Time Heals All Wounds

Chapter 11

The weeks passed and things were slowly going back to normal in the McGarrett household, or so they thought. Mia began with her training to get back into shape for work despite Steve’s protests. Now Mia was making her way into the Women’s Community Correctional Center to pay a visit to someone she had not seen in over a year.

Mia walked into the prison with a straight back. If she had to face her demons she would have to start with the woman who had hurt her the most. It was ironic how the woman who was supposed to hold your hand and help you get up when you fell was the same woman who had pushed her down and tried to keep her crushed on the floor. Mia was done letting other people try to rule her life. She was done being afraid.

As Mia waited in the private room she had requested using her badge, which she had found in a locked box in one of Steve’s drawers along with her gun, she recalled the last two weeks since Steve returned home.


Mia was sitting down on the couch in the living room anxiously waiting for Steve to get home. He had called her earlier and asked, better yet, ordered her to stay home because he was on his way. She checked her watched and noticed it was only four thirty in the afternoon, twenty minutes since Steve’s call. Mia found it odd that Steve would call to tell her to stay home. What she found stranger was the way he sounded, very serious but there was also something else in his voice she could not decipher.

Mia stood up and began walking around the house not knowing what to do with herself. Sophie was down for a nap and the entire house was spotless from the cleaning she had done that morning after returning from the gym. Mia had been doing some physical training in the mornings for the last two weeks since Steve returned home to get back in form to go back to work. It was Friday and Mia would talk to Steve about returning on Monday. She had already contacted a highly qualified babysitter thanks to Rachel, whom she had gotten back in contact with about a week ago. All she had to do now was talk to Steve.

Mia was about to walk up the stairs to check on Sophie when she heard the doorknob turn and saw Steve walk in. “Hey I’m glad you’re home,” Mia said as Steve leaned in to kiss her in form of greeting. “You sounded very serious on the phone. Want to tell me what’s going on?”

“Come on, join me over here,” Steve said leading her to sit on the couch. He watched her as she sat on the couch and then sat next to her turning to make sure they were facing each other.

“Steve what’s going on?” Mia asked becoming worried by Steve’s strange behavior. She watched him as he grabbed her hands and held on to them.

“Mia, you know I love you, right?” Steve said and waited for some form of acknowledgement from Mia. When she nodded, he continued. “Do you remember the last argument we had before we got married? You had kept something very important from me, something I had every right to know about because it was about our child.”

Mia frowned not knowing where Steve was going with this. “Yes, I remember it clearly. I was afraid you almost called off the wedding but I don’t understand what that has to do with anything.”

Steve gave Mia’s hands a gentle squeeze and looked intently into her eyes. “When that happened you promised you would always be open with me. You wouldn’t hide anything from me.”

Mia dropped her gaze knowing where Steve was going with this. “This is about your mom and Mangosta, right?”

Steve let go of one hand to scratch his eyebrow and sighed. “No but that’s something we still have to discuss. This is something that has nothing to do with my mother.”

“Okay, then I don’t understand,” Mia said looking at Steve with confusion written on her face.

“I ran into Jake today,” Steve said gauging for any reaction from Mia but not receiving what he expected. “We talked for a bit and he brought up and interesting topic.”

Mia had no idea where Steve was going. What did Jake, Savi’s husband, have to do with anything? “Okay Steve, what’s going on? What does Jake have to do with anything?”

“Mia, how do Jake and Savanna know for a fact who kidnapped you when you haven’t even confirmed it to me?” Steve said in a serious tone looking right into Mia’s eyes. He felt the moment Mia tensed and when she tried to pull away, he held on tighter. “Mia? Look I don’t want to get into an argument. I just want you to talk to me, please. Why do they know it was WoFat because that’s who it was. You and I both know it.”

Mia managed to disengage her hands from Steve’s firm hold and stood to walk to the other side from the room, away from Steve. “Savanna has a big mouth. She shouldn’t even have known in the first place,” Mia said tensely.

“Why not, Mia? What’s wrong with her knowing?” Steve asked as he stood up.

Mia whirled around and spread her hands in front of her. “Everything,” she said loudly. “If you’ve known all along why haven’t you captured him? Why is he still on the loose?”

“You know it hasn’t been easy to capture WoFat. Besides we don’t have much on your case and you’re not helping either,” Steve said as he walked to stand in front of Mia and pointed a finger at her.

Mia looked at Steve with unshed tears in her eyes. “I can’t tell you Steve,” Mia whispered.

“See that right there is what I don’t understand. We all know WoFat is the one responsible. Why can’t you accept it and make our case easier!” Steve said raising his voice as he finally began losing his patience.

“Because they’ll kill you and Sophie!” Mia shouted back without thinking. Mia’s eyes widen in shock. She placed a hand over her mouth not believing what she had said. “Oh my god.”

