TCE Ch25

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 25

“Who are you?” Mia asked the man with the gun pointed at her and her hands raised in a surrender mode. She wasn’t stupid and took in the man’s appearance. He looked shaken, his hands were shaking and he looked angry. Mia knew how dangerous people were when they were unstable so she would try to stay calm and get the man to lower his gun.

“I should be asking all the questions here,” he responded. “What’s your interest in Doris McGarret?”

“Excuse me?” Mia asked clearly confused.

“I know you’ve been looking into her file with my information. How the hell did you get access to my account?” the stranger demanded clearly angry.

“I’m sorry but you must be confusing me for someone else. I don’t have any reason to look into Doris’ file and even if I did I wouldn’t need your account to access that kind of information. Why don’t you tell me who you are and maybe we can get this all cleared up,” Mia offered. “But please lower your weapon.”

“I’m Agent Chris Channing,” he told her as he lowered his gun and showed her his id.

“Agent Channing, I believe if you would have done your homework right you would know that I’m Special Agent Mia Summers and you would also know that I have access to the same information you have access to,” Mia said as she walked back to the living room with Chris right behind her positive that he meant no harm.

“Then why did your friend need my information?” he asked.

Mia turned to look at him like he’d grown another head. “What friend?”

“The one with long dark hair, brown eyes,” he offered. “I saw you two at the coffee shop not so long ago.”

Mia finally realized who he was talking about. “Catherine,” she whispered. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath to calm down she said in clenched teeth, “She’s not my friend. How do you even know her and how do you know we were at the coffee shop.”

“I met her at a bar and when I was suspended for exactly what she did, I tracked her down and started following her. Then I lost her and I knew the best next thing would be tracking you. Tell me where is she and what did she want information on Doris for?”

“First of all, I have no idea how you found me because that information is classified even from you but I’ll let it go for now. Second, I have no idea where Catherine is. All I know is that she was doing a favor for a friend and I can assure you the information was not in any way misused. Doris’ son just wanted to know where his mother was,” Mia explained not believing she was actually defending Catherine even after the mess she got her in. “Why were you suspended?”

“Doris is in danger. The man she supposedly killed years ago faked his own death and we think he’s coming after Doris so when the Agency found out someone had accessed my account from an unknown location I was left with the repercussions. I was suspended for negligence.”

“Look I’m sorry Catherine put you in this mess. I honestly don’t know where she is but if there’s anything I can do to help you, tell me,” Mia genuinely offered. She knew how bad this looked in any Agent’s history and she would try to help him out. God, she had warned Steve about the possible repercussions of Catherine’s actions.

Chris fills Mia in on everything he has and how they have a current location for the Colombian Assassin named Mangosta that is after Doris. Mia doesn’t think twice about it and goes to help Chris.

She’s in the assassin’s hotel room looking for information or evidence on the man but hasn’t found anything when Chris informs her through an ear piece that Mangosta is heading her way.

“Mia, get out of there now,” he hissed into his microphone.

“Hold on I think I found something,” she whispered as she saw pictures of Doris and a passport.

“Mia, now!” he whispered loudly to get his point across.

Mia tried putting everything back in order the way she found it when she heard the door knob turning. Quickly she let herself out through the balcony and she knew what she was about to do was completely stupid and dangerous and if Steve found out, he would personally kill her but she had to get away so she got behind the railing of the balcony and slowly lowered her self until she was able to jump onto the balcony below her.

“Phew,” she said letting out a breath after making sure she was fine.

“Mia where are you?” Chris asked urgently.

“Relax; I’m on my way to meet you.”

Mia and Chris then raced to Doris’ house and found furniture turned over and blood. Mia’s blood ran cold at the possibilities this could mean but she didn’t allow herself to think anything until she found Doris.

Mia and Chris raced back to her Audi to track down Doris when her phone started ringing. Without checking the caller id she answered and found Steve on the other end of the line.

“Mia? Where are you?” he asked.

She turned to look quickly at Chris as she sped down the highway. “I’m actually with your mother. She called to see if I could join her for coffee,” she lied instantly feeling guilty.

“Mia, you don’t drink coffee right now, you can’t stand the smell of coffee,” Steve pointed out.

“I know Steve but I’m not the one drinking it,” Mia quickly said feeling Chris gaze on her the whole time.

“Have you told her about the baby? Let me talk to her,” Steve said.

Shit, she thought. “She’s in the restroom right now but I’ll have her give you a call,” she said using her perfected skills to lie to Steve knowing it was wrong. “Listen Steve, I’ll give you a call or I’ll see you when I’m back in the office.” Mia didn’t wait for a response and quickly ended the call.

