Time Changes Everything

Chapter 8

When Mia arrived at Chin’s house she noticed there was a lot of activity circulating the house as well as a crime scene van. As she entered the house, after having to show her badge, Danny noticed her and quickly made his way over to her.

“What happened here?” she asked as some people from the crime scene investigators passed by them with a body bag.

“It’s bad, it’s really bad,” said a grief stricken Danny, “Malia is dead. Frank Delano escaped prison and took Kono and Malia. He made Chin choose who to save and Chin chose Malia, but don’t worry Kono is fine. Either way, when Chin got here it was too late. She suffered a wound to the chest.”

“How is Chin handling it?” she asked looking towards where Chin was just sitting on the cold kitchen tile staring at nothing.

“I’m not sure. But I don’t think too well, considering he just lost his wife,” he pointed out.

“Understandable. Alright, I’ll go open up the office and get started on finding the scum bag that did this. Keep me informed,” a determined Mia said as she made her way back to her car and off to the Five-O offices.

Two days later there was still no news regarding Delano’s whereabouts and to top it off, they had just received notice that WoFat had escaped while he was being transported. Mia had learned all about Delano from Danny and the fact that someone could dishonor their badge made her sick. Now she wanted to catch him as soon as possible just like the rest of the team but with WoFat on the run, they had to move fast. As Mia was Mia was making some notes in her office, Danny walked in,

“Want to get some fresh air?” he asked motioning towards the main doors.

“Sure, where are we going?” she asked as she stood up and began walking towards her door.

“To pick up Steve from the airport,” he replied, making her stop abruptly.

“He’s back from Japan?”

“Yep,” simply stated with his hands in his pockets and rocking back and forth on his heels looking her over. “So are you coming?”

She hesitated for a second and then just nodded and with her head motioned for Danny to head out.

As they waited for the airplane to land Mia took in the heavy amount of police enforcement and couldn’t help but ask Danny what it was all about.

“He’s bringing Shelbourne and with WoFat on the run we don’t want to risk him getting to Shelbourne,” was all he responded.

“So I’ll finally find out who or what Shelbourne is,” she mumbled to herself thinking only she had heard it until Danny spoke.

“You and me both, babe, you and me,” he said as he crossed his arms and stared ahead as the plane made its final stop.

They looked on waiting to see someone disembark the plane until the door finally opened. The first two people to make their way outside the plane were, what she assumed to be Agents, and then she saw Steve and an older woman right behind him, along with two other Agents right behind them. From far away Mia could not really make out who the woman with Steve was but as they made their way closer to them, Mia couldn’t believe her eyes, “No way,” she whispered bringing her hand to her mouth in a demonstration of shock.

Having noticed her reaction, Danny turned his head to her and asked with his thumb pointing towards the woman next to Steve, “What? You know her?”

But before she could reply, their guests had reached them.

“Hey guys,” greeted Steve. “I’d like you to meet Shelbourne, my mother. Doris this is my partner, Detective Danny Williams.”

“Doris McGarrett, you can call me Doris,” she greeted extending her hand towards a dumbstruck Danny.

“And this is…” but before Steve had a chance to finish Mia enveloped Doris in a tight hug and couldn’t help the few tears that escaped her eyes. Even though the amount of time they spent together before Doris had “died” was relatively short, Steve’s mother always treated Mia as one of her own and Mia had grown to see her as the mother figure she didn’t have at home.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she took a step back looking a bit embarrassed as she wiped the few tears she let escape, “you probably don’t remember me. I’m Mia, Mia Summers.”

“Mimi? My little Mimi?,” asked Doris, calling her the pet name she had given Mia when she was younger, “Wow, look at you, all grown up and more beautiful than ever. Come ‘ere and give me another hug.” Mia gladly complied.

Steve was surprised by Mia’s warm welcome towards his mother, who had faked her own death to “protect” her family. He remembered how close his mother and Mia became during the time they dated. They thought of each other as mother and daughter, even though Doris already had her own daughter, but something in Mia always made people like her instantly. He couldn’t help the smile that escaped him as he remembered this. He just wished Mia was still the same warm and loving girl she was once. Well at least to his mother she still seemed to be the same girl. As he looked around, Steve remembered what he was going to ask Danny,
“So what’s with all the extra security?” he asked.

“We’ve got a problem,” Danny began, but was interrupted by Mia as she said,

“WoFat escaped,” she answered suddenly becoming very serious.

“What?! How did that happen?” demanded Steve, his signature aneurysm face in place and hands on his hips.

“We don’t know. That’s what we’re still trying to figure out,” answered Danny taking in everyone’s grim looking face. “Until we locate him, “Shelbourne”,” he said motioning towards Doris with his thumb, “needs to be placed in a safe house.”

Steve nodded and told them they better get moving. “I want roadblocks everywhere, check every car if possible,” he ordered.