Steve froze in horror after hearing Mia’s words. Who would dare to threaten his child? He watched the horror in Mia’s face at her confession and she was about to run but Steve pulled her to him and made her face him. “What the hell are you talking about?” Steve said in between clenched teeth. “Who threatened to kill us?”

Mia shook her head not wanting to say anymore. She had already said too much and if whoever was keeping an eye on her family found out she was sure they would keep their word.

“Answer me, Mia. Stop with the secrets and answer me dammit,” Steve demanded.

“Please, Steve,” Mia begged in a broken whisper.

“I’m sorry Mia but I’m not going to let it go, not this time, not when the life of our daughter is in danger,” Steve said seriously, looking into her eyes. “Whoever is threatening you, we’ll fight it together but you have to tell me everything.”

“I’m scared,” Mia whispered. “I’m afraid if I say something they’ll come after you and Sophie. With WoFat on the run I don’t know if he’s close or not. That man is very dangerous, Steve. I, I don’t know what he wants. I don’t know why he took me away.”

Steve led Mia to sit on the couch and he sat on the coffee table facing her but never letting go of her shaking hands. Mia was opening up to him and he hoped she would tell him everything. “Is he the one threatening you?”

Mia shook her head. “No,” she said in a small voice as she stared at a blank point somewhere over Steve’s shoulder. “There was someone else. WoFat was only there once a week, I think. I don’t know how many there were. I only saw one besides WoFat, the man who would bring my food. The same man who let me go.”

Steve snapped his head to face Mia. “He let you go?”

Mia nodded. “He didn’t know what WoFat wanted me for. I had nothing they could use. I’m not sure if he’s someone WoFat joined forces with to try to rebuild after escaping from prison but from the way he spoke it seemed like he was in charge too.” Mia took a shaky breath as she used one hand to wipe the tears she had not noticed were still falling. “He said he would let me go but first he made sure I understood I was never to talk about him. He made it very clear he would be keeping a close eye on me, how, I don’t know. I don’t even know if someone is looking or he just said that to watch my back and make sure I didn’t say aynthing. I was led to a path that would lead me to an open road and all I had to do was run and no look back. So I did, I ran, I ran faster than I think I’ve ever ran. I was so focused on getting out of there I didn’t watch my step and tripped on a hole in the ground. After that I woke up in the hospital where you found me.”

“Did you see his face? Would you be able to recognize him if you saw him?” Steve asked searching Mia’s troubled face.

“No, they always wore masks, well, except WoFat,” she replied.

“Okay, did they hurt you in any way, Mia? During the whole time you were there, did they hurt you?”

“No, they just had me tied up with chains. I think the only reason I was still alive was because of that man. You know how WoFat is. If it were up to him I would’ve really been dead.”

Steve nodded not understanding why the man Mia was talking about didn’t kill her. He had risked a lot letting her go. Something wasn’t right. “Is that where you had been all this time after they took you from the hospital?”

“No,” she answered shaking her head. “Before they took me into the middle of nowhere I was in a much nicer place. I don’t know how long I was unconscious for or how long I had been in that place. The room was set up with everything I may need. That’s all I remember Steve.” Mia’s eyes were red and puffy and her hands were cold.

Steve smiled gently and caressed the side of her face with such gentleness Mia couldn’t help but lean into his touch. “You did great Mia. We’ll get through this together.”

“I’m tired of being afraid. I want my life back. I know when I decided to become an FBI agent I would have to always watch my back but none of that compares to how I feel now. It’s not just me anymore,” Mia said. “There’s you and Sophie now. That’s why you can’t say anything Steve. Focus on finding WoFat but leave that man out of it.”

Steve pulled back and stood up to walk to the other side of the reclining chair. He leaned his weight on his hands that were holding tight onto the top of the recliner as he looked at Mia. “That man is just as guilty, Mia, and he threatened not only my life but also the life of my daughter, our daughter. You expect me to sit tight and let him haunt you for the rest of your life?”

Mia stood but didn’t move from where she was. “I don’t know how the man looks like Steve so either way I wouldn’t be of much help there.” She walked around the recliner and stood next to Steve who continued to stare straight ahead. “Please, Steve.” Mia placed a hand on Steve’s arm and watched as he turned to look down at her.

“I’m going to let the team know. They’ve got to know.”

“No absolutely not,” Mia said firmly, grabbing Steve’s hand and squeezing it. “I don’t want to risk anyone else getting hurt.”

“So what do you want to do, go around like nothing happened?” Steve asked incredulous.

Mia nodded. “I think that’s the best we can do right now, Steve. At least until we find WoFat.”

We?” Steve asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m going back on Monday. I already talked to the Governor and so did my doctor. None of them see any reason to stop me from going back,” Mia said.

“You talked to the Governor? When?” Steve asked in disbelief.

