TCE Ch20

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 20

The following Friday Mia took Danny to a clothes boutique because he had asked for suggestions on where Grace could find a nice dress for a very important occasion. Grace’s school was hosting a Father and Daughter Dance and Danny had promised Grace he would take her. The store Mia ended up taking them to was the same store she had worked in when she was younger. Earlier in the week while she was running some errands she discovered the store was still opened but now it was run by the owner’s daughter.

When they walked in, a very popular song amongst the teens was playing and Mia couldn’t help but sing along to it earning her a questioning look from Danny.

“What? I like this song,” she stated, not ashamed of admitting to like a song that was most likely meant for young kids.

“How can you even listen to this stuff?” Danny asked in disbelief.

“What’s wrong with it Danny? I’m pretty sure Grace likes it too, right Grace?” Mia asked Grace who was looking through racks of dresses.

“Yes, this is one of my favorite songs Danno. I love One Direction,” Grace said with a smile on her face.

“One who?” he asked looking from Grace to Mia.

“One Direction, Danno, you should really try to keep up with the current trends,” Mia said smirking at Danny.

“Well excuse me but I prefer to stick to the classics,” Danny defended.

Mia rolled her eyes and went to look around while Danny waited for Grace to try on the dresses she had picked out.

Danny had been waiting in a chair for about ten minutes now and Grace still had not come out. “Grace are you almost out? We got to go,” he said looking at his watch and noticing he and Mia had to get to work.

“Almost Danno,” he heard her reply.

The sales lady took in the fact that Danny was getting a bit restless so she decided to strike up a conversation with him. “You know you can always wait next door with the boba.”

“The boba, I don’t know what the boba is,” Danny said to the sales lady and then hearing Mia snort from across the store at Danny’s reply. “Is something funny Mia?”

Mia just smiled and shook her head no. At the same time Grace came out of the dressing room wearing a hot pink dress.

“Wow,” Danny said with a smile as he leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Do you like it Danno?” Grace asked her father.

“Like it? I love it Grace, it’s perfect. I think this is the one,” Danny said full of sincerity and happy at how beautiful his ten-year-old daughter looked. Then Grace placed a tender kiss on his father’s cheek. “What was that for?” he asked her.

“Thank you for being my date Danno. I know how much you hate dancing,” Grace said.

“I do not hate dancing. I love dancing,” he told her.

“You look very pretty Gracie and I’m pretty sure you will be the most beautiful girl tonight,” Mia said as she joined them.

“Thank you Mia.”

Just then, Danny’s cell phone started ringing at looking at the caller id he knew it was from work. He exchanged a look with Mia and then took the call. Mia understood what the call meant.

When Danny hanged up, he turned to look at Grace and took in her disappointed face. “Hey monkey, no need to worry okay? I promise I will take you to the dance tonight.”

“Okay,” she said in a small voice.

“Mia would you mind doing me a favor and taking Grace home?” he asked Mia, knowing she had brought her own car with her.

“Sure no problem, come on Grace,” she said taking Grace’s hand and leading her to the car.

Danny arrived at the crime scene and was greeted by Kono. “I take this wasn’t a kid dropping Mentos into a soda pop,” Danny dryly stated as he took in the burnt house.

“It wasn’t a gas leak either,” Kono said “A surfer saw an explosion and immediately called HPD.”

Danny studied the area and saw Max placing burnt body parts on top of a sheet. “Look at this guy,” he said pointing to Max, “he’s liked a kid in a candy store.”

Chin joined Kono and Danny and said, “He think it’s the only victim but he has to put it back together to confirm it.”

The three of them walked towards Max and Danny said to Max, “That’s quite a puzzle you got there Max.”

Max looked up at Danny holding up one leg and said, “They’re very broken pieces. The body sustained exceptional impact so I need to confirm cause of death first or I can give you an idea before I complete the assembly.”

Danny wasn’t very keen of looking at the broken body. “Understandable,” he told Max.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I am missing a right arm,” he told the team as he looked around for the missing body part.

“Right behind you,” Chin pointed to a spot behind Max.

The team then moved on and Danny asked Kono what else she had on the case, to which Kono said that the house was a rental and she had been trying to contact the owners but they were currently in Japan on a business trip. She had also found a cell phone and had already sent it in to the lab for processing.

