Time Changes Everything

Chapter 7

That night, after Mia left the office, she felt like doing some exploring and decided to go downtown. Maybe grab some take out or indulge by eating at some fancy restaurant where the place looked great but the food sucked. As she was driving Mia’s cell phone chirped signaling a text message. She decided to check it until she arrived, not wanting to risk her safety by distracting herself while checking her phone. It was still early, 6:30 p.m. to be exact and the streets were already really busy with tourists and locals walking the streets of downtown Honolulu. As Mia found a parking spot in the street she noticed a restaurant across the street that seemed good enough to eat, maybe she would give it a try since she was starving. She was about to get out of her car when she remembered the text she had received. “Well let’s see who it is,” she said to herself, “Steve. This better be important.”

Hey I’m on my way to Japan.
Joe will finally take me to meet.
Shelbourne. I’ll explain everything
when I get back. Might be helpful
where WoFat is concerned.

“Who is this Shelbourne character I keep hearing about? You have some explaining to do Steven,” Mia muttered as she started putting her phone away.”Well this place looks fancy, good thing I decided to wear something formal to work today,” she told herself as she made her way inside the restaurant.

“Hello. Welcome to Sunset Platter. Will it just be you tonight?” greeted the waitress.

“Umm, yeah. Table for one, please.”

“Alright. Right this way please.”

As Mia followed the waitress, she took in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and noticed there was a full house tonight. It also didn’t go unnoticed that the majority of the people were either couples or with their family. “Great,” she thought to herself.

“Mia? Mia Summers?”

As Mia was about to sit down she heard someone calling out to her. She turned around to see a woman maybe around her age making her way towards her. Mia did not immediately recognize the woman but when she heard:

“It’s me, Savanna, Savanna Richards or as I’m known as now, Savanna Hendricks.”

“Oh my god, no way! Savi!”

For a minute they both forgot where they were and started squealing and hugging each other like two little girls after getting the perfect gift. As if on cue, they both abruptly stopped and looked embarrassed at the onlookers, “Sorry,” they apologized simultaneously.

Grabbing Savi’s hands, Mia pulled her towards a chair. ” Come on join me for dinner or a drink, that is if you haven’t had dinner yet or are you here with someone?” she asked as she looked over her best friend’s shoulder to see if anyone was with her.

“Don’t worry I already I had dinner but I’ll still keep you company,” she answered with a smile as she took a seat next to Mia.

“Alright.”Then turning her attention to the waitress she ordered, “I’ll take the Chicken Parmesan with the pasta and water please,” she finished as she closed the menu and returned it to the waitress.

“Alright, I’ll be right back with your water. Anything for you Mrs. Hendricks?” asked the waitress looking towards Savanna.

“Just water Ally,” ordered Savanna.

“Two waters coming right up.”

“Mrs. Hendricks? Ally? What are you a regular here?” asked a smirking Mia.

“You can say that but actually, I own the place,” returned Savi with a smirk of her own.

“Get out, you’re kidding me right?”

Savanna just gave her a raised eyebrow in response.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s great! Really great. I just, wow, I never thought you would actually stay here in Hawaii let alone open a restaurant,” stated Mia motioning with her hands to her surroundings still in shock. “I just thought you would still be traveling the world like you dreamed back when we were still in high school. Did you ever get to that? Ok but first start from the beginning. I want to know all about you. What have you been up to since graduation?”

“Well you actually mean since you left, right?”

Mia playfully rolled her eyes, “Right. Thank you,” she said to the waitress who had just delivered their waters.

“Well let’s see, where do we start? The fall after graduation I enrolled in community college, took a few courses, decided it wasn’t for me. Traveled to different places, but I settled for a while in Italy. I took a cooking course there, which I totally loved. You should’ve seen it, best class I’ve ever taken, aside from the hottie professor, whom I totally dated. Then about a month after the course was over I received the call no child ever wants to receive. My parents’ private jet crashed into the sea, forcing me to move back home and take over my father’s business. You know how much I hated anything that had to do with my father’s business. It just wasn’t for me but being an only child, I had to respect his last will. Luckily, Jake and I found each other again,” she said showing Mia her left hand that visibly had a wedding band,” and I became Mrs. Hendricks and he became CEO of my father’s business. He went to business school which was even better. Now we’re both proud parents to a beautiful ten month old baby girl,” she finished with a beaming smile.

“Wow. I’m really sorry about your parents,” Mia said as she put a hand on Savi’s which Savi squeezed in gratitude. “And Jake? The Jake Hendricks you moped around for all of your sophomore year. Who would’ve thought? I guess you two needed to go your own ways, live your lives, and eventually find your way towards each other. And to top off, a baby! I’m just so happy for you. I really have to meet her, she must be adorable. I mean, she has you and Jake as parents.”

“You really do have to meet her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and Jake too of course. He turned out to be a great father and an excellent husband,” gushed Savanna, “but enough about me, what have you been up to all these years? And eat your food, it’s getting cold,” commanded her friend.
Mia felt a light stab of envy towards her friend. She wished she could have at least half of what Savanna had. Someone she could share her life with, keep her company, enjoy everyday life things with or even better, be a mom, something that had been cruelly taken away from her years ago. But she didn’t want to go down that memory lane, not now and not ever.

