Time Changes Everything

Chapter 9

Mia was tired. No, scratch that, she was exhausted, but it was a Friday night and she did not want to go home so she decided to call Savanna and see if she wanted to meet up for drinks, to which she gladly accepted, except that it would have to be at her restaurant’s bar since it was Friday night, which meant busy night and Savanna had to be there in case she was needed. So Mia made the fifteen minute drive to downtown Honolulu.

“Hey,” greeted Savi as she gave Mia a hug. “You look beat.”

“I know, but I didn’t feel like going to my apartment and it’s Friday,” she finished as she sat on one of the bar stools.

“So what can I get you to drink?” Savi asked her.

“I’ll take a beer,” she said, “and this time drinks are on me, since last time my meal was free.”

“Alright,” turning to the barman she said, “Mike, two beers please,” to which Mike nodded and placed two cold beers in front of them right away.

Mia took a long chug before saying, “Gosh you have no idea how I needed that.”

“So what haves you in such a depressed mood. I mean besides looking exhausted, you also look like you’re about to cry a river.”

Mia filled Savanna in on everything that had happened in the last couple of days since she had last seen her and before she knew it, Mia was already on her fourth beer.

“Wow I can’t believe Mama McGarrett faked her own death,” said Savi with a shake of her head.

“Me neither and Steve is really pissed about that,” slurred Mia, the effects of the consumed alcohol on an empty stomach becoming more and more noticeable.

“Well yeah, it’s understandable. I mean, because of her his father was murdered. I would be pissed too,” said Savi.

“Yeah, well she’s here now. Well not here, here in Hawaii anymore. She’s gone again, ironic right?” giggled an obviously now drunk Mia, who was making her way towards her fifth beer.

“I think that’s enough for you,” advised Savi as she removed the fifth beer from Mia once she placed it back on the counter. “You’re already drunk. I think you should head home and sleep it off now. You are obviously not driving yourself home in that state.”

“Come on Savi, don’t be such a party pooper and I can catch a cab.” slurred Mia.

“I’m not letting you go by yourself in that state and unfortunately I can’t give you a ride home. I’m needed here tonight,” an apologetic Savi said motioning to the restaurant, “but let me call someone for you and take you home.” Savanna took Mia’s cell phone from the counter where she had placed it when she arrived. “Let’s see, who do you want me to call?” she asked as she scrolled through her contact lists of the people she knew in Hawaii. “Chin?”

“Nope, I don’t want to disturb him. He still needs the time to mourn his wife.”


“Nope, he said something about having his daughter tonight.”

“Ok. Kono?”


“Then that only leaves us with McGarrett, unless you want me to call the governor,” concluded Savanna.

“No way, gosh please not him. Can’t you take me home?” whined Mia.

“I’m really sorry babe. I promise to make it up to you but honestly he’s our only option.”

“Fine,” mumbled Mia as she put her head on the counter.

Steve was just getting off his truck outside his house when he felt his phone vibrate inside his pocket. Looking at the caller id he saw that it was Mia. Strange, he thought.

“Hey Mia,” he greeted, but was responded by another female voice he did not recognize right away.

“Sorry to disappoint you Commander,” stated Savi dryly. “It’s Savanna. Listen, do you think you can come and pick up Mia at my restaurant? She’s in no condition to drive and no one else is available to drive her home.”

“What’s wrong? Is she alright?” asked Steve full of concern already making his way back into his truck and driving away.

“Can you pick her up, yes or no?” ask an obviously annoyed Savanna. “Keep in mind you were our last option.”

“Geez, thanks a lot Savi,” he answered sarcastically. “I’m on my way.”

“Alright,” she answered. “Oh and Steve?”


“Only friends are allowed to call me Savi, so next time, it’s Savanna for you,” and with that the line went dead.

Steve looked at his phone like it had grown another head and thought, what’s her problem?

Steve arrive about twenty minutes later and as he made his way into the restaurant towards the bar section he saw Savanna next to whom he assumed to be Mia, since he couldn’t really tell due to the way she had her head on the counter.

As Steve made his way towards the bar, Savanna noticed him first and leaned close to Mia to whisper to her that Steve was here. Mia quickly picked up her head to turn and see where he was at but regretted doing so instantly after almost losing her balance on the stool.

“Whoa, that was close,” Steve said as he held onto Mia from the waist to prevent her from falling off the stool obviously noting she was very drunk.

Mia slowly turned to face him, not wanting to repeat what just happened and told him, using her finger to poke him on the chest. “Keep your hands to yourself Commander,” she slurred. “Keep in mind that this was her idea,” she said pointing to Savanna and then to herself, “not mine. I could have easily taken a cab.”

“Right and you of all people should know how dangerous that can be in your state,” reasoned Steve as he helped Mia off the stool.

“Blah, blah, blah. Are you done dad?” she asked obviously not impressed. “Can we go home now?”

Noting that they were ready to leave, Savanna directed herself at Steve, “You better get her home safe and sound. If I hear you hurt her in any way I will personally hunt you down. Do I make myself clear McGarret?”

“You know you can trust me Savanna,” answered Steve obviously insulted by Savi’s threat, “I would never intentionally hurt her.”

