Time Heals All Wounds

Chapter 12

Mia woke up in a half lit room about two hours later feeling disoriented. She checked out her surroundings and realized she was in a hospital. Her head was pounding and she felt like she had been run over by a semi truck. She tried sitting up but instantly regretted it when the pain intensified so she lay back down. Mia was rubbing her eyes to try to get rid of the fuzziness when the reason why she was in the hospital hit her.

Sophie. WoFat and her mother had taken her daughter and she wasn’t able to do anything about it. Well if she couldn’t do anything about it she sure as hell was going to do whatever it took to find her daughter.

Mia began to slowly sit up, ignoring the pain she was feeling, and reached for her clothes which was sitting inside a drawer right next to the bed. She had her pants halfway up when her best friend Savanna walked in.

“What in the world are you doing?” Savanna asked clearly not amused to see her friend out of bed and getting dressed like she was going somewhere.

“I am going to find my daughter,” Mia said tersely. “And nothing you say or do will keep me from doing that.”

“Mia, that’s insane!” Savi said loudly trying to reason with Mia. “You are in no condition to go out there and do who knows what. For crying out loud, you have a concussion!”

Mia turned to face Savanna as she finished buttoning her blouse. “My daughter is out there, Savanna, and the longer I wait to find her the higher the chances are of WoFat taking her out of the island.”

“There’s and Amber Alert out for Sophie and Steve is already looking for her. He’s going to go mad when he finds out you left the hospital.” Savanna knew she was wasting her breath but she had to exhaust every excuse to keep Mia from leaving the hospital. Mia had her mind and set and when she did there was no going back.

Mia walked to the door where Savanna was blocking her way and gave Savi a cold look. “Look Savanna, you either move from my way and drive me to headquarters or I’ll move you and find my own way.”

Savanna sighed and reluctantly nodded. “Fine, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”

Steve, Danny and Chin were gathered around the computer table going through everything they had gathered from their crime scene and the other leads they had gathered as the investigation progressed. The only strong fact they had was that WoFat and Samantha, Mia’s mother were working together. How they had managed to get in touch with each other was something no understood. There was no evidence that signaled WoFat had visited Samantha in prison and that would be too risky.
“Okay, so I got something,” Kono informed the rest of the team as she walked out of her office to join them. She inserted her USB and a video from the surveillance camera in the prison’s visiting room began playing. “I went through every surveillance camera where Samantha can be seen and found something interesting. In this video we see Samantha with a man, a very mysterious man. From this angle of the camera you can’t see who he is but when I checked the cameras at the check-in area we get a clear shot of his face. Clearly the man used a fake identification because when I ran him through facial recognition, the check-in information he gave and what I got did not match.”

“Okay, so who is he?” Steve asked annoyed that Kono didn’t get to the point fast enough for his liking. He knew she was working as fast as possible and was doing a great job but Steve was desperate for answers. His daughter’s life was at risk.

“Steve, this is our dead man,” Kono confirmed.

Steve’s head snapped to look at Kono and then to the clear image of their dead man.

“When I got a hit I realized we had seen him and then I remembered the picture the girlfriend gave us,” she explained as she pointed to the images. “I’m thinking this guy worked for WoFat.”

“Okay so WoFat used him as his connection to Samantha, why? Why Samantha?” Chin asked.

“Because Samantha is Mia’s mother and somehow he knows Samantha hates Mia. He used that to his advantage to get back not only at Mia but at me as well and I know exactly what he wants,” Steve explained.


The team turned startled by the sudden presence of Mia.

“This is what it has been from the beginning. WoFat wants Shelburne and he’s using whatever resource possible to get what he wants. He tried torturing Steve for it but go nothing and then he faked my death hoping to get his information from me with no one out there looking for me. It was the perfect plan. Everyone thought I was dead except he didn’t count on me escaping before he could get what he wanted.” Mia never took her eyes off the screen where the images of the man that visited her mother were being displayed.

“Okay first of all, what are you doing here?” Steve was not happy to see Mia standing there when she was supposed to be in a hospital bed resting.

“I’m here to find my daughter,” Mia said simply as she turned to face Steve.

“I really tried to stop her,” Savanna said from where she was standing behind Mia. “But she threatened to find her own way over here and I thought it was best that I bring her here so you can knock some sense into her.”

“Nothing neither one of you say is going to stop me from finding my daughter. Whether you like it or not I will help find Sophie.” Mia was being very firm and leaving no space for discussion, something Steve didn’t like in the least bit.

Steve was furious with Mia. How could she be so careless. Her health was important too and walking around with a concussion was not helping matters. “In my office, now,” Steve ordered pointing to his office.

Steve walked into his office right after Mia and closed the door behind him. He rooted himself right by the door and crossed his arms in front of him. “Do you have any idea how stupid it was for you to leave that hospital bed? There could be repercussions. You just got your memory back for crying out loud. Do you want to go back to where we were not so long ago?”