Danny spotted Steve examining a few pieces of something Danny couldn’t really picture what it was. “Hey, what’s up?” Danny asked Steve motioning to what Steve was holding.

“Heard you went shopping for a dress,” Steve said instead of telling Danny what he was holding.

“That’s right,” Danny said placing his hands in his pockets.

“Something I should know?” Steve asked with a laughing smile.

Danny leans his head in a bit in Steve’s direction not clearly understanding what he meant. “Some- yeah to wear a dress,” Danny said having figured out what Steve really meant. “What, you always go for something like a cheap shot?”

Steve shrugs and says in an attempt at nonchalance, “I’m just making sure you got something nice to wear, you know with a nice plunging neck that shows off that chubaka chest. What’s the occasion?”

Danny rolled his eyes and answered Steve, “Yeah that’s nice, it’s a father daughter dance at Grace’s school.”

“Oh but you can’t dance,” Steve stated in an obvious tone which Danny clearly didn’t take well.

“I can dance just fine I just choose not too,” Danny defended.

Chin chuckled and said, “That’s a smart move.”

“Excuse me?”

“Did you forget I saw you dancing at my wedding brah?” Chin said.

“Yeah,” Kono chimed in, “the over bug shuffle I remember.”

This comment makes everyone in his team laugh instantly annoying Danny. “Is everybody done with their cute critiques?” he asks and then turns to Steve motioning once more to the object in Steve’s hand. “What are you looking at?”

“A fragment from the explosive device,” Steve says returning his attention to the device.

“Does that device have a name?” Danny asks.

“Danny you can’t just walk into a bomb scene, grab any object, stick your finger in the air and expect it tells you what it is. This device is a high velocity peroxide explosive,” Steve tells the team and then goes on to explain to them exactly what an explosive like that contains and how much damage it can do. He tells them how they are mostly found in the Middle East and Danny asks him what it is doing on the island. Steve doesn’t know so they take off to investigate.

When they arrive at Max’s office, Max explains what he found on the body and concludes that Steve’s hypothesis was correct. Steve is afraid of what he’s about to say because of the repercussions but he cannot take a chance of risking people’s lives. He informs Max and Danny that they might be dealing with a terrorist attack.

On their way to headquarters, Steve decides to call Mia, hoping she can use her contacts to get the information she needs.

“Hey Steve, what’s up?” Mia says when she answers the phone.

“Hey where are you?” Steve asks, having noticed he hasn’t seen her all morning.

“I just left Rachel’s home. I’m sorry I know I’m late but she invited me to stay for coffee and I didn’t want to be rude, plus she’s a nice lady. I like her,” Mia says as she’s driving down the highway.

Danny snorted at Mia’s comment regarding his ex-wife.

“What were you doing at Rachel’s?” Steve asks in confusion, giving his partner a brief glance.

“Danny didn’t tell you? I went with him and Grace to shop for a dress and when he got a call from work he asked me to take Grace home but anyways I know that’s not why you called. What’s up?” she asked him.

“Why do you think something’s up? Did you ever think for just one second that I just called because I possibly can’t live without you?” Steve asked.

“She’s too smart for that,” Danny is in between laughter.

“I already know that but I also know that you would not just call because you felt like you couldn’t live without me, so tell me, what’s going on?” Mia asked knowing there was more to Steve’s call.

“Alright, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to use all your contacts and look up Kasim Ramzie,” Steve said.

“What’s your interest?” Mia asked memorizing the name and remembering she had heard about this person before.

“He’s here,” Steve simply stated.


“Well not really, he blew him self up,” he clarified.

“Do you think this is part of a larger plot?” Mia asked arriving at headquarters and rushing to her office.

“I’m not sure yet but I’ve got the governor on standby. Listen Mia I need you to get me all the Intel you can on this guy asap.”

“I just arrived at the office and I’ll get on it right now,” Mia said.

Steve hung up the phone and turned to Danny. “So are you going to tell me what’s going on inside your head?”

Danny settles in his seat and says, “I am thinking about the fact that this is a very dangerous world we live in with a guy like Ramzie walking the streets of this world and I’ve got a beautiful daughter I have to protect.”

Steve nods his head acknowledging what Danny is saying and says, “Yes you do and you’re her father and you love her and you do everything you can to protect her.”

Danny nods and says, “That’s my point, too little too late.”

Steve looks at Danny in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

Danny answers, “I’m talking about the fact that Grace and every other kid is growing up in fortress America. Whether Grace knows it or not she will grow up with the threat of another possible attack to America.”