Savanna snorted and told him, “Yeah well you should have thought about that the first time you hurt her.” And with that Savanna walked away.

Steve led Mia towards his truck, which he had left right at the entrance. While Steve tried to get the passenger seat opened, Mia leaned closer to Steve and heard her whisper against his ear,

“Hmm, you smell reeeally good,” causing him to shiver in response.

“Mia don’t do this,” he told her as he felt her lips on his neck. Steve cursed himself for the way he was letting Mia affect him but he also knew that if she were sober she’d be as far away from him as possible, so he did what she would have done, he pushed her away. “Listen Mia, right now you’re not in the right state of mind. You’re obviously very drunk. If you were sober it’d be another story. You’d probably be as far away from me as possible. Now let’s not complicate this anymore than it already is and get in the truck so I can take you home.”

Steve was looking into Mia’s eyes as he spoke. She seemed to be thinking it over and after a few seconds she had apparently made her decision.

“Okay,” she said smiling big at him, “take me home.”

Steve just rolled his eyes noticing she obviously had no idea what he had just said.

When they arrived at her building, Steve quickly made his way around to her door with the intention of helping her out.
“You okay to walk?” he asked her as he held onto her waist.

“Yes, sir,” she saluted at him, mocking his military career then bursting into a fit of giggles.

“I think I’ll just help you get up to your apartment.”

Once they were outside her door, Mia leaned against the door frame and played with the tips of her hair as she waited for Steve to open the door.

“Mia where are your keys?” he asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” she replied obviously distracted as she became suddenly fascinated with her split ends. “Wow, look Steve, and I just had it trimmed not so long ago,” she pouted.

“Come on Mia help me out here,” he muttered as he began checking the pockets on her jeans causing Mia to giggle and lean in closer to him.

“Geez Steve, what will the neighbors think? Can’t wait ’til we’re inside?” she asked as she started drawing imaginary circles on his chest.

“Ha, found them,” he said as if he had just made a big discovery. “Alright Mia, let me just get this door open and you’ll be home safe and sound,” he promised as he got the door open with a bit of a struggle from having Mia practically hanging onto him.

Once they were inside, Steve closed the door and when he turned to face Mia he didn’t know what hit him. He was pushed against the door and suddenly Mia had her lips on his lips, kissing him hungrily and placing her hands around his neck. As he recovered from the momentary shock, Steve couldn’t help but respond to Mia’s kiss. He returned the kiss with equal hunger and the fact that she began threading her fingers into his hair drove him crazy. He wanted her and he made her notice it as he pressed his growing bulge onto her, eliciting a moan from somewhere deep in her throat. Steve lost it at that moment; he grabbed her legs, pushed her up to him, and carried her to the sofa, momentarily breaking the contact as he laid her down. But before he could go anywhere, Mia grabbed him from the front of his shirt and pushed him on top of her.

“Where do you think your going mister,” he heard her whisper against his neck as she put her hands under his shirt, stroking his back with her fingernails driving him crazy and turning him on even more, if possible. He kissed her neck and then returned his attention to her lips grinding his erection against her as she enveloped him with her legs and pressed him closer to her, showing her how much he wanted her. As he felt Mia begin to lift up his shirt he mentally fought an internal battle with himself, should he stop knowing she was drunk and would definitely hate him even more if anything did happen or keep going knowing she was drunk and would definitely hate him even more if anything did happen. Either way she was bound to hate him and Steve didn’t want her to hate him anymore than she already did and end up regretting it. He didn’t want to take advantage of her current state, so he stopped kissing her and gently removed himself from her.

“We can’t do this Mia,” he whispered in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

But Mia wasn’t listening; she had other things on her mind as she sat up and wrapped her hands around his neck intent on turning his attention back to what they were doing. “Come on Steve, I know you want this too,” she whispered seductively.

“Mia, come on, stop it, you’re drunk.”

Mia looked like she wanted to cry as Steve removed her hands from around his neck, stood up, and made his way over to the balcony door.

“It’s her isn’t it?” she asked.

“It’s who?” Steve asked her with a confused face.

“Your ‘friend’, Catherine,” stated Mia. “I’m not stupid. Tell me Steve, what does she have that I don’t?”

“Mia, please don’t do this,” pleaded Steve as he turned to face outside the balcony doors. If only she knew, he thought, that Catherine was the last person on his mind right now. He wanted her, of that he had no doubt, but not like this. When and if anything did happen between them, he wanted Mia to be completely sober and wanting him too.

“Don’t do what Steve? I’m not asking you to explain to me your reasons for leaving me when I needed you the most, for not contacting me while you were gone, for being so selfish. I mean, the least you can do is answer that question.” she sneered.

Steve was beginning to lose his temper with Mia. He turned to face her, made his way to her and grabbed her from the arms. He leaned close to her face and told her, “You know what Mia; I’m tired of you accusing me of something I have no idea what you’re talking about. So if you’re not going to be clear with me then I’m done with this conversation.” He let her go and started walking to the door.

Mia didn’t know what overcame her. Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol she had consumed that night but she couldn’t seem to stop her tongue, and blurted out to Steve’s retreating back on the verge of tears, “I was pregnant.”


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