“Hello? Earth to Mia,” called Savanna as she waved a hand in front of Mia’s face making her snap out of her reverie.

“Sorry? You were saying?” asked Mia absentmindedly.

“I was saying that you should eat that,” she pointed towards her plate, which she had not noticed was delivered, “before it gets cold and that you should update me on your life. Are you alright?” asked Savi full of concern, noticing the distracted look on Mia’s face.

“Yeah, I just,” Mia sighed, “never mind. Well let’s see where do I start? My life just hasn’t been as interesting as yours,” she paused trying to gather her thoughts, “Remember the man that offered me his help when I was in the hospital, but turned him down because your parents were already taking care of everything? And he said that if I ever needed anything to call him, then he gave me his card, which we realized he was from the FBI after examining it.”

“Hmm, let me see. Oh right that guy. What was his name Patrick, Paul…”

“Peter Donovan.”

“Right, I remember now,” answered Savanna with recognition in her face.

“Well the night of graduation I gave him a call. I told him I wanted to get as far away from Hawaii as possible. I felt like I was suffocating but I didn’t have the means to leave. He said that wasn’t a problem that he would arrange everything. So he booked me on a flight to New York that same night and placed me in a hotel close to where he worked at. Then he offered me the opportunity to do something with my life. He gave me two options: school or the FBI. He said I could pick any school I wanted, any career, and he would cover all costs but he gave me a few days to think it over. I made a lot of thinking and research and finally decided to go for the FBI. I chose the FBI because I realized I wanted to help people, help keep criminals behind bars, and help make this country a better place to live in.”

“You never thought it strange? How this man comes out of no where offering his help, offering to pay for your education? I mean I remembered back then it sounded too good to be true and now, well it still does,” concluded Savi.

“At first it did seem all strange but deep inside, something told me I could trust this man. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. He gave me his help and was there when no one else was, well except for you and your family. You guys were always there and for that I’ll always be very thankful,” said a smiling Mia and wasn’t disappointed when Savi returned the smile. “I owe Peter who I am today, Savi. He helped so much I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay him. He was like the father I never had and his family took me in with arms wide open, no questions asked.”

“Wow. I’m proud of you Mia, for not letting something like what happened to you bring you down, of succeeding despite every hardship you’ve encountered,” praised Savi.

Mia’s eyes began to water but she wasn’t going to let old memories interfere with how happy she felt of finding her friend again. “Thank you Savi. You don’t know how much it means to me coming from you. I’m sorry for leaving the way I did and not keeping in touch. I just felt I had to in order to be able to move on,” choked out Mia.

“Hey, no crying. You’re going to make me cry and I’m not wearing waterproof mascara,” joked Savi causing both women to laugh, “I understand I really do even if I don’t like it,” she finished with a smile reaching out to squeeze Mia’s hand. “What I want to know now is how you ended up back in Hawaii?”

“Now that I really don’t want to talk about but I’m going to tell you because you’ll find out sooner or later. I’m working with the Governor’s special task force, Five-O, to help keep a very highly dangerous criminal behind bars.” At Savanna’s shocked expression, Mia asked, “What? What’s with the face?”

“You’re working with Five-O? The task force Steve McGarrett leads and I’m not talking about just any Steve but the Steve McGarrett. The asshole that left you all those years ago?!” sneered a highly upset Savi. “How can you even work with that man after what he did to you?”

Mia realized her friend was starting to get louder with each word she spoke so she decided to calm her down. “Savi lower your voice. Calm down. I made it clear to him that our arrangement is strictly professional and he is the last person on this earth I would want to be with. And how do you know he’s the leader of Five-O?”

“He’s only very popular for all the criminals he’s put behind bars and Jake has kept in touch with him all these years. They still hang out sometimes even after what he did to you, which I find totally annoying,” grunted Savi.

“Jake doesn’t know does he?”

“No, of course not. Don’t worry he just thinks you hate Steve for leaving without a goodbye and according to Jake, Steve thinks the same thing, so he finds no reason why he shouldn’t talk to him. He thinks I’m being ridiculous but he doesn’t know what Steve did to you and it’s not my place to tell anyone. But I don’t believe what Steve says. I mean he must know, his father knew,” she pointed out. “Have you and Steve talked about it? About why he didn’t man up to his responsibilities?”

“No and I don’t plan on asking him,” deadpanned Mia.

“What about, and this is just a “what about”, if what Jake said is true and he doesn’t know anything else?” suggested Savi.

“I don’t think so. His father made it very clear Steve wanted nothing to do with me.”

“Maybe you two should sit down and talk about it…”

Mia didn’t want to hear anymore, “Listen Savi, I love you and all but honestly I don’t…” they were interrupted by Mia’s cell phone ringing. Looking at the caller id she noticed it was Danny. Weird, she thought. “Sorry I have to take this,” apologized Mia as she answered the phone. “Hey Danny, what’s up?”

“Mia I need you to meet me at Chin’s house ASAP. Something terrible happened. I’ll text you the address.”

At Danny’s distressed and urgent voice Mia readily agreed and said she would be on her way.
Savanna, having caught Mia’s worried expression, told her not to worry, the meal was on the house and to go wherever she had to go.

“I’m really sorry,” apologized Mia, “but give me a call whenever you can. Here’s my card.” Mia quickly hugged her goodbye and left the restaurant in a hurry.

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