Time Heals All Wounds

Chapter 6

Steve had been back at work for a month now and the situation with Mia at home wasn’t getting any better. Not only was he living with three women, well two women and a one-year old, but his mother had also decided to just pop in last night unannounced causing Mia to shut down completely.

Steve did not understand Mia’s reaction towards his mother. They had been so close once and now Mia refused to even be in the same room as her. Then to top it off, she had another nightmare last night as well but when he asked her about it she closed off and this morning she barely acknowledged him. Mia seemed to be doing very well with Sophie; there was no problem there or with Mary. They seemed to get along just fine. Savannah had tried showing Mia around the island when Steve was at work and Steve really appreciated that. He hoped that if Mia didn’t open up to him she would at least open up with her best friend.

Today Mia had another doctor’s appointment but she refused to have him accompany her so instead he sent the guard that was keeping an eye on the house with her. Steve had decided that Mia be accompanied by him whenever she stepped foot outside the house. He wasn’t only worried about her safety but now that she would have Sophie with her his worry doubled.

Sitting in his office going through everything they had on the hospital explosion and Mia’s whereabouts in the middle of nowhere, Steve had no doubt WoFat was involved but he needed solid proof and the bomb wasn’t enough to tie him to it. He was staring at pictures of the cabin Mia had been kept for an unknown amount of time when Danny walked into his office.

“Hey, we just got a case,” Danny said standing in front of his desk.

Steve nodded standing up right away as he closed all the open files.

“Find anything we might have missed?” Danny asked referring to the files on Steve’s desk.

“No, nothing,” Steve said looking at Danny as he walked around his desk towards the door.

“We’ll get something eventually,” Danny said in a form that sounding like a promise as he followed Steve. “Whoever had Mia already knows by now she’s back home and they haven’t made a move.”

“That’s what I’m worried about Danny. Everything is so strange and I don’t understand why no one has done or tried anything,” Steve responded. “I feel like they’re waiting for us to get comfortable for them to get their move in.”

“We won’t let that happen, Steve. We’ll be ready before them,” Danny said.

“I really hope so, Danny,” Steve said. “I just want my family back.”

Later that day while the team was preparing Kono to go undercover Danny got a text. He got his cell phone out of his pocket to read it.

Meet me the coffee place down the street from HQ

Danny sighed. He hated doing this but it must have been important for her to text him in the middle of a work day. He hesitated for a second before replying.

I’ll be there in 10

When Danny looked up, he found the team looking at him expectantly. “What?” he asked not really looking into anyone’s eyes.

“You alright brah?” Chin asked.

“Umm, yeah, everything’s fine,” Danny said giving him a forced smile.

“Who was that, Danno?” Steve asked filled with curiosity.

“Who?” Danny asked looking at Steve having forgotten for a moment what they were talking about.

Steve raised his eyebrows and motioned with his head to Danny’s left hand where he was holding his cell phone.

“Oh, this,” Danny said laughing it off as he waved his cell in the air. “Gabby, she has something important to tell me and it can’t be on the phone so if we’re all set here I’ll be back in an hour tops.”

The whole team stared after Danny with their mouths hanging open. Kono was the first to break the silence.

“When did Detective Danny Williams become such a horrible liar?” Kono asked looking at the remaining two men.

“I don’t know but we’ll ask him about it later,” Steve said dismissing Danny’s weird behavior for the moment so they could focus on the case. “Right now let’s get you into the Diamond Dolls team.”

Mia was sitting in a table tucked in a corner at the back of the café sipping from her cappuccino when she saw him walk in. She saw him look around for her and finally spotted her when Mia waved a hand to get his attention.

“Mia, we have to stop this right now,” Danny said as he slid into the booth looking around to make sure he hadn’t been followed by one of his teammates or better yet, by Steve.

“Doing what?” Mia asked putting her mug down and scrunched her eyes in confusion.

This,” he said pointedly. “Meeting like this, behind Steve’s back. It’s not right.”

“We’re not doing anything wrong, Danny,” Mia said softly as she placed a hand on top of Danny’s. “Do you want something to drink or eat?”

Danny shook his head no as he gently slid his hand away from Mia’s. “No I don’t want anything to eat or drink, thank you. I want you to stop calling me or texting me asking me to meet you behind your husband’s back. Do you have any idea what position you’re putting me in? If Steve finds out about this he’s going to cut my head off,” Danny said his tone bordering on desperation. “Really Mia, you’re like one of my little sisters and I want to be there for you as a brother or friend but you’re putting me in one of the most uncomfortable situations I’ve ever been. Steve is like a brother to me and I feel like I’m betraying him when I know I’m not doing anything wrong.”

