TCE Ch31

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 31

Mia stood frozen on her spot. The woman standing behind the wooden desk was someone she would never forget. After all these years, she was back and it was obvious she meant no good given the way she decided to contact Mia.

Mia swallowed the lump in her throat.

“Mom?” she whisper her voice filled with absolute shock.

“Glad you still remember me but then again you were always very smart. Although your choices lately leave a lot to be desired.” Samantha looked at her daughter with disgust. “I can’t believe you would be so stupid to make the same mistake twice. Now I have to come back and clean up your mess once again.”

“What are you talking about?” Mia asked confused. “Better yet, why am I here? Why did you have me kidnapped?”

“Kidnap you?” Samantha laughed. “That’s such an ugly word honey.”

“It’s exactly what you did,” Mia said. “Having these men take me against my own will? Seriously, why would you do something like that? I’m your daughter! If you wanted to see me all you had to do was call.”

“You listen to me,” Samantha said walking towards Mia and pointing a finger in her direction. “Ever since you met that boy all you’ve ever had were problems and mommy always had to fix them for you.”

“Yeah, how? By killing my first child? Is that what you’re planning to do now? Repeat the same story all over again. Well guess what, mother, I’m older and wiser and I will not let you or anyone else hurt my child.”

“I did you a favor! That bastard child you were going to have would only have ruined your life.”

“Yeah, like I ruined yours? The only favor you’ve ever done for me is walking out of my life!”

Mia’s mother laughed ignoring Mia’s comment. “Exactly how are you planning on getting out of here? Look around Mia,” Samantha said gesturing to their surroundings. “You’re surrounded by men that at a snap of a finger will twist that precious little neck of yours. So tell me, how do you plan on getting out of here without killing your own child in the process?”

“You would really order them to kill me?” Mia asked in disbelief. “What kind of monster are you?”

“I’ve got nothing to lose,” her mother said simply shrugging a shoulder.

“Then why am I here? If you have nothing to lose, why are you going through all this trouble?” Mia asked.

“Let’s just say I’m doing a favor to an old friend of yours,” Samantha said.

“What? Who?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll find out,” she said. “For now, go get ready. Find something nice to wear. We’ll be having dinner soon.”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on!” Mia was becoming more frustrated by the second. She couldn’t understand why her mother would do something so cruel and who she was helping out.

“Go, now.” Samantha was tired of looking at her daughter, the reason for all her troubles, the greatest mistake of her life. She couldn’t wait until all this was over and she could get away. Samantha motioned for her men to take Mia away. When she saw the coast was clear, she picked up her phone and dialed a very familiar number. “Are you almost here?” she asked.

“On my way, had to clear up some things over here,” the voice replied.

“Well hurry up,” she snapped and ended the call.

“So let me get this straight,” Peter said after reading through the team’s notes. “Derek West was having lunch with his brother at the beach the day of Mia’s disappearance?”

“Yeah, our friend confirmed it,” Steve said taking a stance across from where Peter was standing by the computer table.

“That’s impossible,” Peter said shaking his head and looking up at Steve.

Steve exchanged a curious look with the rest of the team, immediately perking up to that piece of information. “Why do you say that?”

“Derek doesn’t have a brother. Correction, he doesn’t have a living brother. The only brother he had passed away more than ten years ago,” Peter said.

“What?” Steve asked in a small unbelieving voice. He covered his mouth with one hand and began pacing the length of the bullpen. “So that puts him back on our suspect list.”

“Why would he lie about who he was with? Better yet, who exactly was he with?” Danny asked everyone in general.

“I don’t know but I’m about to find out,” Steve said making his way to the exit doors.

“Steve, wait, don’t go doing something stupid,” Danny said.

“Danny is right, Steve. You need to calm down. If we come at Derek just like that and accuse him of something he will never tell us anything, if he’s involved,” Chin, the voice of reason, said.

“I can’t just sit around doing nothing when there’s a possibility that bastard has Mia somewhere,” Steve said. “Mia is seven months pregnant now and I don’t even know how she’s doing, if the baby and she are fine.”

“We’ll put a tail on him and meanwhile try to see who he met with, check more thoroughly into his life,” Danny said.

Steve nodded. “Kono, get me a warrant to go into Derek’s home. We shouldn’t have any problems acquiring it because he already lied so he must be hiding something.”

“Alright, boss,” Kono said already walking to the exit.

Mia was escorted back downstairs and into the dining room, deciding to go for a long pale yellow sundress that accentuated her growing stomach and left her hair down in its natural waves. She was anxious to know who else was behind her kidnapping and she kept praying Steve would find her soon. Mia had already entered her seventh month and she was becoming more worried as the days passed. She didn’t want to be in this place when the time came fore her to give birth. Just the thought of being in this house when the time came terrified her because she didn’t know exactly what her mother had planned when she gave birth or even if she would be allowed to give birth to her child. Mia shuddered at that last thought and took a deep breath as she entered the big dining room.

