TCE Ch32

Time Changes Everything

Chapter 32

Peter was livid. He could not believe Samantha would be so cruel and do something like kidnap her own daughter. He wanted to be with his daughter in such a critical moment but he wanted to know why Samantha did what she did so he rode back with HPD while the rest of Five-0 drove to the hospital to be with Steve and Mia.

Peter walked into the interrogation room Samantha was held in and took a moment to study her. She had definitely aged over the years but she still conserved that beauty that attracted him to her all those years ago. How could someone he had once loved so much be capable of hurting their own child?

“What, are you just going to stand there? It’s been too long Peter,” Samantha said smirking.

“I’m still trying to decide if I should just kill you right here, right now, or let you rot your sorry ass in prison,” Peter said coming to stand in front of Samantha.

Samantha laughed. “Go ahead, kill me, you would be doing all of us a favor.”

Peter shook his head. “That would be too easy,” he said. He bent down slightly to be at eye level with Samantha and wrapped one hand tightly around her neck. “I will personally make sure you never walk the streets of any state or country. If something happens to my daughter I will make you suffer ’til your last living breath. Do you hear me?” Peter let go of Samantha and stood back in disgust when he didn’t see any signs of remorse in his former wife’s eyes.

“Why don’t we stop pretending? We both know you never gave a damn about her. If that were the case you would have never abandoned us.”

“See that’s where you’re wrong. If I would have known the kind of life you would have given her and the pain you would have put her through I would’ve never walked away from her. I would have taken her as far away from you as possible. What happened to you Samantha?”

Samantha looked at Peter with pure hatred. She despised the man standing in front of her with every ounce of her being. “What happened? And you still ask.” She gave him a sardonic smile. “You and your precious little girl ruined my life! I had so many plans for my future but you insisted I didn’t terminate the pregnancy, that you would be there for me and together we would accomplish all our goals. Then at the first sign of trouble you walked away.”

“You know I stayed by your side until you became unbearable to live with. I stayed as long as I could but your constant drinking and the fights you always wanted to pick drove me over the edge. I felt like I was suffocating and you never tried to make our lives better. You never put the minimum amount of effort into our relationship.”

“So you had to go and leave me with a child in my arms,” she sneered back.

Peter shook his head knowing they weren’t going to get anywhere. “Just tell me why? Why did you kidnap Mia?”

“I didn’t kidnap her. That was all Derek. The guy had a crazy obsession with getting Mia back,” Samantha replied.

“You are as much responsible as he is but now he’s dead so you will tell me exactly why kidnap Mia,” Peter said.

“I already told you all I know. All I did was provided the resources,” Samantha said shrugging.

“What? How do you have resources?”

“Now that is something you’ll never find out,” Samantha replied giving Peter an evil smile. “I already told you enough and that’s all you will get from me. I honestly don’t care what happens to that -”

“I will find out what you’re hiding Samantha and when I do you better pray to your Gods or whoever is giving you your ‘resources‘ that they help you find a way out because you will be sorry you ever hurt Mia,” Peter said interrupting Samantha and then walking out of the interrogation room leaving a laughing Samantha behind.

Steve had been in the waiting room for ten minutes waiting on some type of news from Mia’s doctor when Danny and the rest of the team joined him asking him about Mia’s condition. He was about to answer them when the doctor came out asking for him.

“How are Mia and the baby doctor?” Steve asked his tone desperate for news.

“They are both in critical condition Commander McGarrett. At this point we have to perform an emergency c-section and I am forced to ask you to make a very difficult decision. I need you to tell me who I should save in case things get more complicated than they are right now,” the doctor said in a professional tone.

“No, no, no, you can’t make me choose one. You’ve got to save both of them! I can’t lose either one, please,” Steve begged grabbing the man from the collar of his scrubs.

“Steve,” Danny said as he and Chin removed him from the doctor.

“I’m sorry Mr. McGarrett but you’ve got to tell me. The less time we waste the sooner we can proceed.”

Steve was at a standstill. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to lose Mia nor his baby but he’d made Mia a promise. God, she knew! She knew something like this was going to happen and she made him promise her he would save their baby. Turning to look at his teammates with a broken and defeated look he told them, “She knew, Mia knew and she made me promise her I would save our child. I’m sorry guys, this is what Mia wanted.” Turning to face the doctor with unshed tears in his eyes, Steve whispered, “The baby.”

