TCE Ch29

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 29

Mia arrived in New York around six in the afternoon on Saturday. She took a cab straight to her apartment, sent a quick text to Steve to let him know she had arrived safely, and then went to her room to take a quick nap because she was really tired from the flight.

When she woke up two hours later she realized it was already eight and she hadn’t eaten anything since this morning. She ordered take-out from the Chinese food place down the street and it was delivered twenty minutes later. Mia sat on a bar stool eating while she looked around her apartment and took in everything she owned. The furniture would have to go. She would probably donate it if she couldn’t sell it soon. Basically all she was going to take was her clothes and any personal belongings. Before coming to New York, she had arranged for a moving crew to come Sunday and start the packing process and on Monday she would pay a visit to Peter.

Mia sighed as the nostalgia seemed to hit her. She was leaving New York for good, the place she had called home for so many years. Mia couldn’t believe everything that had happened in less than a year. She had gone back to Hawaii to do a job and had ended up pregnant and married to the love of her life, Steve.

Mia wiped the few tears that had fallen and cleaned up the spot where she ate. Then she went into her room to start packing some of her clothes. It was getting late but her body was on a different time zone therefore she didn’t feel sleepy, although her earlier nap may have had something to do with that too.

Around one in the morning she finally called it a night and climbed into the bed exhausted, immediately falling asleep.

Steve was in his house painting the room right across from his and Mia’s, getting it ready so when Mia returned all they would have to worry about was the baby furniture. Mia had picked out all the colors of the nursery and given Steve specific instructions as to how she wanted the job done. Steve laughed at the memory. He didn’t know when Mia had gotten so bossy but he was willingly happy to comply. Steve realized Mia had him wrapped around her little finger from the moment they met the day they were partnered in their Biology class.

They had been assigned partners during the lab which consisted of dissecting a frog. Mia had taken the reigns from the beginning and he’d simply let her because he thought she would spare him the trouble of getting his hands dirty. How wrong he had been. The first thing Mia did was to give him the scalpel and ordered him to make the first opening while she took the notes. Steve had never been one to allow anyone to dictate him but he had found himself intrigued by Mia right away. He did as she instructed and before they knew it they had become really good friends, somehow always managing to end up being lab partners.

He was starting on the second wall when he received her text saying she had arrived safely and was going to take nap to sleep of the fatigue from the flight.

“Hey, Steve, you here?” Steve heard Danny ask from downstairs.

“Upstairs!” he called back loud enough for Danny to hear him.

Danny looked for Steve until he found him in the room right across from his and Mia’s. “Wow, look at you. Just been married a week and you’re already doing some remodeling. What did I tell you?” Danny said smirking at Steve as he watched him paint the wall.

“What are you talking about Danny? This will be the nursery and I’m just painting it because when Mia returns we will choose the furniture,” Steve said. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and grab a brush.”

“I was actually here to show you this,” Danny said waving an envelope in his hand.

“What is that?” Steve asked putting the brush down and looking at Danny.

“These, my friend, are the tickets to the game we had Kamekona get us,” Danny said taking the tickets out of the envelope.

“No way,” Steve said grinning as he walked to Danny and took the tickets to look at them closely.

“Yes way,” Danny said nodding.

“Sweet,” he said looking at the tickets and liking the seats they had gotten.

Just then, Steve’s cell phone rang and it was a call from work. They had just gotten a new case.

“Don’t worry Danny, we’ll make it on time,” Steve promised as they drove to the crime scene.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Danny muttered.

When they arrived at the crime scene at an airsoft compound, Kono filled them in on what had happened.

“Our victim is Scott Davis.” Kono proceeded to explain what they knew and soon the tem was on the hunt for a woman who had been stealing from many rich men.

Steve and Danny had finally managed to capture their killer, Neil, but Steve had dislocated a shoulder in the process and Danny passed his tickets onto Kamekona and Max to go with Steve to the hospital. Steve insisted on Danny going to the game but Danny refused and stayed by Steve’s side the whole time.

“So what do you think Mia will have to say about this?” Danny asked with his arms crossed across his chest and giving Steve and unimpressed look.

“It comes with the job Danny,” Steve said. “She’ll understand. Besides, it’s just a dislocated arm, no big deal.”