“I got a location,” Chris informed her, having received a message with the location while she was on the phone with Steve.

“Okay,” she said as Chris put it into the GPS.

“So, what baby?” Chris asked.

“None of your business,” Mia said staring straight ahead.

“You know, for an FBI Agent you’re a bad liar and I doubt your boyfriend believed anything of what you just told him,” Chris commented.

“Let me worry about Steve and you focus on the task at hand,” Mia said.

Mia and Chris arrived ready for a battle but were shocked at the scene in front of them. It was actually Doris torturing Mangosta for information on what, Mia had no idea.

“Doris that’s enough,” Mia demanded.

“You should leave Mia,” Doris said not taking her eyes off Mangosta.

“Let Chris handle this Doris and let’s go, now!” Mia demanded once more. “That’ an order or I will arrest you Doris.”

Doris turned to look at Mia in surprise definitely not expecting it but Mia had already put herself and her baby in enough danger for a day and she wasn’t about to take more chances. Steve probably already figured she had lied to him and she didn’t want to imagine the confrontation they were surely going to have.

Mia drove Doris back to the McGarrett’s home in complete silence but once Mia pulled into the driveway she broke the silence. Staring straight ahead and clutching the steering wheel, she asked Doris in a tone that showed she was playing no games, “What the hell is going on Doris and don’t you dare lie to me. I already put my life and my unborn child’s life in enough danger to last a lifetime so you better tell me the damn truth.”

Doris told Mia everything related to Mangosta and how she knew him. She also told Mia how she had been positive she had killed the man and didn’t understand how the man was alive. “Please don’t mention any of this to Steve,” Doris begged.

Mia turned her gaze quickly to Doris and gave her an incredulous look. “Are you kidding me?”

“Please Mia,” Doris begged once more.

“Doris I’ve already lied to Steve more than once on your behalf. How can you ask me to keep something so important from him? His mother’s life is in danger for crying out loud and if something happens to you and he finds out that I knew you were in danger and didn’t tell him he’s going to hate me and that will be the end of us,” Mia argued. “And if you didn’t catch it earlier, I’m pregnant Doris, with Steve’s child.”

“This is something I have to solve Mia. I’m perfectly trained to take on any one as dangerous as Mangosta. I’m begging you to please keep this to yourself,” Doris said looking into Mia’s eyes.

Mia was looking into Doris’ eyes as she mulled things through in her head. She knew deep inside how wrong all this was and that she would regret it sooner or later. She simply prayed Steve would never find out about any of this or that nothing ever happened to Doris because if it did then she didn’t know how she would be able to cope with the consequences.

“Fine,” Mia said reluctantly as she turned to look straight ahead.

After a moment of silence Doris said, “So I’m going to be a grandma?”

Mia smiled a hesitant smile at Doris and nodded.

“How far along are you?” she asked.

“Almost six weeks,” Mia said.

“Congrats. Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandma,” Doris said turning to stare outside. Then turning her gaze back at Mia and grabbing her hand giving it a gentle squeeze she said, “I’m really happy for both of you and I’m sorry for the situation I’ve been putting you in with Steve.”

Mia simply nodded and then said her goodbyes to Doris.

When she arrived at the office no one was there and she was grateful for that. She just didn’t think she would be able to face Steve at this moment so she went to her office and lost herself in the case that brought her to Hawaii. Mia knew she had a lot of unfinished businesses not only here in Hawaii but in New York as well, one of them being her ‘biological father’. Mia knew she had to face that issue soon but she didn’t want to do that just yet and she also knew she had to talk to the governor, another conversation she definitely didn’t want to have. Trying to get her mind off things, she focused on the file in front of her.

About an hour later Mia remembered her lunch with Derek and Steve’s reaction. Great, she thought, another item on her list she had to take care of. Could this day get any more worse? She knew she couldn’t avoid Steve forever especially since he would be taking her home. She didn’t see anything wrong with having lunch with an old friend but Steve obviously did and she kind of understood him because as much as she stated Derek and she were friends, they still had history together.

“Are you ready to go home?” she heard Steve ask. Mia was distracted in her own thoughts she didn’t even hear when Steve opened the door. She looked up and he was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and didn’t know how long he’d been standing there. He didn’t look too happy either.

“Um, yeah, let me just shut down the computer and put these files away,” she said as she began turning off everything and putting files away feeling Steve’s stare the whole time.

