Time Changes Everything

Chapter 5

Mia couldn’t believe her luck. She was shocked but more importantly she was furious. Furious at the thought of having to work with Steve of all people and furious at herself for letting it affect her so much. She had been pacing around her apartment for the last ten minutes since she got there feeling completely unsettled. Maybe if she had known in advance he would be there she could have prepared herself mentally but she also knew that if she had known he would be there she probably would’ve never returned to Hawaii in the first place.

Mia went to the kitchen to serve herself some wine, having stocked up the kitchen yesterday after unpacking her bags, hoping it would help her relax a bit. She took her glass of wine to the couch and tried making herself comfortable. As she sat there drinking her wine she couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that Steve looked better than ever. He was a full grown man and all these years that had passed had sure done a good thing to his physical appearance. “Hugh!” she groaned to herself putting the glass down on the coffee table and laying on her back on the couch. “Why now? Why after all these years of being able to avoid him did I have to run into him now? Why couldn’t he have stayed wherever it is he was living all these years? Probably the army or navy or whatever since he was referred to as “Lieutenant Commander”” she talked out loud to no one since she was alone in her apartment. “Great now I’m here talking to myself. I’m going to go crazy if I don’t stop this.” As Mia continued her own conversation she eventually dozed off.

A few hours later Mia woke up to an incessant knocking on her door or better yet banging on her door. “Gosh don’t people know how to knock on a door,” she muttered to herself as she made her way towards the door noticing she fell asleep with her clothes on and now they were completely wrinkled. “Great,” she thought. “Ok I’m coming! I’m coming!” she yelled to whoever was on the other side. “Don’t you know what the word ‘knock’ means,” she asked as she swung the door opened not bothering to check who it was beforehand and instantly regretting not doing so after taking a look at the man standing in her doorway.

“We need to talk,” he said, or better yet, he demanded, as he let himself in not bothering to wait to see if he would be invited in and knowing their current situation, he knew he wouldn’t be. He took a moment to take in his surroundings before turning to look at Mia. “Nice place.”

Mia was stupefied. The audacity this man possessed to just barge right into her apartment without being invited in. Mia’s earlier bad mood returned full force. She was about to make some things clear to the man standing in the middle of her living room. She slammed the door so hard, making the frames on the wall rattle, before turning to face the devil himself. “I don’t know who the hell you thing you are barging into my home like that,” she started, every word filled with so much anger, “but don’t you ever, and I mean ever do that again! Just because we’re going to be working together does not give you the right to come to my place whenever you want to. I thought I made myself perfectly clear that I wanted you nowhere near me unless it was strictly work related.”

“This is work related. Well sort of. I mean if we’re going to work together we need to get some things cleared up for the sake of the team. You owe me some explanations, Mia, and I’m not going to leave until I get them,” he said making himself comfortable on the couch.

Mia was livid. How dare he?! “Excuse me?! I owe you ‘some explanations’? If anyone here should be demanding explanations it should be me! Not you Steven, but honestly I could care less what they are. I didn’t come to Hawaii to have some sort of “catch up time” or reminisce to some stupid high school relationship that left me with nothing but problems. I came here to do a job and that’s it!”

Steve was taken aback by her outburst and he was starting to lose his temper by her standoffish attitude. Standing up and pacing the length of her living room he asked, “What exactly do I have to explain. Please enlighten me because I am honestly confused towards your reaction. I don’t understand why every time I hear a word from you all the words that come out of your mouth are filled with so much hatred. You knew I had to leave. I couldn’t stay. Tell me what happened to you to make you, and believe me when I tell you that it pains me to have say this, but what happened that turned you into such a bitch.”

“What happened to me? You want to know what happened to me Steve, huh? Life happened Steve. I realized I couldn’t mope around forever crying my whole life over someone to whom I never meant anything to. I couldn’t be the same naïve girl who believed everything and anything she was ever told. I had to grow up and face the consequences of my actions and learn to never depend on anyone but myself. That’s what happened Steve whiles you where god knows where doing who knows what. And if that turned me into the bitch I am today then sue me because honestly I don’t care! This is who I am Steve whether you like it or not and I am not here to please anyone.”

Steve did not recognize the woman standing in front of him. The sweet and innocent girl that once claimed to have loved him had turned into a cold hearted bitch and it pained him to see that. Time sure changed everything about her. He knew they were never going to get anyone if she continued with this attitude, so instead he just told her, “You’re right. I don’t like it. And if you want me to leave you alone, fine, I will. Just make sure that while we’re at work you’re able to keep your hatred towards me to yourself. We don’t need anything to go wrong just because you couldn’t separate you’re personal life from your professional,” he said in a defeated tone as he made his way towards the door, which was a rare thing in Steve, since he never gave up that easily but he felt like he was fighting a lost cause. As he opened the door he turned to her and softly told her, “By the way, to me, what we had was anything but “stupid.” We may have been young but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.” And with that he left her apartment.

As the door to her apartment closed, Mia let herself slump to the floor letting the tears she had kept in for a long time come pouring out. They were tears of anger, frustration, helplessness, but most importantly and as much as it pained Mia to accept it, they were tears of love and betrayal. She realized that after all these Mia never stopped loving Steve even after he walked out on her when she needed him the most. The day she found out she was pregnant with his child.


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