The doctor nodded and gave him a sympathetic look as he walked back inside.

Steve felt broken. He also felt like he’d let his friends, his ohana, down but this was what Mia wanted even if it tore him up inside. He was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands silently crying for everything that had happened and for the possibility of losing the woman he loved. How could everything have turned so wrong? Why would someone do this to her, to them? Steve felt a hand on his shoulder but he didn’t raise his head. He just couldn’t face anyone right now.

Danny felt helpless at seeing his friend so broken and defeated. He knew nothing would be able to console him until he knew that both Mia and his son would make it but they’d all heard the doctor. Mia was in critical condition and the chances of her making it were slim to none and even less after Steve’s decision to save the baby. He knew why he’d made that decision. Danny had been there when Mia made Steve promise her he would keep their child safe so he understood Steve’s decision even if the others didn’t. He looked around the waiting room as he sat next to Steve and squeezed his shoulder in support. Everyone’s faces were the same, full of sadness and shock over the situation. He was about to say something to Steve when Mia’s best friend Savannah and her husband Jake burst in through the doors of the waiting room.

Steve wiped his eyes and raised his head to see who or what was making such a commotion and saw Jake and Savannah making their way towards him with Peter, who had gone with HPD to try to talk to Samantha, close behind them. Steve dreaded this moment when he would have to tell them about the decision he was forced to make.

“How are Mia and the baby? Are they okay?” Savi demanded to know. “What’s going on, why isn’t anyone saying anything? Steve?”

Steve stood up and faced Savi. “She’s in surgery. They’re doing everything they can but she’s in critical condition.”

“What? Why? Was she not treated well while she was sequestered?” Savi asked in confusion.

“Savi listen to me, when we found Mia she was already in premature labor but things got complicated and now the doctors are doing everything they can but the chances are not too good for her.” Steve explained.

“Why not? What aren’t you telling me?” Savi asked

“Savi, the doctor made me choose.”

“What do you mean? Choose what?”

“He made me choose who to save in case of a complication.”

“You picked Mia right? Please tell me you told them to save Mia. Don’t get me wrong the baby is as important as she is but you can always have more babies. Mia, well there’s only one Mia,” Savi said bordering on hysteria.

“I’m so sorry Savi,” Steve said his voice breaking with every word he spoke. “She made me promise her that I would save our child. She knew something like this was going to happen and she made me promise her.”

“No, no, why did you listen to her! This is Mia we’re talking about! How could you!” Savi shouted hitting Steve with her closed fists on his chest.

“I’m so sorry,” Steve said not bothering to stop Savi.

“Sorry? Sorry isn’t going to guarantee Mia makes it out of this alive. If something happens to her it will be your fault!” she shouted poking a finger in his chest.

“Savannah calm down,” Jake told his wife as he grabbed her from behind.

Savannah shook off his hands and said, “Calm down? You’re telling me to calm down when my best friend, the closest I ever had to a sister, is in there fighting for her life!”

“Making a scene or taking it out on Steve is not helping the situation either,” Jake said turning Savi to look at him. “You have to put yourself in his shoes and understand the position Mia put him in. This is what Mia wanted. Let’s just pray that the doctor can save them both.”

“I don’t want her to die,” Savi cried as Jake pulled her into his arms.

“None of us do baby,” Jake whispered into her hair.

Steve couldn’t take it anymore and he walked away. He needed some fresh air because he felt like he was suffocating.

Two hours later, Danny saw the doctor walking towards them but his expression gave nothing away. Danny looked around but didn’t see any sign of Steve.

“I’ll go get him,” Chin whispered.

Danny nodded and gave him a thankful smile.

“Commander McGarrett?” the doctor asked.

“Our friend just went to get him. He’s catching some fresh air,” Danny explained.

“Doctor, how’s Mia? Did she make it?” Savi asked grabbing the doctor’s arm.

“Savi, wait until Steve is back,” Jake said pulling Savi away from the doctor.

Right then Steve walked in with Chin right beside him. He just looked at the doctor not being able to ask the question and the doctor understood.