Steve focuses on the road and states, “Don’t you think you are being too dramatic Dannny?”

Danny shakes his head and says, “I am not being dramatic, absolutely not Steve.”

About a two blocks away from headquarters, Steve and Danny receive a call from Kono saying she found a possible location for Feru and sends them the address saying they will meet them over there.

The team finds bombs in a house and discovers that schools, airport, and major places are targets of a possible attack. Steve discovers half of the explosives he found behind a wall missing and that may be used for an attack. On their way out, Mia arrives with the information Steve needs and shows them exactly who they are looking for, a man named Feru.

Chin locates the car the suspect is driving and realizes the car is located in the military leadership. Steve and Danny rush to that location and he tells Chin to contact the army bomb squad and notify them of a major terrorist event. Danny and Steve arrive as everyone is evacuating the area and they find the car parked in between all the other cars that belong to the people who attended the ceremony. They find the bomb in the trunk of the car and soon the army bomb squad arrives to disassemble it.

Steve and Danny find the rental where Feru is staying at and sit in the Camaro outside waiting for the suspect to arrive. While they wait, Danny tells Steve the story about his former partner in Newark and how the last ten years of his life have been borrowed time with his daughter because he wasn’t supposed to be there. He was about to die in the hands of criminals.

Danny tells Steve about the time his former partner, Grace, and him went to check out a warehouse and how everything was going well until two men came from behind them pointing a gun in the back of their heads, tied them up, and beat him up trying to find out how Danny and Grace knew about their location.

Danny notices movement outside and stops his story.

Steve notices his partner stopped the story just when it was getting to the good part. “No, no Danny, you can’t stop there,” he says trying to get his partner’s attention. “Hey you can’t leave me hanging. Come on what happened next.”

Danny distractedly tells him, “Hold on.” Then he looks down at the passport he was holding in his hand and then up at the person getting closing and realizes that’s their guy. “That’s him that’s Feru.”

Steve gets confused for a second and asks his friend what he’s talking about. Then he turns to where Danny is looking and sees a man.

“That’s him, that’s ferub,” Danny says as he get’s out of the car. “Five-O! Stay where you are!” Danny yellos after the suspect but once he sees Steve and Danny he takes off running, causing Danny and Steve to run after him.

Danny shoots Feru and once he’s down, Danny kicks the suspect’s gun away and puts his own gun away. When he sees something strange on the man’s chest, Danny leans in to take a better look at it and realizes the man is wearing a bomb. Danny looks up and sees Steve running towards him.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Danny yells at his partner to prevent him from coming closer. “Steve, don’t move.”

“What is it?” Steve asks ignoring Danny and getting a bit closer to take in what has his partner paralyzed. Steve sees the bomb and the laser pointing at Danny’s chest. He orders Danny not to move at all because any movement can cause the bomb to detonate and kill them both.

Danny tells Steve to get out of there and go tell Grace that he loves her, thinking this will be the last time he sees Steve. Steve refuses and tells Danny that when they got out of this one, Danny would be the one to tell Grace how much he loves her and he will keep his promise of taking her to the father daughter dance.

The bomb squad arrives on the scene and while they are studying the bomb and figuring out how to disassemble it, Steve makes Danny finish the story about his partner in order to get his attention focused somewhere else.

Danny tells Steve the rest of the story, including how his partner was shot to try to get Danny to reveal the snitch that revealed the location. Danny told the men that they were surrounded and the police would come in any second. He told Danny how he was bluffing the whole time, knowing Grace and him were the only ones there but suddenly sirens were heard in the distance, making his story believable to the criminals. When Danny was able to get away after killing all three men, he ran outside to ask for help but none of the cops were stopping to assist him. He followed the direction in which the cops and ambulance were going in and took in the fact that the World Trade Center had just been attacked.

When Danny finished the story, the specialist has also just finished disarming the bomb and tells Danny he can move now. Danny and Steve let out a nervous laugh, not believing they actually made it. Both men’s eyes were red with unshed tears from pure relief and then they hug each other glad the other is doing just fine.

“I would invite you out for a beer or something but I’ve got somewhere I have to be,” Danny said shaking from the nerves of what might have happened.

“Don’t worry buddy, maybe next time,” Steve said giving him a reassuring smile.