When they arrived at Mia’s place Steve didn’t park the truck, he just stopped at the entrance and waited for Mia to get off. Nothing was said on the ride there either and Mia didn’t know exactly how upset Steve was.

“You’re not going to stay over tonight?” she asked looking at him.

“That was the plan but now I’m not so sure,” he replied not looking at her.

“Why not?”

Steve chuckled as he shook his head. “Mia, you and I need to have a serious talk but right now I’m afraid to say something I’ll end up regretting so I think it’s best I go home tonight and see you at the office tomorrow,” he said and then turned to look at her. “Go on, I’ll wait here until you’re inside.”

Mia looked at Steve and saw how serious he was. He couldn’t possibly be this upset over her lunch with Derek. “Steve-” she began.

“Not now Mia,” he cut her off.

She leaned over to kiss him goodbye but he turned his face and she ended up planting the kiss on his cheek.

“I love you,” she whispered and then turned to get off the truck and walk inside her apartment building.

Steve watched Mia get off the truck and walk inside. “I love you too Mia but some things will have to change and soon,” he whispered to him self. When he saw that she was safely inside he drove away.

The week came and went and now it was Friday night. Steve hadn’t spoken much to Mia in the last two days since seeing her with Derek and everyone in the team could feel the tension between them. He only talked to her to see how she was doing and checking if she needed anything. Tonight Steve planned on talking with Mia and hoped she would open up to him. Not only was the issue with Derek bothering him but he felt like Mia was hiding something from him, something that had to do with his mother and he planned on finding out what it was.

Mia was bored that night alone in her apartment mindlessly flipping through every channel on TV. She couldn’t go out and drink because she was pregnant and Savi was away with Jake on a business trip he had to make. Steve only talked to her to make sure she was doing okay and to see if she needed anything. She missed him and wished he would be there with her holding her in his strong arms. Mia was beginning to doze off when a firm knock on the door woke her up.

“Who is it?” she asked as she walked towards the door.

“Steve,” was said on the other side.

Mia opened the door to find Steve standing there with his hands in his pockets looking mighty handsome in his tuxedo with the bow tie undone along with the first two buttons of the shirt. She remembered that he and Danny, along with Gracie, had been invited to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show after saving one of the model’s lives. “Hey,” she said softly.

“Hey, can I come in?” he asked.

“Of course, you don’t have to ask,” she said opening the door wider and stepping aside to let him come in.

“How are you feeling?” he asked her softly as Mia closed the door and he just stood there by the entrance.

Mia turned to face him and said, “Physically I’m fine.” She wanted to touch him but she wasn’t sure of what his reaction would be so she crossed her arms in front of her and walked to the couch. She patted the spot next to her to see if Steve would sit next to her and she was glad when he did.

“Mia, you know I love you and I don’t want you to ever doubt that. Maybe I overreacted when I saw you getting out of Derek’s car but you have to understand where I’m coming from. I don’t know who this guy is all I know is that you two went out for five years, that’s a long time don’t you think? Heck, even longer than what you and I went out for counting the two times together,” he said with a small chuckle. “What I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel comfortable with you two being so friendly. Now I’m not telling you to not be friends with him or anything like that. I love you and I trust you enough to know you’re honest when you say he’s just a friend but I don’t trust him. I saw the way he looked at you when he bumped into you at the doctor’s and the other day when he dropped you off at headquarters. That guy obviously still has feelings for you.”

“That’s ridiculous, he does not have any feelings for me but those of a friend and even if he did, he’d be wasting his time because I only have eyes for a certain Navy Seal,” she said as she moved closer to Steve hugging his arm and looking into his blue eyes.

“I’m glad to hear that but I want you to take into consideration what I just told you.”

Mia nodded. “I will,” she said and placed a small kiss on his lips glad to have that out of the way.

“There’s something else we need to talk about,” he said turning to face away from her knowing she wasn’t going to like what he was going to say.

“What is it?” she asked taking in the fact that he had purposely turned away to avoid her gaze.

Steve took a breath and said, “I think you should move in with me, into my house.” Steve was right if her pulling away was any indication of it.

Mia let out a small laugh as she stood and turned away. “That’s funny babe but remember we weren’t going to make any plans any time soon?”

“I know but-”

“But what?” she snapped as she turned to face him. “Now that Derek is in Hawaii you feel threatened and think that by making me move in with you it will solve everything?”

Steve stood as he tried to grab Mia’s hand but she backed away. “Mia, that’s not it. You know Derek has nothing to do with this.”