Danny snorted in amusement. “No big deal? We’re talking about your pregnant wife, your pregnant and hormonal wife, Steve. She can’t leave you alone for five minutes because then you go all Rambo on us while we try to catch our suspect.”

“Then I won’t tell her until she gets here. No need to worry her when she’s on the other side of the country for something so small,” Steve said shrugging as if it were no big deal.

“When does she get back?” Danny asked

“If everything goes as planned, in a week, and if not then she said she would be two weeks at the most in New York,” Steve said.

“So she’s really going to face Peter?” Danny asked.

“Don’t even remind me,” Steve said annoyed. “I tried to stop her from doing that but she said it was something she had to do sooner or later. I would have preferred later.”

Danny observed Steve and he could tell Steve was worried about Mia even if he tried to hide it. Danny would find Steve in his office staring into space for the whole past week since he and Mia returned from their honeymoon. He decided to ask him about it later, once they left the hospital.

When they left the hospital, Kono called Danny telling them to meet her at the stadium because she had something for Danny. Kono had ended up arranging for Steve and Danny to have the stadium to themselves for ten minutes since they had missed the entire game. Kono had also managed to get Danny an autographed football from Peyton Manning which completely made Danny’s day.

On their way to Steve’s house, Danny questioned Steve about his recent behavior. “Is everything alright with you and Mia?” Danny asked casually.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Steve asked giving Danny a confused look.

Danny shrugged. “Just asking, you have just seemed a bit preoccupied since you came back to work.”

“No, Mia and I are fine, more than fine. We just got married and I couldn’t be happier,” Steve said.

“Oh, it’s just, I’ve caught you a couple of times staring off into space,” Danny said.

Steve sighed. “I just, maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t know Danny. I have this weird feeling and I don’t like it,” Steve said.

“What weird feeling?”

“I don’t know, can’t explain it. Ever since Mia mentioned her plans on going to New York I’ve felt an uneasiness that won’t go away and with her gone now it’s gotten stronger,” Steve shared his feelings to Danny, something he rarely did.

“Hmm, maybe like you said, you’re overreacting and it’s nothing. It’s probably because she went back to the place she had called home for so many years. Don’t worry, Mia will be back before you know it,” Danny said pulling up in front of Steve’s house.

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for everything Danny. You don’t want to come in, have a beer or two?” Steve offered.

“Nah, I’m good, thanks,” Danny said.

“Alright, see you tomorrow,” Steve said and got out of the car.

Late that night, before Steve went to bed he decided to give Mia a call since he hadn’t heard from her all day and she had promised to call everyday. Steve didn’t want to sound like a controlling husband but he needed to hear her voice and make sure she was okay. It was already midnight in Hawaii so it was probably around six in the morning in New York. The phone rang and rang until Mia finally answered right before it went to voicemail.

“Whoever this is better have something important to say,” a groggy and very annoyed Mia said into the phone.

Steve chuckled. “Morning babe,” he said in his low soothing voice.

“Steve?” she asked weakly and then became instantly alert when she realized what time it was. “What’s wrong?”

“Relax,” he said. “Everything is fine. I just wanted to see how you were doing. You didn’t call today, well yesterday; well you know what I mean. I was worried.”

Mia rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up knowing sleep wasn’t going to come back anymore. “Sorry, I guess I lost track of time. I was packing and well I’m sorry.”

“I thought you said you were going to leave all the packing to the moving crew you hired,” he gently reminded. “Mia I don’t want you lifting anything.”

“Don’t worry, it was just my clothes,” Mia said smiling into the phone. “I gave you my word and I’m keeping it.”

“Exactly how much clothes are we talking about?” Steve asked warily as he stole a glance in the direction of their small closet already packed with Mia’s clothes and shoes.

“Umm, well, you see I have a walk-in closet and when I went to Hawaii I only took one small suitcase thinking it wasn’t going to be a long stay.”

“Mia, just tell me,” Steve urged.

“Let’s just say we might need to use the closet in the nursery,” Mia said.

Steve groaned into the phone. “Do you really need all those clothes? You’ve already bought so many since you’ve been in Hawaii.”

“I need my work clothes Steve. Eventually when I have the baby I will go back to work,” Mia reminded. “Plus I’m donating a great amount to a local charity.”