“Yesterday while you were at work,” Mia replied.

“What happened to discussing things before we do them? We’re married, Mia, and as your husband I have a right to know what you plan on doing before you do it.”

“I know Steve but I knew if I talked about it you would find any excuse in the book to keep me from going back. I already have a very qualified babysitter so that won’t be an issue,” Mia explained.

“What about Sophie’s security?” Steve countered. “At least with you here you’ll be able to defend her if anything were to happen.”

“Steve, I can’t keep living my life in fear,” Mia said decisively. “I need to get my life back and if I stay here I’ll go crazy. The security in the house is top of the line. You made yourself positive about that. If anything were to happen we would know right away.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” Steve said retrieving his hand from Mia’s hold and then walking to the glass doors facing the backyard. “I’m going to find WoFat and I swear he’ll pay for everything he has done. Then I will find that man, Mia, and I swear he will regret the day he threatened our family.” Steve felt Mia’s arms wrap around his waist from behind and couldn’t help but feel some sense of relief because despite everything, he had Mia back and they were slowly working on rebuilding their family. He turned around in her embrace and held her face in between his hands. “I love you Mia,” he said softly before leaning down and kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

Mia felt like she could stay like this forever in Steve’s arms. She didn’t know how she could ever doubt her love for him because at this moment Mia didn’t know what she would do without Steve. Mia heard herself let out a moan as Steve’s calloused hands found their way under her blouse.

Steve led Mia backwards until they hit the desk, never breaking contact, and in one swift move he lifted Mia on top of the desk. “You know,” he whispered in a husky tone against Mia’s lips. “I don’t think we’ve ever done anything on this desk.”

Mia kissed Steve before replying with a smile on her lips. “You surprise me commander. A man of many talents, a smart man that is, and you never thought of this.”

“Well we’re going to change that,” Steve said back smiling before pushing off all the papers onto the floor. He was about to climb on top of Mia as she leaned back but a certain one year old crying halted his movements. Steve dropped his head as Mia laughed out loud causing his heart to constrict. This was the first time he had Mia laughed so carelessly in a very long time. How he had missed the sound of her laughter.

“Don’t you just love being a daddy?” Mia asked in between laughter as she pushed Steve away and hopped off the desk.

“You laugh now but I bet you won’t be laughing later when you’re the one left all high and dry,” Steve said playfully to Mia’s retreating back as she walked towards the stairs.

“Promises, promises,” Mia said in a laughing tone waving her hand in the air as she climbed the stairs leaving a frustrated Steve behind to pick up the mess of papers he had made. There was no doubt he was still the same control and clean freak she had fallen in love with.

*end of flashback*

Mia smiled at the memory of what happened that night. There was no doubt Steve and she had something special and she was grateful everyday he had not given up on her.

Coming back to the present, Mia turned around when she heard hurried steps outside the door and went to check what was going on. She opened the door and was almost run over by one of the many officers running. “Hey, what’s going on?” Mia asked stopping one of the officers and flashing her badge to show him she was an official.

“We’ve had a breakout,” was all the officer said before resuming his run.

“Hey, wait!” Mia shouted but it was useless. The officer was gone. Mia ran a hand through her hair as she stood in the middle of all the chaos. She turned when she heard her name being called.

“Agent McGarrett.”

She watched the prison’s guard that had checked her in approach her and by the look on his face she knew whatever he was going to say was not good. “Yes?”

“We have the whole place on lockdown,” he explained.

Mia waved him off and nodded. “I know,” she said knowing that was the most logical step taken after someone broke out.

“I’m afraid the person you were here to see is the same person who broke out.”

Mia stopped her pacing and stared dumbfounded at the guard. She let out a nervous chuckle. “You’re kidding me, right?” she asked knowing he was not kidding but not wanting to believe what she was hearing.

“I’m afraid not Agent McGarrett.”

Mia pushed passed the guard taking out her cell phone in the process to call Steve. “Dammit Steve, answer,” she muttered as she reached her car and redialed but still received no response. When the voicemail answered Mia left him a quick message as she sped away from the prison.

Steve and Danny were on their way to headquarters after visiting their crime scene where WoFat had managed to walk right passed them dressed in a cop uniform. Steve was furious. He couldn’t believe WoFat had fooled them. The bastard was right under their noses the entire time and no one seen him until a damn reporter tried interviewing him.

“We’ll find him Steve,” Danny’s voice interrupted his thoughts as they sped down the streets of Honolulu.

“We had him Danny, right under our noses,” Steve said feeling the anger surfacing again.

“Come on Steve, no one expected him to be there of all places,” Danny pointed out. “Hey I think you have a message.” Danny had noticed something blinking from the corner of his eye and when he looked he noticed it was Steve’s phone which was sitting in the cup holder.