“There’s no reason for you to feel that way, Danny. As you said so yourself, I’m like a sister to you so I am sure Steve understands my need to talk to my brother,” Mia said standoffishly not understanding why it bothered her to hear Danny refer to her as a sister. “So we are not doing anything wrong.”

“Did you forget you almost kissed me out of the blue that one time while I tried to offer my support? Or how about the fact that your husband saw everything, did you forget that to?” Danny reminded Ma. “Steve already has too many trust issues, Mia. We can’t give him any more than he needs and yes we might not be doing anything wrong but seeing each other without Steve knowing is not right either.”

“I just, I feel like Steve wouldn’t understand, doesn’t understand the situation I am in,” Mia said all her energy deflating. “He wants me to be someone I am not or at least someone I don’t remember. I want my old life back. I want to be able to remember who I was, who I fell in love with, and do things I used to do, like go to work.”

“How can he understand if you don’t talk to him?” Danny pointed out. “You haven’t given him the chance to understand how you feel.”

Mia looked at her hands as Danny spoke. “He lied to me,” Mia whispered. “He never wanted to be a part of my first baby’s life.” Mia brought her gaze up to meet Danny’s. “Tell me, Danny, how did I marry someone who wasn’t there the first time around?”

Danny sighed as he placed both hands on top of Mia’s. “Steve didn’t lie to you Mia. He didn’t know about the baby.”

“How can you be so certain? You weren’t there all those years ago,” Mia said pulling her hands away from Danny.

“How can you be the certain one when just a month ago you woke up not even knowing what your name was?” Danny countered back. “You were the one who told Steve about the first baby. He had no idea because his father never told him. John lied to Steve, Mia, to both of you. He never got around calling Steve and telling him about the baby.”

Mia leaned into the table, confusion written all over her pale face. “What? That’s not possible,” she said shaking her head. “He told me those were Steve’s exact words.”

It was Danny’s turn to shake his head. “No, Mia, Steve never knew anything until you came back to Hawaii. You hated him for something he had no idea about and he didn’t stop until you finally revealed why the hatred.”

“Why would his father do something so cruel like that?” Mia asked. “He kept his son from knowing something he had every right to know.”

“We don’t know, Mia,” Danny said leaning back on his seat. “No one knows what his reasons were.”

Mia placed her elbows on the table as she rested her head on the palms of her hands. “I don’t get it,” Mia said softly.

“Mia, you really need to talk to Steve. He’s barely hanging on. Everyone can see it even though he’s doing everything he can to hide it,” Danny said.

Mia shook her head in her hands. “I can’t,” she whispered feeling the tears well in her eyes. “I can’t. I’m just as bad as his father. I lied to him.”

“What are you talking about?” Danny asked leaning in closer to hear well.

Mia dropped her hands and she looked at Danny. “I kept something important about his mother from him,” Mia confessed.

“What?” Danny asked already dreading where this was going.

“Last night, his mother stopped by unannounced. I didn’t know who she was but I found myself feeling uncomfortable around her, like if I couldn’t trust her,” Mia explained. “Then while I was asleep I had another nightmare. Actually, it wasn’t really a nightmare but that’s what I made Steve believe. I had another flashback.”

“Okay,” Danny said getting ready to bolt out of there, “I think this is something you should be telling Steve, not me.”

“No, Danny wait, please,” Mia said as she grabbed Danny’s hand to prevent him from leaving. “Please, Danny, I really need to talk about this.”

Danny dropped back onto the booth and glared at Mia. “I am not your husband Mia, Steve is. He’s the one who should be listening to this, not me.”

“You’re my friend Danny and right now that’s what I need, a friend who will listen to me,” Mia said.

“Do you have any idea how Steve wishes every single damn day that you remember something, anything? And when you do remember something, you keep it from him? How do you think that will make him feel, huh? Tell me Mia,” Danny said beginning to lose his patience. He loved Mia, she was like a sister to him, but Steve was his brother and he owed him so much.

“His mother was being followed by someone named Mangosta, someone very dangerous from an old case she had. Doris made me promise I would never say anything about it to Steve,” Mia blurted out. “The images are out of order I think. I remember seeing her attacking someone and then I and someone else came in to stop her. I don’t remember who that other person was but I threatened to arrest Doris if she didn’t stop. Later, outside Steve’s house she made me promise I wouldn’t say anything.”