Steve didn’t seem as enthused by the idea of Mia going back to work right after the baby was born. He hoped she would want to stay home at least the first year with their child but that was something they would have to discuss when she came home. “I guess we’ll manage somehow. I miss you,” he whispered into the phone.

Mia smiled feeling the warmth creep into her body at Steve’s words. “I miss you too,” she said back.

“Just hurry back home, please,” Steve said.

“I promise to get things done as soon as possible. Now I think you should get some sleep. It’s past midnight over there and I should start getting ready for the day. The moving crew will be here at eight,” Mia said looking at the alarm clock on her night stand. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said. “Please take care of yourself and don’t forget to call me.”

“I promise,” she said. “Goodnight Steve.”

“Good morning,” Steve responded smiling.

Mia smiled and then hung up the phone knowing Steve would just prolong the inevitable.

Steve hung up the phone and just lay in his bed staring at the ceiling glad that Mia was doing fine. He didn’t mention anything about the game he had told her earlier in the week about knowing that eventually she would find out about his small shoulder injury and he didn’t want her to worry about it. Steve grabbed Mia’s pillow and brought it to him before giving into exhaustion and eventually falling asleep.

On Thursday morning, while the packing crew was in her apartment, Mia went to arrange for her SUV to be shipped to Hawaii and then took a cab to the FBI building to finally have the much anticipated talk with her biological father. Mia was not looking forward to this conversation but it was something that had to be done before she moved permanently to Hawaii.

She arrived and took the elevator to the eight floor crossing paths with colleagues, many of who were surprised to see her pregnant and even more when she told them she was married. They congratulated her and then she continued walking down the hall towards the office at the very end, waving and smiling at familiar faces.

Standing in front of the closed door knowing this was something she had to do she took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock on the wooden black door.

“Come in,” she heard Peter bark.

He was probably busy, she thought and annoyed at being interrupted.

Mia walked in and just like she thought, Peter was on the phone having a very heated conversation with someone. He had not seen her because he was facing outside the windows. She waited patiently by the door she closed behind her until he finished his call.

Peter hung up the phone and turned briskly to see who was there and when he saw Mia he was frozen on his spot. “Mia?” he said stunned. He didn’t know what to do of this visit, definitely not expecting to see Mia standing in his office. He recovered quickly and said, “Please, have a seat.”

“Thank you,” she said walking the few steps to he empty chair right in front of his desk.

“This is definitely a surprise. Honestly, you were the last person I was expecting to see here,” he said nervously sitting down on his chair. “To what do I owe this visit?”

“Look Peter, this isn’t a friendly visit,” she said looking down at her hands. She sighed and brought her eyes to meet his, for the first time realizing she was looking into a mirror of her own eyes. “I requested my transfer months ago and you still haven’t signed the papers.”

“I know,” he said simply taking in how beautiful his daughter looked. Maternity really suited her, he thought as he saw how she glowed.

“You know? Just like that? Are you going to sign them?” she asked bluntly.

“I don’t know Mia. You’ve been with us for so many years and you are one of our very best. It would be hard to let go of someone so valuable to the agency here in New York.”

“I am not living in New York anymore Peter,” she said harshly. “I got married and as you can see I am very pregnant. I have a husband and a home waiting for me back in Hawaii, along with a group of friends I consider family.”

“I can see that Mia and I’m happy for you although you will understand I am not particularly fond of the man you chose for your husband and the father of your child.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” she bit out.

Peter sighed as he stood up to walk to the other side of his office. Standing a few feet behind Mia he said, “What about if Steve moved here with you? I’m pretty sure he can find something close to what he does in Hawaii.”

Mia groaned as she placed her elbows on the desk in front of her and covered her face with her hands. She knew Peter wasn’t going to make this easy on her and that was exactly why she had asked Governor Denning to speak with Peter but apparently Denning hadn’t accomplished much.

Standing up, she faced Peter and said, “Look Peter, I didn’t come here to negotiate. You either sign those damn papers or I quit.”

“I am still your boss Agent Summers so I suggest you tread carefully and treat me with respect,” he ordered.

“Or what? You’re going to fire me? Go right ahead, Peter, fire me. Honestly, I don’t care anymore,” Mia sneered back.

“You’re seriously willing to give up years of hard work for something I did and have lived every single day of my life regretting?”