“I know it was stupid but I want to help find my daughter,” Mia shot back wincing at the loudness of her voice.

Steve noticed Mia wince and her voice wasn’t even that loud. “Look at you, you can’t even handle the slightest noise. How are you going to go around looking for Sophie when you can barely handle the noise.”

Mia leaned against the desk as she felt the floor beneath her move slightly but she shook it off right away. “Look Steve, I am going to find Sophie with or without your approval.”

“None of this would be happening if you would have stayed home like I wanted you to,” Steve retorted. “The only reason we’re in this predicament is because you were so damn stubborn to return to work when Sophie needed you to stay home.”

“Oh don’t you dare put this on me,” Mia snapped as she walked to stand in front of Steve and poked him on the chest. “Neither one of us knew my mother and that bastard were in on this together. And if you really want to blame someone take a look at yourself in a mirror, Steve. This goes all the way back to your mother and father. What WoFat is doing is all because of your family and you know it. If you really want this to stop make your mother tell you why WoFat wants her because that’s who he wants, right? Assuming she was even telling you the truth from the beginning about being Shelburne.” Mia’s gaze never wavered from Steve’s. She held her ground and she was going to hold it despite whatever Steve’s decision was.

Steve fought an internal battle. He knew everything Mia was saying about his family’s connection to WoFat was true but he didn’t have to like it. If he didn’t allow Mia to join the team on the investigation she would go out of her way to conduct her own investigation and judging by Mia’s appearance, Steve preferred to have her on his side where he could keep an eye on her. “Alright, I’ll let you come along, but-”

Mia rolled her eyes, the act itself causing her to wince once again in pain. “Of course there’s always a but.”

Steve ignored her remark and continued. “But at the first sign of you not feeling well you are going straight back to the hospital and letting me handle everything.”

“Fine,” Mia agreed right away because she knew it was this or the highway.

Steve nodded. “Alright then, that’s settled.”

Mia and Steve joined the rest of the team shortly after and assured Savanna Steve would keep an eye on Mia.

“So I just got off the phone with the Secret Service,” Danny said coming back from his office where he received a call shortly after Mia and Steve walked into Steve’s office.

“The Secret Service?” Steve asked confused. “What could they possible want?”

“Well it appears our dead guy worked for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and he stole a set of master plates for the US one hundred dollar bill,” Danny explained. “But that’s not it. Apparently, our guy used a 3D printer to copy them.”

“Okay, Chin and Kono, I want you to bring in the girlfriend for questioning again,” Steve ordered.

The pair of cousins nodded and left right away. There was no time to waste and the sooner they found the connection between their dead guy and the copied bills, the sooner they would find their daughter.

“Why or how would WoFat be linked to someone who worked for the Bureau? I mean I understand why he would seek out my mother. He’s using her to get to us but him?” Mia asked pointing to the images on the screen. “And then he got rid of him.”

“Well that’s an easy one,” Danny responded. “WoFat needs money to rebuild his ’empire’ so he hires our dead guy for this, uses him to get in touch with Samantha, and then when he doesn’t need him anymore, WoFat gets rid of him.”

“There’s that or something didn’t go right and WoFat killed him,” Steve inserted.

Mia massaged her temples as she processed everything Danny and Steve were seeing. The pain wasn’t as bad as when she had woken up but if she made any sudden movement, like turning around quick or moving too fast, she would get dizzy.

Steve noticed what Mia was doing and became immediately worried. “Hey, do you need to sit down?” he asked as he approached her and placed a hand on her lower back.

“No, I’m good,” Mia responded.

“Come on Mia, don’t over do it. Have a seat at least until Chin and Kono come back.”

Mia nodded slowly and walked back into Steve’s office to lay down on his couch for a few minutes.

Danny watched the whole exchange from across the pair. Despite the fact that they were both moving on from their recent problems, Danny noticed there was some tension between the Steve and Mia. Danny didn’t want to make any assumptions so he blamed it on Sophie being kidnapped. “How is she doing? She doesn’t look to good,” Danny commented.

Steve rubbed his face and nodded. “She’s putting up a good front but I know she doesn’t feel too good. I couldn’t make her go back to the hospital and if I took her off the investigation I know she’ll do something stupid. It’s best if I’m around to keep an eye on her.”

Danny raised his eyebrows at Steve. “That’s interesting, sounds like someone I know,” he said giving Steve a pointed look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Steve said completely dismissing Danny as his focused returned to the computer table.

Danny shook his head and walked to his office.

Mia closed her eyes and began to massage her temples once again trying to ease the tension. She really needed to get a grip or she would be of no help to Steve and the team. She was beginning to doze off when she heard the door to the office open and close followed by footsteps approaching her. Mia opened her eyes and hazel eyes met blue eyes.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Danny asked softly as he looked down into Mia’s troubled eyes.