Steve grabbed his phone when they stopped at a red light and saw it was a voice mail. He dialed his voicemail and put the phone on speaker as the light turned green.

“Steve, listen, I’m at the women’s prison and there’s been a breakout,” Mia’s agitated voice sounded through the phone. “My mother escaped and I don’t know what her plan is or where she’s going but I’m on my way home to get Sophie. Meet me there when you get this.”

Steve and Danny looked at each other after hearing the panic in Mia’s voice and Steve didn’t waste another second. He turned on the siren and made a quick U-turn.

Mia hit the brakes hard when she entered the driveway and grabbed the gun she had hidden under her seat. She checked to make sure it was loaded and ran to the door but when she reached it she realized the door was slightly ajar.

Mia walked in slowly with her gun raised ready to shoot at the first sign of danger. She walked the whole downstairs slowly but there was no one there. Then she heard it, Sophie crying upstairs. “Sophie!” Mia shouted as she ran up the stairs. “Sophi-”

“Well, well, well, look who we have here.”

“M-mom,” Mia said in a small tremulous voice. Mia looked around and saw Ally, the babysitter on the floor lying unconscious. Mia didn’t know if she was dead or not. She raised her gun to her mother never taking her eyes off her. “Put her down. Put her down or I swear I’ll shoot you.”

“Now, now, I know you wouldn’t be so stupid to put your child’s life in any danger,” Samantha said as she bounced a crying Sophie on her waist while she waved carelessly the gun she had in her other hand.

“Mom, please put her down,” Mia said more forceful as she took a tentative step forward.

“Not another step Mia or I swear I’ll kill her.”

Samantha walked forward as Mia felt the tip of something cold dig in her skull.

“Drop the weapon,” she heard an all too familiar voice behind her. “Drop the weapon or your daughter dies.”

Slowly, Mia placed her gun on the floor and watched as her mother picked it up before pushing past her and rushing down the stairs. Mia wasn’t going to let them take her daughter. She would do whatever was in her power to get her daughter back even if they killed her. Without thinking twice about it she kicked the person behind her hard on the knee. She turned to pick up the gun but the other person was faster and pushed her away. Mia put up a good fight but that person was trained and she was pushed against the wall hitting the back of her head a bit too hard causing her to lose consciousness as the distant crying of her daughter faded.

Steve and Danny arrived in record time with Chin and Kono tailing right behind after Danny called them for back-up. Steve ran past Mia’s car which had been left with the door open. Steve and Kono checked downstairs while Danny and Chin took the upstairs. Steve noticed the patio door was open but nothing seemed to have been disturbed.

“Steve, upstairs,” Danny shouted.

Steve and Kono rushed upstairs to find the scene in the hall. Steve dropped to his knees and pushed Mia’s hair out of her face. “Mia, Mia, come on wake up,” Steve urged as he checked her pulse.

“She has a pulse,” Chin informed as he finished checking on the other body just inside the room. “Kono call HPD and an ambulance for Mia and the sitter. They’re both just unconscious.”

“Already on it cuz,” Kono said as she rushed back downstairs to make the call.

Steve touched Mia’s head and felt something sticky. He checked his hand and saw that it was covered in blood.

“Looks like she was pushed against the wall,” Danny said as he processed the scene and saw blood on the wall.

Steve felt Mia stir and tried to sit up but he held her back. “Mia? You need to stay down. Help is on their way.”

“Sophie, they took Sophie,” Mia cried out as she pushed Steve’s hand away.

Steve froze and snapped his head in the direction of the nursery. He ran into the room but there was no sign of Sophie. Steve rushed back to the hall where Mia was now sitting against the wall with Danny helping her. He crouched down in front of Mia and placed a hand in her arm. “Who took her? Mia, who took Sophie?”

Mia winced in pain as she held on to Steve and got up on her wobbly feet with his help. “Samantha, took her,” Mia cried looking into Steve’s stormy blue eyes. “Samantha, and, and-”

“Samantha and who? Who else was here Mia?” Steve demanded.


Steve let go of Mia at the mention WoFat and she was lucky Danny was right next to her to hold on to her as her vision blurred before everything went black once again.

“Mia!” Steve shouted as he watched his wife collapse and grabbed her with the help of Danny. Steve felt someone push him away as help arrived and Mia was looked at by the paramedics. He watched in a daze as everyone moved around him. He’d done it, WoFat had hit him where it hurt the most, his daughter.

“Hey Steve,” Danny whispered as he crouched in front if Steve. “They’re about to take off with Mia. Are you riding with them or do you want me to drive you?”

Steve heard the words but he wasn’t sure he understood. Everything was a big blur. Mia had been hurt but he had to find his daughter. He knew that’s what Mia would want him to do.

He stood up and looked at Danny. “Call Savanna. Have her meet Mia at the hospital. I’m going to find my daughter.”


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