“I don’t care what you did or didn’t do Peter. I have finally found what I have always wanted, a man I love and loves me for who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be thankful for everything you did for me, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Agency but none of that matters anymore.”

“Did Steve put you up to this? He did, didn’t he? He made choose between him and your job,” Peter asked in disbelief.

“Steve didn’t make me do anything Peter! He actually offered to come up with some other solution if I really wanted to come back to New York but I insisted on moving back because that is where I belong and where I want to be. Please Peter, sign the papers so we can all move on,” Mia said.

“Is this really what you want?” he asked finally seeing how determined Mia was to leave the Agency.

Mia nodded. “More than anything Peter,” she said softly.

Peter sighed and walked back to his desk. He sat down and took out a manila folder from the top drawer of his desk. Opening it, he took out the papers inside and signed them. He then closed the enveloped and stood up once again. “I will personally take these papers and have them processed immediately,” he said looking at her. “I really hope you know what you are doing Mia.”

“I do,” she said nodding at him.

Peter nodded and just looked at Mia for a minute.

“Thank you Peter,” she said grabbing her purse ready to leave.

“Mia, can we talk about what happened a few months ago?” Peter asked.

Mia shook her head. “I’m sorry Peter that is just something I am not ready for just yet. Maybe in the future I can finally sit down and discuss your reasons for doing what you did but right now I just can’t.”

“I really am sorry for everything you went through. I hope one day you will give me the chance to explain it to you,” he said.

“Goodbye Peter, thank you for everything,” Mia said genuinely and then walked out of Peter’s office, hurrying out of the building and trying to get as far away from the place as possible. It hurt to think she had always had her father so close yet so far at the same time. Mia really hoped one day she could forgive Peter for walking out on her and her mother but until that day came, she had to stay as far away from him as possible.

The remaining of the week was filled with getting rid of the remaining furniture which she decided to donate because it would take to long to sell and she really wanted to get back to Hawaii and Steve as soon as possible. She had arranged with an agency to rent out her apartment and she left all her contact information and Steve’s in case they couldn’t reach her.

On Friday night Mia had everything finished. It had taken less time than she anticipated and she was glad. Tomorrow morning she would be back in Hawaii and surprising Steve. He expected her back on Sunday after talking to him earlier in the week and telling him she would be flying back on Sunday but she was finished earlier than planned and decided to fly back early. For tonight, or the few hours she had before catching her flight, she would stay in a hotel close to the airport and hopefully tomorrow she’d be back in Steve’s arms.

Smiling, she walked out of her apartment and closed the door behind her, closing the door to this chapter of her life and ready to start a new one next to Steve.

Mia had finally arrived back home. Hawaii had once again become her home after all these years and she still couldn’t believe it. She stepped outside the airport and breathed in the fresh air of the island she now called home once again. Home, she thought as she rubbed her almost seven month bump, now that’s something she could definitely get used to. Mia hailed a cab and once she was inside and had given the driver directions she took out her cell to call Steve. He didn’t expect her to be back until tomorrow but she’d gotten everything done earlier than planned and took an earlier flight back home to surprise Steve.

“McGarret,” he answered.

“I love it when you answer like that,” she said in a sexy voice. “It’s very sexy.”

“Mia? Hey I wasn’t expecting to hear from you till later,” Steve said stopping in the middle of his office.

“Yeah well I’ve got a surprise for you Commander. Guess where I’m at?” she said playfully.

“New York?” he asked.

“Nope. I got done earlier than planned and was lucky enough to find an earlier flight back home. I’m actually in a cab on my way home,” she said smiling even though Steve couldn’t see her.

“Really, why didn’t you call me so I could pick you up? How about I meet you there then? How far away are you?” he asked happy to hear she was finally in Hawaii.

“I’m about- oh my god, watch out!” Steve heard Mia shout.

“Mia? Mia what’s going on? Mia!” he shouted into the phone anxious to know what was happening. “Mia, answer me!”

Danny walked out of his office after hearing Steve yelling for Mia. When Steve saw Danny he motioned for Danny to trace the call as he put the phone on the computer and on speaker listening to the commotion on the other side. Steve felt helpless not knowing how to help her or where she was and then he heard Mia yelling for Steve. That was the last thing they heard before everything went eerily quiet.


Chapter 28   Chapter 30


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