She took note that the table was set for three but the only person already occupying a spot on the table was her mother.

“About time you joined me,” Samantha said smiling through the rim of her wine glass. She then motioned for Mia to take a seat on the chair across from her.

Mia sat slowly and glanced nervously around the room, searching for what, she didn’t know. “How did you know I was pregnant? Or that I was with Steve?”

I can answer that question,” a very familiar voice said from the entrance of the dining room.

Mia twisted her head in the direction of the voice and did a double take. No way, this couldn’t be happening, she thought shaking her head in denial. “Derek? Oh my god,” Mia said bringing a hand to her mouth in shock.

“Surprise?” he asked lamely walking into the room and coming to stand behind the empty chair at the head of the table. “I know this isn’t what you were expecting but it was the only solution I found to the great mistake you made. Seriously Mia, marry the man who abandoned you and let him get you pregnant again? How long do you think he’ll stick around for this time? Maybe until the baby is born but don’t worry you won’t have to go through it to find out.”

“Steve did not abandon me!” Mia exclaimed standing up slamming her fists on the table. “He loves me just like I love him. When will everyone stop blaming him for everything that happened?”

“He does not love you Mia. Don’t you get it? His C.O. disappears right when you decided to tell him what happened all those years ago, how convenient, don’t you think?” Derek said.

“Why are you doing this Derek? How do you even know my mother?” Mia said looking from her mother to Derek. “I trusted you with everything, dammit; we lived together for four years!”

“I never stopped loving you Mia. When you left I thought it would be temporary, that eventually you would come to your senses and come back to me,” Derek said walking closer to Mia.

Mia backed away from Derek. “You disappeared, Derek. You left without a word to anyone and I had no control over my trip to Hawaii. I never planned on running into Steve or starting a relationship with him.”

“None of that matters now because here you are, having another man’s child. I’m saving you from a life of unhappiness because that’s all McGarrett will do, bring you unhappiness. You’ll have your child and if you want we’ll send it to him or you can keep it, whatever you decide.”

“So what, you’re going to keep me a prisoner in this place for the rest of our lives?” Mia asked.

“However long it takes you to realize the mistake you made and that it’s me who you really want to be with,” Derek said shrugging.

Unbelievable. What does she have to do with all this?” Mia said pointing to her mother.

“She’s just along for the ride. She had the connections I needed to go through with my plan. Can you believe how many enemies your husband has? It made it all the easier for me.”

“I can’t believe this,” Mia said shaking her head. She saw Derek from the corner of her eye walk closer to her. “Stop. Don’t come any closer.”

“You’re mine, Mia, so you better get used to it. No one will find you here,” Derek said.

Mia grabbed the first object she saw, a wine glass, and threw it at Derek but either all the confusion made her miss her target or Derek had good reflexes.

“Throw everything you want, Mia,” Derek said in between clenched teeth as he grabbed Mia from both writs, “but nothing you do will help you leave this place.”

“Let me go, Derek, please,” she whispered in a broken voice on the verge of tears. “I’m begging you Derek, please let me go.”

“You’ll thank me later on Mia. I’m doing this for your own good,” Derek said hugging Mia to him even though she struggled to get away from him. “Don’t fight it Mia.”

Mia disengaged herself from Derek and wiping her eyes she turned to look at her mother. “Why are you doing this? I’m your daughter,” she cried in desperation.

“You mean nothing to me. You’re only the mistake that cost me my dreams and for that I will never forgive you,” Samantha said as she stood up and walked out of the room.

Mia stopped fighting the tears and she let them fall freely. Her mother’s words cut through her like a knife to the heart. Even after everything her mother had done she still had hope that one day her mother would come back and try to rebuild their relationship but now Mia knew that would never happen. Everyone always saw what she never did, her mother hated her.

“Can I go to my room?” she asked in a whisper not looking at Derek.

“You need to eat something,” Derek said.

“I’m not hungry.”

She heard Derek sigh. “Fine.”

Next thing she knew was one of the men grabbed her from the elbow and led her back the way she came. When she was in the safety of her room she dropped on the bed and allowed herself a good cry. Mia didn’t know what was worse, finding out your mother never cared for you or the man you once lived with, shared so many things with would do something so cruel like kidnap her. She felt like the fight in her was losing its battle. How many more disappointments could she take?

The next day the team and Peter made their way to Derek’s apartment after Kono acquired the warrant and were glad when they didn’t find Derek inside. It was the perfect opportunity to grab anything they deemed suspicious or might lead them to what he was hiding. The officer at the corner of the street had told them Derek had never shown up after he reported to keep surveillance.

Steve just hoped that didn’t mean Derek had run away, although flying would be impossible for him, but there were other ways to disappear.