“Congratulations Commander. You’re the father of a very healthy baby girl,” the doctor said giving Steve a small smile due to the circumstances of the situation. “Due to the baby being premature we’ve incubated her but she is surprisingly a very healthy and strong baby.”

Steve smiled because he already knew this. Mia had told him as a wedding gift. He was glad the baby was healthy but what he really wanted to know was how Mia was. “Mia?” he said.

The doctor sighed and removed his glasses. Everyone was expecting to hear the worse but they would still hang onto the last thread of hope. “When we were performing the c-section her blood pressure went down and we almost lost her but we were able to stabilize her enough to get the baby out. Unfortunately, Mrs. McGarrett entered a state of coma. Now we just need to wait and see. I’m sorry Commander but we’ve done everything we can.”

Steve nodded in a daze. He wouldn’t believe his wife was in a coma. Yes it was better than not making it alive but what if she never woke up? “Can I see her?”

“Not at the moment, maybe in a couple of hours when she’s transferred to a private room. I do understand her security and the baby’s are at risk so we will put them in their own room right across from each other,” the doctor explained. “You’re more than welcome to visit with the baby, although you will have to change into scrubs.”

“Alright,” Steve said. He was feeling numb with everything that had happened. He turned to the team and gave them a weak smile. “I’m a dad.”

“Congrats bud,” Danny said giving Steve a hug and soon the whole team had him in a big team hug. “Go on and see your little girl,” Danny encouraged after they broke apart.

Steve nodded as his eyes became red. He really had the best friends he could ask for. “Thank you guys, really, for everything,” Steve choked out giving them a genuine smile before he turned and followed the doctor.

Steve walked into the private nursery the hospital had set up for his baby due to security issues dressed in blue scrubs and a face mask. The governor had made the arrangements and even went as far as posting a guard outside the door. In a few more hours Mia would be brought up to the room right across from this one and he would be allowed to visit her. Until then, Steve would see his daughter and give the rest of his team a chance to meet the new addition to the family.

Steve pulled a chair by the baby and sat looking at her in awe. She was so tiny he couldn’t believe she was his, that he had helped create such a beautiful human being. He inserted his hands in the small circles and caressed her small chubby hands.

“You’re so tiny and beautiful, just like your mama,” Steve whispered. “She’s going to be delighted when she wakes up and sees what a beautiful and healthy baby we made. She has to wake up. There’s so much she can’t miss out on.” Steve’s voice took on a husky tone when he talked about Mia. He didn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her or if she never woke up.

The baby began to stir right when the nurse walked in. Steve stood up quickly wiping his eyes.

“It’s time to feed the baby,” the nurse said getting a small bottle ready. “Would the daddy like to do the honors?”

Steve looked at the nurse not sure if she was being serious. “You mean I can actually carry her?”

“Of course. She might be a premature baby but there’s no reason why you can’t carry her. The incubator is just for her health but we’ll soon remove her from there if she keeps showing positive signs. Plus, you’re wearing sterilized clothes.”

Steve watched as the nurse removed his daughter from the incubator and turned to pass her to him. “I’ve never carried a baby before. I’m not sure -”

“Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. Just make sure you hold her head right,” the nurse instructed. “Here why don’t you sit down? It’ll make it much easier.”

Steve sat down on the wooden rocking chair in the corner of the room and then the nurse placed her in his arms. Steve was speechless. He couldn’t believe he was holding his daughter. She looked even smaller in his big arms and so fragile. He could tell she was trying to open her eyes but the brightness of the lights was probably too much for her. Steve grabbed the bottle from the nurse and followed her instructions on how to properly feed her.

“Have you decided on a name yet?” the nurse asked while she checked everything was in order.

Steve never tore his gaze away from his daughter when he replied. “Mia loves the name Sophia but we compromised and decided to name her Sophie, Sophie Alexia McGarrett.”

“That’s a very pretty name,” the nurse said smiling at the sight before her. “I’ve barely caught a few glimpses of your wife but the few that I’ve seen I can tell what a beautiful woman she is and the baby definitely took after her, not that the daddy is bad to the eye.”

Steve smiled at the nurse. “Yes I know what you mean. She definitely reminds me of Mia. Sophie has the same pouty lips Mia has.”