Mia smiled weakly as she slowly sat up. “I’m good,” Mia lied not meeting Danny’s worried face.

Danny grabbed a chair and placed it in front of Mia before taking a seat and leaning forward. “You don’t have to lie to me. I can see you’re in pain. Here, take two of these,” Danny said handing her a bottle of ibuprofen. “They’ll help reduce the pain, at least enough to continue with the investigation.”

“Thank you, Danny,” Mia whispered as she took the pills Danny handed her and grabbed the bottle of water she had placed on the floor right next to the couch.

Danny nodded in acknowledgement and watched as Mia took the pills. “We’re going to find Sophie. She’ll be home before you know it,” Danny said softly.

Mia raised her watery eyes to look at Danny. “Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve all this,” Mia confessed. “I have never done anything to hurt anyone. Why or how could my own mother do something so evil like kidnap not only her own daughter but her granddaughter? I just, I don’t get it.”

Danny sighed and grabbed Mia’s hands, giving them a gentle squeeze for support. “There is and always be evil people in this world. No matter how good we are, people will always find something to hurt us.”

“You know, Steve blamed me for Sophie’s kidnapping,” Mia said as a lone tear fell from her eye. “He thinks that if I would have stayed home with Sophie instead of coming back to work none of this would be happening.”

“Hey look at me,” Danny ordered softly. “I’m positive he didn’t mean that. He’s just frustrated he can’t find his daughter and hates the fact that there’s nothing he can do.”

“Steve would never say something he did not mean, Danny. You know that.”

“And you know how protective Steve is of the women in his life. He’s a father and a husband now, Mia. He’s terrified and saying things he doesn’t mean,” Danny said trying to help Mia see Steve’s point of view.

“I’m terrified too, Danny,” Mia responded bitterly. “If anyone is to blame, it’s his family and their past with WoFat. If it weren’t for them, none of this would be happening.”

“No one is to blame but the people responsible for this, WoFat and Samantha,” Danny said firmly. “You and Steve need to work together and support each other during these tough moments instead of tossing the blame back and forth.”

Mia was about to respond to Danny’s comment when Steve walked in startling her and causing her quickly retrieve her hands from Danny’s hold. Despite everything that was going on, Mia remembered Steve’s request that she tried to stay away from Danny. It hurt not to be able to be talk to or joke around with Danny like she used to but Steve was her husband and she didn’t want to give Steve any more motives to not trust her.

“Kono and Chin just got here and I’m about to go interview the girlfriend,” Steve said looking from Mia to Danny and back to Mia. Steve had seen Danny and Mia holding hands but he did not want to make a big deal out of it. Now was not the time.

Mia did not meet Steve’s eyes but she could feel Steve’s penetrating gaze boring into her. “I’m going with you,” Mia said standing up and meeting Steve’s gaze for the first time.

Steve nodded and walked out with Mia and Danny trailing behind.

Steve and Danny questioned the girlfriend with Mia watching in the background and all they got was the possibility that the girlfriend’s brother might be their suspect. That was better than nothing so the team go ready and quickly gathered their equipment to search for the brother.

The team arrived their suspect but not in the situation they were expecting. Someone had beat Five-0 to the scene and killed their suspect before Five0 had a chance to arrive and question him. The body was still warm so their killer was not far.

“Steve!” Mia shouted she came back into the room holding a pink blanket. “They were here. This is Sophie’s blanket. Sophie was here.”

Steve took Sophie’s blanket and looked at his surroundings. “They’re close. I wan to everyone to find them. They have Sophie with them.”
Everyone nodded and ran outside to look for WoFat, Samantha and Sophie.

“Steve, it’s WoFat!” Danny shouted as he spotted WoFat getting into a helicopter.

“Don’t let him get away!” Steve shouted as they began shooting.

“He’s alone!” Chin shouted back.

Steve watched as the helicopter began to get away so Steve made a mental calculation and used his skills at a final attempt to bring down the helicopter. He fired a shot straight at the helicopter and suddenly it came crashing down.

The team began a search of the helicopter but when they found it, no one was there. Suddenly a shot came out of no where and hit Chin.

“Chin!” Steve shouted as they hurried to their friend’s aid.

“I’m alright,” Chin said trying to get up. Fortunately everyone was wearing bulletproof vests and that protected Chin. “The shot came from that way so let’s go.”

Mia was following behind them when she heard the distant cries of Sophie coming from behind her. She stopped and turned to listen again. “Sophie,” she whispered when she heard it again. “Steve, I hear Sophie!” Mia didn’t wait for a response from Steve and she took off running in the opposite direction.

“Mia!” Steve shouted.

“I got her, boss!” Kono shouted before taking off after Mia.

Steve cursed inwardly before resuming their search.