“There’s nothing here Steve,” Danny said coming out of the bedroom.

“I know,” Steve whispered looking around the open floor apartment. Just as the team was walking to their cars, Steve’s cell phone went off. “McGarrett.”

“Steve? Oh my god Steve, why didn’t you call me to tell me what happened? I just got back from a business trip with Jake and I had to find out from my employees about Mia’s kidnapping?”

Steve sighed, feeling a headache coming. “I’m sorry Savi. I’ve been very busy trying to find my wife.”

“Is there anything I can do? Do you guys have any leads or suspects?” Savi asked.

“Only her ex from New York but we haven’t found anything concrete to tie him,” Steve explained climbing into the Camaro.

Steve heard Savi curse on the other side of the phone. “What about Peter? Or her crazy mother?”

By this time Steve had put the phone on speaker as he drove and when Savi mentioned Peter, he looked in the rearview mirror to where Peter was riding with Kono and Chin. Then when she mentioned Mia’s mother Steve turned to look at Danny, who was looking at him with raised eyebrows.

“Why do you think her mother might be involved?” Steve asked.

“Come on Steve, that woman was crazy, drunk all the time. She hated Mia. She might have come back to I don’t know, hurt Mia?”

“You got a point there. I’ll check it out. Thank you Savannah,” Steve said.

“Just find her please and keep me updated” Savi said her voice laced with worry.

“Will do,” Steve said.

“So, her crazy mother?” Danny asked.

“It’s a possibility,” Steve said.

“That woman hasn’t been seen or heard from in years. Why would she all of a sudden return just to kidnap Mia for no reason?” Danny asked.

“She has reason Danny. Samantha hated Mia and we don’t know if she’s sober now.”

“Okay, I’m just saying,” Danny said. “I’ll have Kono run it through the system.”

Two hours later, Steve was coming out of his office when Kono rushed him to the computer table.

“So I ran Mia’s mother through the system but there were no signs of her coming to Hawaii and then I ran facial recognition and we got a hit. She’s been traveling all over the states under various aliases, including international flights. And check this out,” Kono said bringing up Samantha’s latest alias. “Lauren Gonzalez came into Hawaii over two months ago.”

“She’s been on the island long enough to track Mia’s footsteps,” Peter said. “And if she came under an alias that could only mean one thing.”

“She has Mia,” Steve finished.

“Do you think Derek and Samantha might be in on this together?”

“I don’t know but I’m about to find out,” Steve said walking towards the exit intent on finding Derek and bringing him in. Before he opened the door, Kono called him back.

“Hey boss, the officer on Derek’s tail just called. Derek just left the building with a suitcase. Seems like our guy is making a trip,” she said.

“Let’s go Danny,” Steve said running out the door and soon the rest of the team, including Peter, were following. “Danny, give HPD a call and have them follow Derek but don’t let him know they’re on his tail.”

Danny nodded and took out his cell phone as Steve sped down the streets of Honolulu.

Steve parked in the corner of the street from where the car rental place Derek had drove into. They waited until they saw Derek come out of the rental place in a black Mercedes. “Stay put,” Steve said to the rest of his team.

“Aren’t we going to follow him?” he heard Peter ask through the speakerphone.

“No,” was Steve’s only reply. Five minutes later from when he saw the Mercedes disappear and after making sure Derek had in fact driven away, Steve pulled into the rental place and walked inside.

“I would appreciate if you would let us in on the plan,” Danny said trying to catch up to Steve.

“Rentals have GPS Danny. Either Derek is too dumb to remember or he knows we’re onto him and is just making us run in circles. I’m going to get the owner to track the vehicle he just left in and see where he’s heading.”

“Oh, okay,” Danny said.

When Steve explained the situation to the owner, Kono began the tracking process.

“He’s heading north, boss,” Kono said.

Steve nodded. “Alright so he’s not going in the direction of the airport or the dock. Let’s go, Kono get this info onto your tablet and get your gear ready. We have to be ready for whatever we find, even if it’s nothing. Get HPD back up too. Derek has half an hour advantage so we have to move fast.”

The team had been driving for over an hour now when Kono’s voice broke through the silence. “He stopped. According the GPS he’s in the Waianae Kai Forest Reserve.”

“What? That place is pure trees, are you sure?” Steve asked.

“Yes, that’s what the tracker is telling me,” Kono said.

“Alright, let’s speed up,” Steve said pressing down on the accelerator.

“Hey, we’re going to find her,” Danny said.

“I really hope so Danny,” Steve said keeping his eyes on the road.

Mia had not been feeling well since last night after coming to her room, not only emotionally but physically as well. She kept getting sharp pains in her lower abdomen and she didn’t know what they were from but they were beginning to terrify her when they would be fifteen minutes away from each other. She couldn’t be having contractions because it was still too early to have the baby but then again she’d been under a lot of stress lately and sometimes women gave birth at seven months. Mia tried relaxing and taking deep breaths but nothing was helping and she just prayed everything was fine with her baby when she began sweating profusely.