When he was done feeding the baby the doctor came in to tell him he was allowed to see Mia now so he handed the baby back to the nurse and walked to the room across without thinking twice about it.

The room was dimly lit and the drapes were open allowing the first rays of sunrise to light the room Mia was in. Steve had not slept much since the day Mia was kidnapped and had no sleep at all since he found her in the middle of nowhere. He was afraid that if he closed his eyes for just an instant something would happen to Mia or she would open those beautiful hazel eyes he missed seeing shine every day he woke up right next to her.

Steve stood at the end of the bed captivated by the sight before his eyes. If anyone saw her they would think she was just sleeping and would wake up at the minimum amount of noise made but Steve knew that wasn’t the case. The beeping machines and the oxygen mask on her face were proof that Mia wasn’t just sleeping, she was fighting for her life, and Steve prayed she fought with everything she had.

He placed a chair next to the bed on Mia’s right side with his back to the window and placed her hand in his. Steve felt like he had lived this before and in fact he had, when he found out Mia was pregnant. The only difference now was that Mia was no longer pregnant and she could possibly never wake up.

“Mia, baby, if you can hear me, please, open your eyes. You’ve got to wake up,” Steve whispered close to Mia’s ear hoping she would show some sort of reaction. “You have to see little Sophie. She looks just like you.” Steve looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath as the emotions boiling inside him were becoming too much to bear. “You can’t do this to me Mia, to us. We were just beginning a new life together after all these years. Please, don’t give up.”

Steve leaned over and removed his face mask to place a small kiss on Mia’s forehead. He was glad he didn’t feel her burning up like the day he found her. The doctors were probably able to control her fever, he thought. He laid his head down on the bed never letting go of Mia’s hand and before he knew it he had dozed off.

Danny and the team, along with Savi, Jake, and Peter had each taken turns visiting the newborn, which they had been informed Steve had finally named her, Sophie Alexia McGarrett. There was no doubt she was McGarrett’s daughter as well as Mia’s. She looked exactly like them and if she inherited her parent’s craziness the island would have to watch out.

It had been over twenty-four hours since everything happened and at the moment everything was still a blur. Danny had convinced everyone to go home and get some rest. He would inform them of anything new as soon as he had more news. Doris had dropped by to see Mia and the baby but since Steve had been all day in Mia’s room she was only allowed to see Sophie. She had also dropped off a change of clothes for Steve figuring he wouldn’t want to leave Mia’s side at all.

Danny knew only one person at a time was allowed to be in Mia’s room but he walked in to give Steve the duffel bag his mother had dropped off and saw him with his head on the bed sleeping. He walked to him and placed a hand on his shoulder nudging him a little to wake him up. Danny knew Steve needed to sleep but he also needed to eat something. A person could only function on adrenaline for so long before they crashed.

“Steve,” he whispered. “Come on man, wake up.”

Steve opened his eyes immediately and sat up rubbing the sleep away from them. “What happened?”

“You my friend fell asleep. I don’t blame you, though.” He motioned to the bag he placed by the couch and said, “Your mom dropped off a change of clothes earlier. Come on, go change and then well get something for you to eat.”

Steve shook his head. “Na, I’m good Danno. I don’t want to leave Mia’s side. She might wake up anytime,” Steve said.

“I’m not taking no for an answer Steve. Like you said, Mia can wake up at any time and until that happens; you need something to keep you going. If there’s any change in her condition the doctors will immediately tell you.”

Steve stole one last look in Mia’s direction and then nodded as he stood up and stretched. “What time is it?” he asked taking in the fact that the sun had began to set. He couldn’t believe he had been asleep for so long. He had not even heard when the nurses and doctor had come in to check on Mia.

“It’s seven. You must have been really exhausted,” Danny said leading Steve out of the room.

Danny waited for Steve outside the restroom while he changed and did what he had to do. He took this moment to reflect on Steve’s appearance. Steve looked like hell. Not even when he had been taken hostage and tortured did he look like this, and that was saying something. Sure he didn’t have the scars and bruises to show how bad he looked but if people really looked at him they wouldn’t be able to see the badass super seal every one knew him to be. He looked like a zombie with no direction. He just prayed Mia would wake up soon for everyone’s sake.

