here now so let’s get the introductions over with so you all can get to work on this as soon as possible.”

Mia nodded and followed the governor through the doors in his office leading to the conference room.

“So why are we meeting with the Governor of Hawaii?” asked a very impatient Detective Daniel Williams as they waited for the governor inside a conference room.

“For the last time Danno, we are meeting with Denning to meet some Special Agent that will be integrated into this task force,” answered a very annoyed Lieutenant Commander, Steve McGarrett.

“Wait, wait, so this meeting we are having is to meet a Special Agent that will be integrating into Five-O, which I might remind you didn’t turn out so great the last time we had a Special Agent in this task force. What, is she going to be another baby sitter?” finished off the detective with an unimpressed look on his face.

“I don’t know what this “Agent” will be doing or not doing, yet, Danny. That is why we are having this meeting so we can meet the newest addition to the team and so the governor can explain why the sudden integration of an FBI agent,” Commander McGarrett explained while eying the rest of his team.

“Well I certainly won’t be a babysitter. You can relax on that one,” interrupted Mia Summers with an unimpressed look, standing by the door with the governor right behind her, while directing herself at the blonde man who referred to her as a “babysitter”. If that were the case, Mia would have already packed her bags and been on the first flight back to New York.

When Steve heard the voice of a woman, he and the rest of his team turned towards the entrance of the door that led into the governor’s office to take a look at the people who had joined them. As soon as Steve was facing the woman he had heard speak not even a minute ago, he instantly froze. He would probably not recognize the woman he was now facing after so many years if he just saw her passing by in the streets, but those eyes that he would stare into for so long all those years ago and used to tell him so much more than any possible word could ever be able to tell him, he would recognize anywhere.

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