Once they were on their way, Danny filled Steve in on everything that had occurred during his absence and then he heard Danny mention they needed someone they could trust to help protect Doris, to which Mia instantly volunteered but Steve turned her down, saying he had someone else in mind. At Mia’s hurt look in the rearview mirror he quickly clarified, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, Mia. I do. I just need you at headquarters helping locate WoFat.” He saw Mia simply nod and turn away to look outside the window.

As Mia looked out the window, she became curious as to who was going to be put in charge of Doris’ security. So she asked Steve, “So who is going to keep your mom secured?”

“Catherine,” he blurted without thinking.

Her curiosity picked, she asked, “Who’s Catherine?”

Suddenly the atmosphere became awkward. She noticed Steve become extremely uncomfortable as he squirmed in his spot on the driver’s seat, something rare in him.

“She’s a friend,” was all he said not looking at anyone but the road ahead of him.

Danny just snorted at Steve’s response to which Mia asked, “What was that Danny? You have something to say?”

“No ma’am, I’m good,” he replied.

And that was all that was said on the topic. Mia leaned back on her seat and couldn’t help but wonder who this “Catherine” person was, a “friend” according to Steve. Yeah right, she thought, probably his girlfriend, not that she cared if he had one or not.

Steve dropped Mia and Danny off at headquarters and sped off to take Doris to the safe house.

“So, Mia and you? I take it you guys aren’t together anymore?” initiated Doris, trying to engage her son in conversation, trying to catch up on his life.

“Really? What gave it away? Was it the fact that she barely looked at me when she talked or that she even talked to me at all?” he answered sarcastically.

“Don’t get smart with me. I know your mad but I’m still your mother, and no none of those. Although, now that you mention it, I did notice that too. What gave it away were the way she looked at you when you weren’t looking and the way she reacted upon hearing the name “Catherine”.”

“You’re right, I’m still mad at you. Just because you suddenly reappeared in my life does not give you the right to probe into it. As for being my mother, you stopped being one the moment you decided to fake your own death. Now you’re just the woman who gave birth to me.”

“No matter what you think, don’t ever disrespect me like that again. I’m still your mother and I did what I did thinking it was the right thing at the time. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I wasn’t, but we’re all human. We make mistakes.”

“Yeah, well that mistake took my father’s life,” Steve finalized turning to look at Doris after shutting off the engine announcing their arrival at the safe house and then getting out of the car not giving her a chance to reply.

Three hours later, the team had found Delano, but still no sign of WoFat. Everyone was ok physically, with just a bruise here or there. Chin had killed Delano, but he still wasn’t feeling any better, who would after what he went through?

“Hey guys,” said Kono walking at a fast pace towards where Chin, Mia and Danny were, “WoFat knows where Shelbourne is and he’s probably on his way to the safe house, if he isn’t there already. Steve just left and I suggest we get moving. He might need backup.”

“Wait how does he know this?” asked Danny as they all made their way towards their respective cars.

“One of Delano’s helping hands confessed right before dying. It was Delano who helped WoFat escape,” answered Kono.

“Son of a bitch, let’s go then.”

They all got in their cars and sped off in the direction of the safe house.

When Steve arrived at the safe house he noticed two guards on the floor, so he quickly drew his gun and made his way inside.

“Mom!” he called out but received no response and then he heard three gunshots upstairs and starting running up the stairs calling out for his mom. “Mom! Mom!”

When Steve made his way into the room he saw his mother with a gun in her hands, alone. “Where’s WoFat?” he demanded.

“He went out through the window when he heard you,” replied a nervous Doris.

At the same time, Catherine made her way into the room, “Did you get him?”

“No, he’s gone, again,” he answered full of frustration at having lost WoFat once again. “Are you both okay?”

“Yeah,” they answered in unison.

As they made their way downstairs, the team was making their way inside with their guns drawn ready to shoot anyone.

“Guys you can put those down, he’s gone,” he told them. Turning to Doris, he said, “We need to put you on a plane and send you somewhere where I don’t even know where you are. You’re not safe here.”

“I understand,” nodded Doris.

As Steve talked to his mother, Mia couldn’t help but take in the woman standing next to him. So this is Catherine, she thought, pretty gal. Before anyone noticed her staring, she directed herself at everyone in the room, “Hey guys we better get moving. We want to get Doris out of here as soon as possible.”
At everyone’s nod in agreement, the team made their way outside.

Steve had noticed Mia staring at Catherine and he didn’t know if he imagined it or not but for a moment he thought he saw a sad look cross Mia’s face. But before he had a chance to introduce them, she spoke up saying they had to get moving. Now Steve was on his way to the airport where a private plane would take Doris somewhere safe.

While Steve watched the plane take off, he heard a car and then hurried steps making their way towards him. He turned and noticed it was his partner Danny. “Hey Danno, what are you doing here?”

“Steve you’re not going to like what I have to say. I just received a call from our crime scene investigators. Steve the three shots that were fired were all aimed at the floor. So either your mom is really bad at shooting, which then I wouldn’t understand how she was in the CIA, or she lied to you.”

“She let WoFat escape,” concluded Steve. “Why?” he asked to no one in particular as he turned to look at the plane that was on its way to god knows where.


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