Danny was shocked by what Mia had just revealed. “Steve has to know this, Mia.”

Mia shook her head. “No, no, he can’t know,” Mia said rapidly. “He’ll hate me forever, more than he already does.”

“Steve doesn’t hate you, Mia. Yes he’ll be pissed but he’ll be gladder that you’re starting to remember more things and if you tell him he’ll be prepared if someone comes after Doris,” Danny said. “If you don’t tell Steve I will. It’s your choice Mia.”

Mia was outraged. “You’re threatening me?” she asked furiously.

“Take it however you want Mia but I’m telling you, I will not keep something this important from Steve,” Danny said decisively.

“I can’t believe you. I told you this because I trusted you,” Mia said standing up ready to leave.

Danny stood up as well. “I told you I didn’t want to know any of this Mia. I warned you to talk to Steve but you wouldn’t have any of that. Now it’s either you who tells him or I will.”

“Get out of my way,” Mia said pushing Danny aside to walk past him.

Danny stood there watching Mia leave with her guard right behind her. He hated the situation Mia had put him in but Danny knew this was something Steve should know. Deciding to give her a few days to talk to Steve, Danny walked back to HQ feeling guiltier with each step he took towards the office.

While Steve was at work he got an important call from the hospital so he left Chin in charge and rushed out right when Danny was returning.

“Hey where’s the fire?” Danny called after Steve but it was too late because Steve disappeared around the corner. He turned to look at Chin who was working on the computer table. “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know, I think it was about his mother,” Chin said looking up at Danny.

“Is she alright?” Danny said becoming alert after what he had learned not so long ago from Mia.

Chin shrugged. “I think so.”

Steve walked into the room his mother was sitting in and immediately relaxed when he saw she was alright. “What happened?” he asked.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Doris said nonchalantly. “A break-in at the house. I had it all under control but somehow he got the upper hand and knocked me out.”

“You’re telling me a burglar did this to you?” Steve asked and fully believing his mother.

“Yeah,” Doris said simply.

Steve didn’t bother saying anything else knowing all he would hear were more lies coming out of his mother.

Mia walked into her home two hours after meeting with Danny. After she stormed out of the coffee shop Mia decided to walk around the island and just breathe in fresh air. Danny had explained what happened all those years ago and how Steve didn’t know anything and now Mia felt like crap after what she had remembered. Steve was telling her the truth the whole time while she kept something very important about his mother from him. She walked into the house and stopped when she spotted Mary Ann and Doris with Sophie on her lap sitting in the living room.

“Hi Mia,” Doris greeted when she spotted Mia right away.

Mia took in the bruises on Doris’ face. “What happened to you?” she asked walking into the living room. “Are you okay?”

Doris smiled. “Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Doris said waving it off as if it wasn’t anything important.

Mia nodded unconvinced. She looked at Mary who only shrugged a shoulder apparently not knowing what was going on either. “Okay,” Mia said nodding as she bent down to kiss Sophie and then straightening to walk towards the kitchen.

“How was the doctor’s appointment?” Mary said to Mia’s retreating back.

Mia turned to face Mary and smiled at her. “Same as usual,” she said shrugging before continuing to the kitchen.

Mia was drinking water when she felt another presence in the kitchen. She turned to find Doris standing by the entrance looking at her, more like studying her.

“I guess now I understand how my kids felt when they saw me alive,” Doris said walking closer. “Well sort of. You didn’t fake your own death like I did. You were taken away from your family against your own will.”

“You faked your own death?” Mia asked incredulously putting the glass down on the island.

“It’s a long story and I see Steve hasn’t told you about it,” Doris said. “Maybe we should just let him be the one to tell you.” Doris walked towards the cupboard to grab a cup.

Mia followed Doris with her eyes turning when Doris walked behind her to reach into the cupboard. “Then can you explain to me why you don’t want Steve to know about Mangosta?”

Doris froze with her hand in mid air. She turned slowly around to look at Mia. “Mangosta?” she asked.

Mia nodded as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“I don’t know who that is,” Doris said feigning ignorance.

“I may be suffering from memory loss but I’m not stupid,” Mia said in annoyance. “I remembered perfectly well the moment I walked into the abandoned building to find you beating up a man and then when you made me promise I wouldn’t say anything to Steve. Tell me Doris, I risked my life and my child’s life to protect you from a highly dangerous criminal. Why doesn’t Steve know any of this?”

Doris walked closer to Mia and peered down at her. “You know Mia, for someone who claims to not remember anything you’re doing a fine job at describing every single moment.”