Kono caught up to Mia and as the sound of Sophie became louder they slowed down to try not to make any noise. Two minutes later Mia and Kono had a clear view of Samantha and Sophie. It seemed like Samantha had put her down to try to catch her breath by the looks of it.

“I’ll go around and come up behind her while you distract her,” Mia whispered to Kono. Before Kono had a chance to respond Mia quietly hurried around in between the bushes and trees, positioned her body where she had a clear shot of Samantha, and readied her weapon in case things went from bad to worse. She caught Kono’s eyes and with a quick thumb up Kono made her appearance known.

“Five-0, put your hands up where I can see them,” Kono ordered as she made her appearance known, startling Samantha in the process.

Samantha smiled evilly and quickly grabbed Sophie’s hand. “Not another move or I put a bullet through the girl,” Samantha threatened as she pointed a gun at Sophie’s head.

“Drop your weapon and step away from the girl,” Kono ordered once again as she took a tentative step forward. “I will not say it again. Do as I say.”

Samantha laughed. “You think I’m joking?” Samantha asked coldly. She pressed her gun harder into Sophie’s head causing Sophie to cry out harder out of fear.

“Take that gun away from my daughter!” Mia demanded as she came out of her hiding spot.

Samantha swirled around so quickly with her gun up and ready to shoot at Mia but Mia was faster and without thinking about it, Mia shot Samantha twice. Stunned, Mia dropped her gun to the ground as she stared at the unmoving body of the woman who had given birth to her. Mia had just reacted. One second Samantha was pointing a gun at her daughter and the next she was turning around to shoot Mia. Mia lifted her gaze and saw Kono lifting Sophie into her arms. That made Mia snap out of her daze. She ran to Kono and grabbed Sophie, hugging her tightly to her body as tears of relief fell from her eyes.

“Book’em Danno,” Steve told Danny just as two shots were heard in the distance. Steve turned to looked at Danny and then in the direction in which the shots came from.

“Go, go, I got it covered,” Chin assured them as he began handcuffing WoFat.

Steve didn’t have to be told twice. He took off like a mad man with Danny right on his heels.

Steve was terrified of what he would find when he reached the scene but he put hid his fear and focused on getting to Mia as soon as possible. What he saw when he arrived was definitely not what he had been expecting. On the ground, Mia’s mother laid motionless. He turned his head slightly to the right to see Mia on her knees with Sophie in her arms and Kono hovering right beside them.

Kono was the first one to spot Steve and Danny and she gave them a sympathetic smile before joining Danny as Steve approached Mia and Sophie. She understood they needed some time to rejoice on the fact that they had Sophie.

Steve dropped to his knees right in front of Sophie and Mia as tears welled in his eyes. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he gathered both of them in his strong arms and placed a kiss on top of each of their heads. “Are, are you two okay?” Steve asked pulling back as he searched for any injuries.
Mia gave Steve one of the coldest look she had ever give anyone and without answering him she stood up with Sophie in her arms. She turned around and walked towards Kono and Danny who were giving directions to their location to HPD.

“Mia?” a bewildered Steve asked as he approached from behind. “What’s going on? Sophie is safe now. Everything is all over.”

Mia handed Sophie to Kono and then turned around slowly to face Steve. “You’re right,” she replied in an empty tone and began tugging at something on her left hand. “Everything is over, including us. This is it, Steve. We’re done.”

Steve was stunned. That was the last thing he had expected to hear from Mia. He recovered just as Mia shoved something against his chest and he was quick enough to grab it before it hit the ground. Steve looked down at his hand and saw Mia’s wedding band. “What the hell?” he whispered as he lifted his eyes to look at Mia but she was already walking away with Sophie in her arms. Steve was about to walk after her when he felt a hand on his arm stopping him.

“I know this is none of my business, but let me talk to her,” Kono offered.

“You’re right, it’s none of your business. Mia is my wife,” Steve snapped back.

Kono ignored Steve’s tone knowing he was in shock but if Steve went after Mia, he would make things worse. “She’s in shock, Steve. Mia just killed her mother. Despite all the pain Samantha caused, she was still Mia’s mother. If you go after her you will just make things worse.”

Steve didn’t like what he was hearing but if what Kono was saying was true, and Steve believed it was, Mia would not open up to him knowing how much he hated Samantha.

“I promise to keep you updated,” Kono promised giving Steve’s arm a gentle squeeze before following in the direction Mia had left.

Mia didn’t know how long she had been walking for but she realized it had been a long time because she had reached the spot where the Camaro and her Audi where parked. Sophie had since calmed down and held on to Mia tightly afraid someone might take her. Mia was not thinking about anything else but Sophie’s safety and she knew Sophie would never be safe if she stayed around Steve or his family. Mia had to do what she was doing not for herself, but for her daughter, even if it meant walking away from the person she loved.


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