“Oh there won’t be a next time,” Danny said in a nervous laugh.

Steve laughed having realized what he just said. “Right, go on and get out of here.” Steve watched his partner and best friend run out of there to get ready and pick up Grace. He had never been more relieved in his entire life. Steve had seriously thought this was it for him and Danny but someone was watching over them and helped them get out of this situation.

Mia had just gotten home after a long an exhausting day. She was glad nothing major had occurred and that everyone was safe and sound. She still had not seen Steve after he called her to tell her they had gotten Feru but Danny had shot him and killed him in the process.

Mia was enjoying a nice, long, and warm bath to help her relax when there was a pounding on her door. She got out and wrapped herself in a bathrobe to go check who could possibly be pounding at her door. Looking at the clock on the wall on top of her television, she saw it was eight at night. Before opening the door she checked who it was and noticed Steve was the one causing the entire ruckus. Mia opened the door just as Steve was getting ready to pound on her door once again.

“What’s wrong?” she said taking in his troubled appearance. “Are you- ”

Before Mia could finish her question, Steve stormed into her apartment, enveloped in a strong hold and kissed her with all his might as if it were the last time he would ever get to hold her. He placed both hands on her face kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

Mia was a bit taken aback by Steve’s actions. She had never seen him this way. Something was wrong but she didn’t know what.

“I love you so much, so, so much Mia,” Steve said in between kisses as he ran his hands through her wet hair. “I was so afraid I would never see you again and not get the chance to tell you how much I love you.” He captured her lips in another searing kiss.

“Steve,” she said trying to catch her breath. “Babe what’s going on? You’re worrying me.”

“I just need to hold you, please, just let me hold you,” he begged her in a broken tone as he placed kisses all over her face and hugged her to him.

Mia hugged him back and let him just hold her while they stood by the door of her apartment. Then she felt Steve lift her up and carry her to her bedroom. He gently placed her down on the bed and then stood over her, taking her in, trying to memorize her completely. “Steve?” she said trying to get his attention but apparently he had other plans.

Steve slowly undid the knot of Mia’s bathrobe and opened it to take in her beautifully toned body. Tonight he planned to make love to her like he’d never done so before and memorize every single inch of her beautiful body. Today’s experience had left him feeling like he had to appreciate everything he had and he was going to start with Mia. He loved her like he’d never loved anyone before and the thought of not being able to see her again terrified him. He wanted to show her how much he loved her and tell her she was everything to him.

Later that night and fully awake, Mia laid in Steve’s arms with her head on his chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. She didn’t understand what was going on inside Steve’s head and he wouldn’t tell her either. Earlier he’d made love to her like he never had before and she had felt it in every pore of her body. Something happened to trigger this reaction from Steve, not that she was complaining. She had enjoyed every minute of it but she was still worried about him.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Steve asked her in a very sleepy and tired voice.

“Can’t sleep,” she said turning on her side, where half of her body was on top of his left side and the other half on the mattress, to look up at him. “I’m worried about you.”

Steve placed his left hand on her waist to bring her up closer to him and used his right hand to move her bangs away from her face. He kissed her once and then turned his gaze away, staring at the ceiling. “Danny and I were about to be blown up by a bomb Feru was wearing under his jacket,” Steve said. “Danny had a laser pointed at his chest and if he moved just one inch, the bomb would detonate. I couldn’t leave him there even if he told me several times to go. Standing there with Danny made me realize how our time on this planet is just borrowed, like he mentioned to me earlier. I realized that I could have possibly died today without telling you how much I love you and the thought of seeing not you again was something I do not want to experience ever again. I’m sorry for worrying you. I just needed to hold you and tell you how much you meant to me. I love you Mia. I don’t want you to ever doubt that.”

Mia had tears falling from her eyes as she listened to everything Steve was telling her. She couldn’t believe how close Steve had come to dying and the thought of not seeing him again broke her heart in pieces. She didn’t know how she would be able to survive if something ever happened to him. Mia looked into his eyes full of unshed tears and in a broken whisper she said, “I love you so, so much Steve and I know you love me too. I just can’t imagine my life without you and I’m so glad that you are here with me.”

Steve brought Mia’s face down to him and kissed her. They made love through out the whole night, trying to satisfy each other’s needs but not being able to get enough of each other. Steve and Mia were both happy nothing major had happened that day and that they were able to be in each other’s arms once again.


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