Mia was taken aback. “Are you implying that I’m faking the whole thing?” Mia asked incredulously.

“Are you?” Doris countered back.

“I see what you’re trying to do here and it’s not going to work, Doris. As you said before, you faked your own death while I was taken against my own will so don’t try to turn this on me and derail me from the main issue,” Mia said not letting Doris take the upper hand. “I risked my unborn child’s life at the time to protect you from a criminal who was after you. So tell me Doris, why doesn’t Steve know about Mangosta?”

“What did you just say?”

Mia and Doris jumped as they turned to face a very angry looking Steve standing just inside the kitchen. Neither of them had heard the door open or sensed anyone else with them in the kitchen. Mia’s eyes widen in astonishment at seeing Steve there. “Steve, I –”

“Someone was after my mother and you kept it from me,” Steve said in a low but menacing tone as he got in Mia’s face. “But that’s not all; you risked our unborn child’s life?”

“Steve, I can explain,” Doris said interrupting Steve and trying to help out Mia.

Steve raised a finger to stop his mother. Without taking his eyes off Mia he said to his mother, “I want you to get out.”

“Steve, Mia was –”

“I said get out!” Steve shouted turning to face his mother causing both Mia and Doris to jump.

“Now you listen to me –”

Steve grabbed Doris from the arm and walked her towards the door. “You and I will talk later but right now I need to talk to my wife.” Steve practically closed the door in Doris’ face before turning around to look at a shocked Mary Ann holding a sleeping Sophie in her arms. “Mary, I need you to take Sophie upstairs and stay there with her while I have a chat with my wife.”

Mary didn’t have to be told twice. She had never seen Steve this angry in her entire life so she quickly disappeared upstairs.

Steve saw Mia walk back into the kitchen and he quickly followed behind her. He saw she was going to walk outside and he quickly stopped her as he grabbed her arm and turned her around. “Not so fast,” he said.

“Steve –”

“Don’t, just don’t,” Steve said. “I can’t believe you Mia. You swore to me there would be no more lies or secrets between us right before we got married. You swore to me!”

Mia flinched at Steve’s loud tone. She was terrified of the man standing in front of her. He was so angry she could see his veins popping out and the color in his neck and face a deep red.

“Do you have any idea what could have happened to my mother or to you? You could both be dead! Why didn’t you tell me anything?” Steve demanded answers as he paced the small open space in the kitchen.

“I don’t know,” Mia said in a small voice.

Steve stopped. “What? What did you say? You’re going to have to speak up,” Steve ordered getting closer to Mia, invading her personal space. “I trusted you Mia and I warned you I didn’t know if I would be able to take anymore lies.”

“I’m sorry Steve,” Mia said crying. “I don’t know why I did what I did. All I remembered was that, walking into the abandoned building to find your mother torturing a man. I don’t know why I agreed to any of it and I’m sorry!” Mia began to run away from Steve but he held on to her.

“You’re sorry? You’re Sorry!” Steve shouted. “My mother got attacked today by someone that might be tied to her past, possibly this Mangosta guy you two were talking about, and you knew all along!”

“What else do you want me to say? I don’t remember anything else!” Mia shouted as the tears continued to fall freely down her face. “I’m sorry I don’t remember anything but I didn’t ask for any of this!”

“And I did?” Steve asked loudly as he let go of Mia and turned around. “I asked to marry someone only to have her ripped away from me and then returned without a memory of who she is? Stop using your memory loss as an excuse for everything!”

“I’m not using that as an excuse and you know it. If I could remember everything you know I would tell you,” Mia said.

“Would you?” he countered back. “Or would you have waited for me to find out like this so you could come clean? I can’t believe I married a liar because that’s all you’ve done all along Mia, lie, lie, and lie again.”

“That’s not fair,” Mia said trying to defend her self from a situation that was out of her control.

“No, you want to know what’s not fair,” Steve asked. “This, this whole situation is not fair. The fact that you can’t remember anything about your life or who I am, that’s not fair.”

“What do you want me to do Steve? I can’t do anything! This is who I am now and you have to get used to it. There is not guarantee I will ever fully recover my memories and you know that! So if you can’t take it then you better speak up now,” Mia shouted at Steve.

“What are you trying to say?” Steve asked in a low voice not fully understanding the meaning of Mia’s words.

Mia took a deep breath and looked Steve in the eye. “Exactly what I said, Steve, if you can’t take any more of this then maybe it’s time you start considering a possible divorce.”


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