“I don’t know anything Steve! You just told me not so long ago how Derek being here made you feel and now you want me to move in with you?”

“That has nothing to do with it! Dammit Mia will you just listen to me for once?” he demanded as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair while the other one was on his hip. “I think that you moving in with me is the best option for us and the baby. There’s plenty of space and we wouldn’t have to worry about who’s staying where, especially when the baby comes. You know I’ve been trying to talk to you about this since before I knew of Derek’s existence.”

“What about this apartment? It’s the same thing. Why can’t you move in here with me?” she countered as she raised her chin.

“Mia you know my mom is living with me and I need to protect her and this apartment was only given to you temporarily. Eventually the case if going to be over and you’re going to have to move out.”

Mia sat on the couch in defeat. “You don’t get it Steve,” she said in a small whisper.

“Then help me get it Mia. Help me understand why you’re so against us planning our future,” he told her as he sat next to her and took her hand in his.

“The plan was for me to come, do my job, and go back to New York. I never planned on any of this happening and I’m scared. It’s all happening so fast. I’m scared of the story repeating itself,” she said finally letting Steve know what her real fear was. “I’m afraid you’ll leave again and I’ll lose my baby.”

Steve finally understood her reluctance. He hugged her close to him and said, “You can’t be scared of something we can’t control Mia. We don’t know what might happen tomorrow or a few years from now and if you let fear guide your life then you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of it. I’m never going to walk away from you so you can stop worrying about that because you’re stuck with me,” he said earning him a small laugh from Mia. “Now who’s to say you’re the one that ends up leaving me. You said so yourself, New York is your new home, it’s waiting for you once you’re done with the case here. If anything I should be worrying about that and how when the case is over you’ll pack your bags and take our child with you.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you Steve. It wouldn’t be fair and now that I have you back I wouldn’t be so stupid to leave you. Yeah New York is waiting for me but I don’t want to think about that right now. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back and take orders from someone I hate so much.”

Steve nodded, “I understand but there’s a lot of things that in time we’ll have to decide on. For now we have to worry about you and this baby. I need you to think about it.”

Mia wiped her tear-stained cheeks as she nodded in agreement. “I will,” she promised.

Steve nodded and stood to pace the living room. “Mia, last time you were with my mother, what happened?”

“What do you mean?” she asked looking at him.

“I know you lied to me about something regarding my mother and I want to know what it is,” Steve said as he crossed his arms in front of him and gave her a no bullshit look.

Mia knew he would eventually question her and Chris Channing was right, Steve didn’t believe her when they spoke on the phone. She really hope her years of experience lying while undercover helped her right now because she was about to lie to Steve once more. “Nothing happened Steve. I told you, we just talked for a while, lost track of time,” she said shrugging her shoulders sounding as truthful as possible. “I told her about the baby and she was really happy for us. She hasn’t mentioned it to you?”

Steve gave her a skeptical look. Mia looked like she was saying the truth but then again she was trained to lie. She also was looking him straight in the eyes as she spoke so he guessed she wouldn’t lie to his face so he decided to believe her. “No she didn’t. I actually haven’t seen much of her lately,” Steve said as he sat on the edge of the coffee table in front of Mia.

Mia nodded and decided to change the subject before Steve decided to ask more questions. “So how was the fashion show? Did you get any numbers from the models?” she asked in a teasing tone.

Steve smiled. “No and if I did I would have thrown them into the first trash bin I saw or given them to Danny.”

Mia snorted and rolled her eyes. “Right, like I’ll believe that one.”

“I only have eyes for you Mia. After all these years I wouldn’t be stupid to ruin what we have,” Steve genuinely said as he moved to sit next Mia and bringing her to him from the waist and nuzzling her hair. “But seriously, I think you would have enjoyed it more than me. Fashion shows are simply not my thing. Next time I’ll give you my pass and maybe you’ll see something you like, like a few pieces of those things they modeled,” he whispered against her ear sending chills down Mia’s whole body.

“Oh, really? Anything in particular?” she asked in a teasing tone.

“Well there were these things, I’m not sure what you call them, but I bet you’d look very hot in them,” he whispered moving her hair out of the way to give him access to her neck and trailing small kisses all the way to her jaw.

“Hmm,” she moaned in response at the sensations Steve’s kisses and breath on her neck were causing. “I think then we’ll have to visit one of those stores soon so you can show me exactly what caught your attention.”

“Definitely,” he agreed as he flipped her over to face him and laid her on the couch and wasted no more time as he took his sweet time and made love to her.


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