“Everyone met Sophie,” Danny commented as they ate cold sandwiches from the hospital cafeteria. “I convinced them to leave since there wasn’t much to do around here and promised to give them a call if there was any change.”

“Thanks Danny,” Steve said picking at the second half of his sandwich. “I don’t really think I can face them right now. They must hate me.”

“What’s this I hear? I pity party coming from the Super Seal?” Danny said trying to alleviate the tension. “Come on Steve, why would they hate you?”

“I picked the baby when everyone knew I should have picked Mia. Savi was right; we could have always had more babies in the future. Maybe if I would have picked Mia she wouldn’t be in a coma right now. She would be awake,” Steve said pushing away his plate having lost the little appetite he had.

“Hey, hey,” Danny said searching Steve’s gaze. “None of that, okay? No one blames you for Mia’s condition and you did exactly what Mia wanted. I was there, remember? You couldn’t have predicted what would happen. Hell, even if you would have picked Mia you didn’t know if she would have made it or not.”

Steve didn’t reply to Danny he simply gave him a distant look.

It had been a week since Mia had been brought into the hospital and there was still no change in her condition. Today, Sophie would be released from the hospital after the doctors were positive there was nothing to worry about. She grew stronger and healthier with each passing day and there was no reason to keep her there any longer.

Steve didn’t want to leave Mia’s side but he knew he needed to take Sophie home. Danny had convinced him he needed to get out of the hospital if only just to take Sophie home and get the baby settled in. His sister would be arriving tomorrow morning to help him out because he didn’t know when his mother would disappear next and at this moment he didn’t trust her even if she loved Mia.

Danny drove Steve and Sophie home later that day. When Steve walked into the house he was surprised to find boxes all over the place.

“I believe those are Mia’s belongings from New York. They were delivered earlier in the week and since I don’t know where they go I just told them to leave it there, although I did place some that were labeled bedroom in your room,” Danny said when he noticed Steve’s confusion. “There was also a black SUV delivered and it’s parked out front if you didn’t notice. I know you were waiting for Mia to come back to shop for baby furniture but since you never got around to that the team and I went ahead and did it for you so you have nothing to worry about. The nursery is ready for Sophie.”

Steve was amazed by everything his team had done for him and Mia. It was moments like this when he realized that they were truly more than just coworkers. They were his and Mia’s family. “Thank you Danny, really. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Danny just waved him off. “That’s what family is for.”

Steve nodded. “I’m going to put Sophie in her bed.”

Steve walked upstairs carrying Sophie in her car seat and walked into the nursery. He took out Sophie and carried her for a bit taking advantage that she was fully awake now staring right into his eyes, a mirror of his own. He played with her tiny hand and she immediately wrapped it around his finger.

“Everything is going to be alright sweetie,” Steve said softly as he placed a small tender kiss on the baby’s forehead. He changed her diaper and settled her in the crib to let her get used to her surroundings.

When she had finally dozed off he walked back downstairs and told Danny he was going to lie down for a bit before driving back to the hospital. Danny assured him he was going to keep an eye on Sophie.

“Hey Danny, answer that phone before Sophie wakes up,” Kono said as she watched Sophie squirm in her arms. Kono had dropped by earlier to offer her help and now she had just finished feeding Sophie and when Danny’s phone went off Sophie began fussing.

“This is Detective Danny Williams,” Danny said into the phone when he answered. He listened to what was being said on the other side and immediately lost all color. He turned with the phone still glued to his ear and came face to face with Steve. “Thank you, we’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Steve had woken up when he heard a phone ringing. He was a bit disoriented but quickly recovered when he heard Danny’s voice and remembered he was in his room. Steve walked down the stairs to see who had called Danny and his partner’s demeanor quickly had Steve worrying. “Who was that?” Steve asked. “Hey Danny, are you alright? You don’t look too good.”

“Yeah, Danny, who was that?” Kono asked intrigued by Danny’s demeanor.

“Steve, that was the Governor,” Danny said.

“Okay, and?” Steve said. “Come on Danny, what did Denning want?”

“Steve,” Danny began. He swallowed his saliva and said, “There’s been an explosion.”


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