“Did you bring my car?” Samantha asked when Derek walked into the room.

“Yeah it’s parked outside. You’re welcome to leave whenever you want now,” Derek said as he served himself a drink from the mini bar.

“So who did you buy it from?”

“Buy it? Are you crazy?” he scoffed. “I wasn’t going to spend a dime on a car for you. You don’t even need it because you’ll be leaving the island soon.”

“So how did you get it?” Samantha asked peaked with curiosity.

“I rented it,” he said nonchalantly.

Samantha’s eyes widen in horror. “Are fucking stupid? You rented it!”

“So?” he asked not seeing the problem. “I used an alias so no one can track it back to me, plus no one knows you’re on the island.”

“Dammit Derek! These cops are onto you even if they cleared you! For all you know they could be following you!” Samantha began pacing the living room trying to come up with a solution. “You need to get rid of the car, asap.”

“Just get your things and go. No one will know,” Derek said becoming annoyed with the woman in front of him.

Before Samantha could reply, gunshots were heard from outside and Derek ran to check what was going on through the window.

“Shit,” he muttered when he saw they were surrounded by HPD and then he spotted McGarrett.

“I told you!” she shouted running to hide in the panic room by the office but she didn’t get far because just then McGarret and the rest of Five-O stormed in from different directions of the house.

“Don’t move!” Steve ordered pointing his gun at Samantha Summers. He motioned for Chin to handle her and then he and Danny, with Peter walked into the room Samantha had just come out of while HPD cleared the rest of the house and looked for Mia.

“Freeze, West,” Steve said when he spotted Derek trying to go though a door, probably a secret passage. “It’s over Derek.”

Derek gave McGarrett a mocking smile. “Is it?” And then he took out a gun out of no where and shot two shots in the direction of Steve.

Danny didn’t think twice and just reacted when he saw the gun. He didn’t know who shot whom first but when he saw Derek drop to the floor he ran to kick the gun out of his hand and checked for a pulse, none. He then turned to check on Steve.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Steve said turning to leave the room not caring what happened t Derek.

“McGarrett, second floor, last door to your left,” they all heard Duke’s voice through the earpiece and Steve broke into a run up the stairs.

Mia knew she had to find a way out. The pain she was feeling was unbearable and she just prayed her baby was fine. It still wasn’t time for her baby to be born but she wasn’t taking any chances. She was in the room she’d been locked in for all this time when she suddenly heard commotion downstairs and then gunshots. Mia was scared like she’d never been before in her entire life. As the pain got worse she sat on the floor against the bed trying to breathe through the pain but nothing was helping. It was getting dark and Mia was getting weaker by the second. She knew she had to hold on and stay awake but the pain was just too much to take and she didn’t have the strength anymore. Mia slowly closed her eyes and let darkness surround her.

Steve was checking the rooms upstairs along with Danny trying to find the room Duke mentioned when he spotted another officer down the hall. The sight that met him sent a chill down his body. Mia was lying unconscious on the floor with Duke right beside her.

“Danny! I’ve got her!” Steve shouted over his shoulder as he dropped to his knees right next to Mia cradling her face in his hands. “Oh my god, Mia, Mia come on answer me. Babe come on wake up sweetie don’t do this to me.”

Steve could feel her burning up and he knew he had to get her out of there as soon as possible. He yelled for medical help, thankful that they’d brought medical assistance with them, just in case something like this was to happen. All they had to do was wait for the helicopter to arrive.

As Mia was getting medical assistance she began to regain consciousness and called for Steve. Steve was on her side the whole time and told Mia that she should try relaxing that everything would be fine. But Mia knew how weak she was and she honestly didn’t know if she was going to make it. She grabbed Steve’s arm and he got closer to be able to hear her better.

“Steve,” she whispered in a voice filled with pain. “Please, whatever happens-” she gasped as another shot of pain engulfed her. When it passed, she continued, “Make, make sure the baby is safe – please Steve – promise me you will save our baby.”

Steve exchanged a worried look with Danny who had joined him and was standing behind the paramedic. “I promise the baby and you will both be safe. Nothing will happen to either of you.”

“Promise me, Steve, please, the baby comes first,” she begged. “Promise me.”

Steve was for the first time in his entire life terrified. He didn’t want to hear Mia talking like this but he wanted her to try and relax so he nodded and gave her his word. “Alright I promise.”

Mia gave him a weak smile and then closed her eyes as she once again allowed herself to succumb to the darkness. Thankfully the helicopter was just landing and Steve heard a paramedic yelling that they had to get moving. Steve rode in the helicopter not wanting to leave Mia’s side and the team assured him they would be right behind him.


Chapter 30   Chapter 32


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